Meet the Female Home Cooks and Home Bakers of Project Cookoh

Meet the Female Home Cooks and Home Bakers of Project Cookoh

Check out these five women, Muslim-owned home businesses with Halal food and baked goodies to die for!


Project Cookoh is a project to kick start home businesses in Singapore for stay-home women based in rental communities, primarily in the neighbourhood of Jalan Kukoh. It was started during Circuit Breaker to help these women, some of whom are single mothers, earn their own income with their talents in home cooking and home baking. These women are part of ReadAble, a literacy non-profit.

Introducing to you the five talented women who have started their own home businesses with food and baked goods to die for! All four of these home businesses are Muslim-owned and Halal too.

Bakes by Heni

Heni is an experienced home baker, selling a plethora of delightful homebaked goods. The most popular item on her menu is brownies. Crackly on the outside, yet fudgy and rich on the inside – that’s how the perfect brownies are supposed to be. They taste of the honest goodness of real butter and real chocolate.

Just the right consistency of dense yet fairly moist, these brownies have just the right sweetness and are best served warm. Imagine them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with hot chocolate sauce, that would be phenomenal!

These generous crowd-pleasers also keep well and continue to taste great after a few days. On top of regular classic brownies, they also come in Almond and Cheesecake flavours. Heni also has to-die-for Nutella cookies, each weighing approximately 150g at 13cm! Try her Halal baked goods today to find out why they are so popular.

Instagram: @bakesbyheni

Eat At Aura’s

Aura cooks up a storm with her authentic homemade Beef Rendang, Ayam Penyet, Vegetable Fritters and Pempek. Have a sweet tooth and craving for something to complete your meal? Aura also makes the most buttery and crumbly Nutella and pineapple tarts, guaranteed to melt in your mouth!

Instagram: @eatwithaura

Lady’s Food Icon

Ijah makes frozen pre-made spring rolls she affectionately calls “pop rolls”, wishing to help busy mothers prepare a quick and delicious meal for their children. Ijah’s frozen spring rolls come in five different flavours – Beef Rendang, Chicken Rendang, Chicken Carbo (chicken and cheese), Beef Satay, and Chicken Satay.

These innovative spring rolls are made with a light crispy-cackly skin, small enough to enjoy in four bites and are a favourite amongst the young and old!

Ijah was also part of the line-up for Furama Riverfront Hotel’s “I’ll have what she’s eating” event in October 2020, alongside other up and coming local talents.

Instagram: @ladysfoodicon

Zirah La Cocina

Beautiful crispy, fluffy tahu bagedil – stuffed taupok with potato and a variety of flavours. This is a crowd favourite with the choice of beef or chicken; and an add on of cheese for those who enjoy the cheese pull, almost like a fusion mini cheeseburger.

You can also order them frozen and reheat them as snacks or sides to go with your meals. Give these bagedils a try. You won’t be sorry!

Zirah, together with Ijah, will be showcasing their spectacular food at CE LA VI's Sky High Hawker on 7 and 8 November 2020.

Instagram: @zirah_lacocina

Sedap Dapur

Delicious, homecooked, authentic Indonesian dishes made with only the freshest and tastiest ingredients! Ana’s signature dish is her Nasi Tumpeng, best shared in a group of five. This is a dish for every celebration and the creative Ana is able to customize this dish in a different design each time.

Nasi Tumpeng includes yellow rice (Nasi Uduk), Chicken, Boiled egg, Sambal Goreng, Mee, Srondeng - a sweet, chicken rendang, and her signature pineapple sambal – an addictive secret Indonesian chilli sauce recipe fused with pineapple juices and packs a spicy punch!

Ana has a wide array of Indonesian food from chicken rendang made with fresh kampong chicken on request, Ayaam Inkung Java cooked with herbs and spices, Sambal Sotong, Sambal Petai, Sotong Hitam… the list goes on! Is your mouth watering yet?


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