Best Hair Straightening, Keratin and Rebonding in Singapore For Frizzy Hair (Without The Poker-Straight Look)

Best Hair Straightening, Keratin and Rebonding in Singapore For Frizzy Hair (Without The Poker-Straight Look)

The best hair straightening, rebonding and keratin hair treatments at hair salons in Singapore that won’t leave you with poker-straight tresses


The battle against frizzy hair may feel like a constant one, but there are plenty of options at hair salons in Singapore that can help beat it! From hair straightening, keratin hair treatment, rebonding, hair botox and other cutting-edge procedures, you can now look forward to hair that is smooth, shiny and effortless, all year round.

And no, not all hair straightening treatments result in poker-straight hair. We’ve rounded up some of the best hair salons in Singapore that can work on dry, damaged and frizzy hair to give you manageable hair - curls and volume intact!

Chez Vous Hair Salon - Supreme Sugar Hair Lamination Treatment

Say hello to the ultimate anti-frizz hair treatment and get what you truly deserve - manageable hair that shines! As the first director-only luxury hair salon in Singapore with a team of highly experienced experts, it's no wonder that Chez Vous has developed the solution to all our frizzy hair woes.

Why is Hair Lamination causing such a stir worldwide? Similar to paper lamination that is done to protect documents from damage, Hair Lamination helps repair and restore the defensive layer on our hair, protecting it against multiple aggressors such as mechanical, heat and harsh chemical damage. The result? Improved shine, softness and healthier-looking strands with greater manageability and lesser frizz.

Chez Vous’ all-new Supreme Sugar Hair Lamination is an intensive smoothing gloss treatment for women who want long-lasting control and semi-permanent curl reduction function for manageability. Results last up to 3 months when maintained with Oribe Gold Lust range of products.

We love how the treatment uses a higher percentage of naturally-derived ingredients and has no nasty formaldehyde nor preservatives. Tannic Acids, to re-align hair bonds for a semi-permanent straightening effect without damage, Coconut Oil to reduce mechanical damage, Acai Extract to protect hair from free radicals, and Avocado Oil to amp up moisture level and shine, while decreasing frizz.

It also draws on the power of Sugar and Hyaluronic Acids as key ingredients to repair the hair as opposed to solely Proteins (a.k.a. Keratins): Overloading the hair with protein can cause them to feel stiff, dry, brittle and more susceptible to breakage. Whereas, Sugar (such as Hydroxypropyl Gluconamide and Hydroxypropyl Ammonium Gluconate) and Hyaluronic Acids can promote softness while strengthening and repairing the hair, all at once.

Supreme Sugar Hair Lamination starts from $305, 140 minutes.

Chez Vous Hair Salon (Main Outlet) is located at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium(Takashimaya), #05-05, Singapore 238872. Call 6732 9388 to book an appointment, or log on to for more information.

Picasso Hair Studio - Wave and Crescent Moon Rebonding

Gone are the days where rebonding looked poker-straight or gave an unnatural look! Rebonding or hair straightening can now incorporate some volume and waves on your hair ends and avoid that stiff-haired look. Picasso Hair Studio, an innovation house for perms and rebonding, has created two different versions of rebonding - Wave Rebonding and Crescent Moon Rebonding. This is a special in-house technique created by the team using the rebonding process to create light waves at the ends. 

The two new modern types of rebonding treatments by Picasso Hair Studio promise a style that looks natural - like you were born with it.

The Hair Studio also carries a special rebonding lotion called Advante, to ensure that your hair will maintain its shine and condition while going through a rebonding service. Unlike the traditional rebonding lotions, Advante Rebonding lotion is an acidic lotion with a pH level of 4.7-5.2, and actually mimics the pH level of a healthy hair. This means your hair will love this lotion during and the hair service, leaving it soft and shiny to the eye.

Also, as this lotion is acidic(unlike traditional alkaline lotions) it does not swell up the hair during the chemical process leading to minimal hair damage. This is the reason why it is sometimes called a treatment perm or treatment rebonding. In fact, the light fragrance will make you feel you’ve had a hair treatment in comparison to traditional rebonding lotions that carry a horrible, lingering smell. What can you expect after? Hair that is naturally airy and light with amazing shine!

Picasso Hair Studio, Multiple locations - Bugis, Phone + 65 62910691. Novena, Phone (+65) 6224 0221

The Urban Aesthetics - Tokio Design Rebonding and Advante Smooth

Top hairstylists and an expert trichologist cherry-picked by founder Dr Yanni Xu make The Urban Aesthetics one of the best hair salons in Singapore. Their in-depth expertise in all things hair means they can provide expert solutions for any issues, all the way from roots to your hair tips. 

Amongst the best choice for damaged hair or people who rebond or perm regularly is their Tokio Design Rebonding. Instead of the rebonding lotion being the first thing applied to your crown, Tokio de Sinka includes a pre-treatment stage using Tokio Inkarami 0, a formulation containing keratins and amino acids to repair existing hair damage and strengthen locks.

After application of the rebonding lotion, the next Tokio Inkarami step is to apply another treatment containing Fullerene - a class of carbon molecules which won their discoverers the Nobel prize!  Once the rebonding process is over, the stylist will apply Tokio 4M Inkarami, a potent mix of 13 types of vegetable oils, ceramide and 18MEA so hair remains soft and smooth after rebonding. With a fragrant lemongrass scent and the lowest hair damage amongst other straightening hair treatments, you’ll be left with beautiful hair that’s even healthier than before. 

Want a quicker hair straightening option? Try Advante Smooth, an innovative game-changer to the rebonding and perm market, a true 2-in-1 treatment and straightening lotion. Advante Smooth replaces traditional bond-breakers like thioglycolic acids and Cysteamine with glyceryl mono thioglycolate, or GMT for short. Unlike Thio which works only at high pH, GMT is able to penetrate the hair even at low pH.

