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The Bespoke Gift Guide: Curated Personalised Gifts For Your Loved Ones

From bespoke perfumes and hampers to corporate gifts, here’s our curated guide on personalised gifts in Singapore. 


We love bespoke gifts at Vanilla Luxury! There’s something about a thoughtful, personalised gift that says volumes about how much you care. From personalised perfumes to carefully curated gift hampers and corporate gifts, this bespoke gifting guide is one to bookmark right away.

1. Okimochi Box

Surprise Gift Atelier, Okimochi Box take away all the pressure of choosing a present. Simply describe your recipient and they will lovingly curate a surprise box on your behalf to send anywhere in the world!

Not just a gift provider but a service that interprets the description of the recipient, curates products to match and personalises the final gift with all the surprise of an unknown delivery - Okimochi Box do take care of everything. And it is indeed as hands-off as gifting gets. There are no in-depth product descriptions or details on what the hamper will look like. Just know that the contents will be curated with simple, yet practical products and backed with a theme in the most stunning packaging, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami.

The concept of Okimochi Box works best when the recipient is kept in the dark right till they receive the box. Also, known as the Okimochi unboxing experience, they take pride in making the recipient feel special and cherished - a moment of receiving something lovely and an unexpected surprise. So whether it’s a new mum, the bride-to-be, a birthday surprise or simply a gesture to say you care; you can just lie back and relax while the gifting fairies at Okimochi Box weave their magic. It’ll be as much a surprise for you as it is for the receiver - and an incredibly pleasant one at that!

2. Maison 21G

Searching for the perfect fragrance that matches your loved one’s personality and preference can be an arduous task. Finding gifts for men is even harder. Bespoke Parisian perfumery house, Maison 21G, offers tailor-made scents for every personality type - suitable for men and women!

Made with the finest natural ingredients, you get to customise your fragrance by picking your own perfume concentrate from 33 different scents. Using purest natural oils from France, every perfume is free from phthalates, CMRs, NGOs, formaldehydes, and is at least 90 per cent biodegradable. Your creativity combined with the team’s perfume design knowledge gives you an opportunity to create a great bespoke gift for perfume lovers. If you’re not sure what matches your personality, take their online quiz which will help personalise your Signature Fragrance.

3. Hello Chocolate

Who doesn't have a special place in their hearts for luscious and exquisite chocolate? Hello Chocolate has the perfect way to gift chocolates to chocolate lovers in the form of specially curated hampers for every occasion! Anniversary Gifts, Birthday surprises or even Teacher’s Day appreciation, Hello Chocolate has you covered with a vast selection of delectably bespoke gifts.

Made with premium-quality ingredients harvested from all around the world, Hello Chocolate also delivers pre-made chocolate gift hampers for stress-free gifting in Singapore, that will guarantee utmost happiness from the receiver. For a more hands-on gifting experience, you can also create your very own personalised gift set for your dear ones by selecting your choice of chocolates from their Chocolate Shop and adding them to your hamper basket. Voila! You have successfully created your very own bespoke chocolate gift hamper!

4. Hush Candle

Gift your friends aromatic and beautiful candles to embellish their homes and act as a great form of self-care. Home-grown aromatherapy brand, Hush Candle focuses on making authentic candles made from organic soy wax and therapeutic grade essential oils. Each unique essential oil blend has different aromatherapy properties, improving your well-being.

Customise your range of scents in a gift hamper of three candles. Choose among the 8 scents available including Bergamot Basil, Lemongrass and Sandalwood Nutmeg, and you have a personalised gift. Hush Candle also provides a fun and experimental DIY Candle Making Kit to gift your friends to create their own scented candles at home!

5. Luxe Mono

An elegant and bespoke leather statement wallet or pouch to gift your stylish friends, Luxe Mono offers a wide selection of leather accessories that can easily be made into personalised gifts.

Customise the leather accessory of your preference by monogramming initials, personal logos or signatures and make it an intimate gift. Luxe Mono has it all, choose your customisable accessory from name tags to beauty pouches, and you are even entitled to complimentary characters to monogram depending on the accessory. Your loved one will gain a classic and trendy piece of accessory and a functional asset to show off.

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