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Top Salons in Singapore for Microblading and Eyebrow Embroidery

Get eyebrows that wow at these eyebrow embroidery and microblading salons in Singapore


Hot brow alert! If you’ve been looking forward to ditching those extra five minutes on your eyebrow makeup, this list was made for you. A great alternative to fussing over eyebrow kits, mascaras and setting powders; eyebrow embroidery is the quickest way to get those brows looking sharp! Set some time aside and book with these top notch talents in Singapore that promise you brows that look done - but not overtly so.

Here’s presenting the top salons in Singapore for microblading and eyebrow embroidery.


Leaders in the art of eyebrow embroidery, Highbrow are our go-to for anything related to our brows. Bringing the latest products, tools and trends straight from Korea – the epicentre of eyebrow embroidery, they’ve made quite a name for themselves as the leaders in this trade.

Their Brow Enliven 7D technique uses thin lines meaning there’s room for a lot of eyebrow filling following the natural eyebrow growth direction. With the second layer of dye colour, each line can achieve a uniform colour - giving it a more natural and even look. Apart from technique, it is also equally important to use the right products and dyes, and this is why Highbrow work with organic dyes, no artificial chemicals and one-time tools only.

Need to fix a botched up eyebrow job? Known for their corrective brow works, Highbrow are definitely the ones to turn to for fixing what you don’t like. Correcting a bad eyebrow embroidery without laser requires special skills and substantial brow hands-on experience, which Highbrow are known for. With a number of clients travelling from across the world (some as far as Peru!), to get their eyebrow fix, there’s no wonder that Highbrow are the go-to’s for this art. Multiple island-wide locations mean they are easier to get to as well.

Eyebrow embroidery that’s safe and managed by the experts, this is indeed the way to super powerful brows!

Highbrow, The Star Vista, Capitol Piazza and Parkway Parade. Phone +65 87988988


On a mission to help women wake up beautiful (and sleep in longer), Dreamlash are known for their gorgeous and natural-looking lash work in Singapore. What you don’t know perhaps, is that they are experts at semi permanent makeup too.

Apart from designing a pair of brows that is suitable to your face contour, part of the skill in eyebrow embroidery also comes from choosing the right pigment. Dreamlash creates natural looking eyebrows using organic plant-based pigments that do not turn red, green or blue overtime. With a lasting power of 1.5 to 2 years (yes!), their eyebrow embroidery works can really deliver bang for your buck.

So whether it’s the famous powder mist or microblading brows you are after, the team at Dreamlash will ensure you get what suits you best. Should you need some extra help with makeup, they also offer eyeliner embroidery, a procedure that makes your eyes look brighter and more alert-looking. Add that to the mix, and you can easily sleep in for an extra 15 minutes in the morning. Now, who wouldn’t love that!

Dreamlash, Citylink Mall and Compass One. Whatsapp: +65 88098846

Jo Artysan

Are you ready to become the most beautiful version of YOU? Located in the heart of Orchard Road, award-winning boutique, Jo Artysan offers professional and bespoke services that are tailored to be as unique as you.

If you’re looking for a powdery misty gradient finish for a makeup-ready look, go for the Ombre Powder Brows ($450). For a super natural finish, try the Microblading Brows ($490) as this service uses hair-like strokes to mimic natural brow hairs.

Get the best of both worlds with Jo Artysan’s advanced technique and achieve the most natural and fuller defined brows with Microshading 9D Brows ($550). To achieve an ultra natural and defined brows, go for Artysan Signature Brows ($690) where brow artists create hyper realistic hair-like strokes that are carefully implanted, leaving a feathered outline enhancing your brows.

Specialising in crafting super natural brows that are set to last up to 2 years, Jo Artysan’s brow artists see only 3 to 4 brow clients who usually comes through referrals. Prioritising quality over profit, hundred of clients leave Jo Artysan feeling happy, beautiful and satisfied. With highly skilled brow artists, who are trained internationally, at your service be assured that your microblading process is pain free and comfortable!

Jo Artysan, Midpoint Orchard. Whatsapp: +65 9711 6888

Brow Meister

Ever since K-Beauty became popular in Singapore, Min Kim has been seeing people around her going for Korean eyebrow embroidery but with failed results. This spurred Min to open her own home-based salon, Brow Meister, specialising in Korean eyebrow embroidery. Having been trained and certified in Korea, Min wants to showcase what real Korean embroidery is to Singaporeans.

Brow Meister provides 6D embroidery and misty brows services and on top of that, also has services such as lash lift, eyeliner, hairline semi perm makeup, in which if you combine any two semi perm makeup, you will get to enjoy $100 off from the total price.

Swearing by looking natural and experiencing no downtime, you do not have to worry about having unnatural looking eyebrows as Min is here to help you achieve and sculpt the best natural-looking and envy-worthy eyebrows. If you are looking to pamper yourself during your birthday month, stop by Brow Meister’s salon for an eyebrow embroidery session as you get to enjoy $88 off.

If you’re a first time customer, enjoy 10% off if you follow Brow Meister on Instagram. You can make your appointment via WhatsApp at +65 9021 2357 or Instagram: @brow_meister.

Brow Meister, Bleu @ East Coast, 562 Upper East Coast Road, S466581


Kosme pride themselves as experts in Korean Eyebrow Embroidery performed by their trained and certified specialists from Korea. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattooing which deposits colour pigments into the skin, Korean eyebrow techniques involve the use of the latest equipment and technology to enhance your brows. Korean eyebrow embroidery is able to enhance the appearance and thickness of your eyebrows but leave it looking natural.

Taking up an hour of your time, Korean eyebrow embroidery is a form of semi permanent make-up that lasts up to 1 year, depending on your lifestyle habits. The service starts with a photo of your eyebrows that are then analysed to show what needs to be done to enhance your face shape and features. Kosme can also draw two different eyebrow designs on each of your brows so you can pick what looks better.

Using specialised Korean eyebrow embroidery equipment to design hair-like strokes on the top layer of your skin, Kosme’s technique guarantees thicker, fuller and natural looking hair.

Kosme, Orchard Gateway, Phone: +65 6536 6954

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