This means that the cuticles are not only unopened, the lotion even imitates mildly acidic treatment products and closes the cuticles further for smoother strands. It works on damaged hair, and the use of deionised water closes hair cuticles even more tightly, resulting in noticeable smoothness and sheen and leaving your hair's moisture and health perfectly preserved.

The addition of treatment ingredients during the smoothening process like keratin, silk proteins, 18-MEA, jojoba oil, macadamia seed oil and more improves hair quality even while straightening. Expect a natural flow to sleep hair that makes frizzy hair more manageable and still left with volume. Double points for its fragrant woody scent!

The Urban Aesthetics, 252 North Bridge Road, #03-27A, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103. Phone: (+65) 6264 9952 , Whatsapp: (+65) 8328 9809

Chez Vous: HideAway - Bespoke Keratin Treatment for Women with Natural Curls and Waves

Got frizzy hair but love your curls? Here’s one for women who love their natural curls and wavy hair, but hate the frizz and unruliness that comes with it (especially in this humid weather like ours).

You’re in for a treat! Just like any hair procedure, not all keratin and hair straightening treatments are created equally. And unlike conventional keratin treatments, the team at Chez Vous: HideAway is able to customise the procedure for women with natural curls, to smoothen their hair while allowing the ends to look naturally wavy. 

The end result? Frizz is reduced by 50% but the hair – surprisingly –still has gorgeous movement as opposed to being pin-straight. In fact, you’ll end up with similar ‘oh-so-gorgeous beach waves’, worn by Hallyu stars.

Psst… It is pretty affordable too!

Bespoke Keratin Treatment starts from S$298 + 7% G.S.T at Chez Vous: HideAway, inclusive of haircut.

Chez Vous Hideaway, 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #14-04, Singapore 238874. Phone (+65) 6219 3558, [email protected].

Xquisite Hair Studio - K-Gloss Treatment

Looking for a unique smoothing and hair straightening treatment that gives life to dull, damaged hair? The K-Gloss treatment at Xquisite Hair Studio is a unique protein smoothing treatment. The K here refers to Keratin, that gives a new life to dull, lifeless hair. It is highly beneficial for dry and damaged hair; it makes hair more manageable and healthier. 

You’ll find that this hair straightening procedure makes your hair look great without changing its natural body and structure. The non-toxic and water-based formula allows for more styling options and imparts an intense shine and lustre into your hair.

Also, this keratin hair treatment works wonders on all hair types - you can even get this treatment done on colour-treated and chemically treated hair. The K-Gloss treatment ensures that your hair becomes frizz-free by 90 per cent; it also lasts for a pretty long time. 

Xquisite Hair Studio420 North Bridge Rd, #01-04, Singapore 188727. Phone (+65) 6261 6861.

Kimage: Keratin Treatment

Established in 1994, Kimage now boasts 10 outlets, a hairdressing school and some of the most popular hairstylists in the city. 

When it comes to frizzy hair, Kimage highly recommends getting a Keratin hair treatment done so it has a smoothing effect to tame flyaway hair and give it a shine.  You’ll start off with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove any residual product or grime from your hair. Post that, the Keratin treatment will be applied to your hair and left to absorb. After that hair will be blow-dried and ironed to set the shape and also calm down any frizzy hair. Prefer to sport your naturally waves? Speak to your stylist at Kimage about how much structure you need, so they go easy on the flatness and get you frizz-free hair that’s not poker straight! 

You’ll also take home a set of Keratin home care shampoo and conditioner to maintain the shine and smoothness of the treatment.

Kimage, Multiple locations. Kimage, Multiple locations. Book here or email [email protected] with your queries.

Apgujeong: Mucota Volume Rebonding

Partnering with premium hairdressing brands such as MUCOTA, Apgujeong Hair Studio offer a range of treatments for frizzy hair including the low-chemical Mucota Rebonding. Full of enriching elements this hair straightening formula allows for nourishment to frizzy hair while changing its natural structure. 

Using Formaldehyde-free enriching ingredients, the process is as much a structural change as it is one that betters the health of your hair. Expect a consultation with your stylist with details such as hair structure, what you are hoping to achieve and if you need super-straight hair or a lighter, more volume led rebonding treatment. 

What follows is treatment or cream application, blow-drying, ironing and wash to reveal soft, non-frizzy hair that you’ll love. Wait there’s more! You will also find that this lasts longer than your average keratin treatment. Mucota Volume Rebonding is known to last 6 months or even longer. It can also be done alongside a perming session!

Mucota Volume Rebonding starts from S$230 and varies by hair length.

Apgujeong Hair Studio, Multiple locations, E-appointment

Hair Plus- Cinderella Protein Care

Have you been to Hair Plus hair salon yet? This lesser-known hair salon in Singapore comes with some of the best Senior Stylists from Seoul that specialise in Korean perms and Volume Rebonding. You can look forward to a personalised consultation with their experienced and friendly hair stylists who will look for the best style and treatment for your hair. And if you have a Korean style in mind that you’d like to replicate, this is your chance to try it! 

For frizzy hair or those looking for a straightening hair treatment, try their Cinderella Protein Care, an organic treatment that promises a dramatic transformation to damaged hair. Not only will the Cinderella Protein Care treatment naturally straighten and restore health back to frizzy, damaged hair, it will also replace any lost hair proteins. You can expect hair to look incredibly shiny, soft and voluminous right after!

With certified organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals or parabens, it is a safe-to-use damage-free treatment that can also reverse the harsh effects of bleaching, heat styling and sun exposure!

Hair Plus. Call (+65) 6235 5883 (Suntec City) / (+65) 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza) to ask about this transformative service.

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