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5 Reasons to Get In Bed with Estée Lauder #POWEROFTHENIGHTSG

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How much beauty sleep are you getting every night?

As a leader in skin repair for over 35 years, Estée Lauder continuously studies the key factors behind visible skin ageing. Research shows that a lack of sleep not only affects our skin’s natural reparative process but also accelerates premature signs of skin ageing.

Sleeping less than five hours every night increases the impact of stress on the body, resulting in a breakdown of collagen and elastin, causing it to be more susceptible to damage caused by environmental aggressors*.

It is no surprise then that a good night’s sleep is not only important to recharge the body but also helps keep skin youthful and healthy.

Estée Lauder celebrates its first-ever Power of Night exclusive pop-up from 23th to 24th March and here's what in-store:

1. During Estée Lauder’s exclusive pop-up, learn about Estée Lauder’s iconic Advanced Night Repair in the Living Room. Through an interactive night discovery quiz, discover how our patented ChronoluxCB™ Technology works with the body’s natural circadian rhythm to boost skin repair and renewal functions for a radiant and youthful look when you wake.

2. In the bedroom, explore different ways of using Advanced Night Repair serum with our Power Of Night film series muses Joanne Peh, Nurul Aini and Oon Shu An and journey with them through our Insta-worthy beauty stations.

3. Learn beauty hacks with Estée Lauder’s breakthrough repair serum for all your beauty occasions by strengthening the skin, improving hydration and enhancing your skin’s glow.

4. Create your customised bedtime renewal routine and steal the spotlight with Estée Lauder’s Pro Artists using our best-selling Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation and Estée Lauder’s new luxury lipstick collection Pure Color Desire.

5. Scribe your sleep resolutions on the Sleeping Beauties Wall and join us in spreading the love for Advanced Night Repair by posting your favourite sleeping beauty images on the ‘gram. Tag your photos with the event hashtags to enter the Estée Lauder#PowerOfNightSG Instagram contest, and stand a chance to win a full-size bottle of Advanced Night Repair.

Get in bed with Estée Lauder from 23 to 24 March 2019.

Estée Lauder Power Of Night Pop-Up

Visual Arts Centre, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, 10 Penang Road, Singapore 238469

Opening hours: 11 am – 8 pm

For public bookings, visit

*Estée Lauder clinical trial with University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center, 2013

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20 Mar 2019, 10:00 AM

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