5 Questions with STYLEGUIDE Founder Timothy Ong

Timothy shares why he started the lifestyle portal, his favourite restaurants and more


STYLEGUIDE is a lifestyle portal with a core focus on offering a fresh perspective on life and society in general through opinion pieces and interviews with people from all walks of life.

Vanilla Luxury: What made you start STYLEGUIDE?

Timothy Ong: Having been in the technology and entrepreneurial scene with a few startups over the last five years, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and explore doing something different.

I also enjoy meeting and speaking to people from diverse backgrounds – from creatives and artists to entrepreneurs and professionals – as there is so much to learn from each of them.

This shaped STYLEGUIDE into a portal that serves as a medium to share their thoughts, stories and experiences with everyone.

Vanilla Luxury: What were you doing prior to STYLEGUIDE?

Timothy Ong: I was running a startup in the maritime industry for close to two years that focused on connecting vessel owners with charterers, something like a PropertyGuru for ships.

From left to right: Eric Chean (Cofounder/CEO Marine Nexus), Willy Tan (GM of Eastern Navigation), Timothy Ong (Cofounder/CTO Marine Nexus)

Vanilla Luxury: The most interesting person you've interviewed thus far?

Timothy Ong: I think everyone we’ve interviewed has a unique and interesting story to share. One of the most interesting interviews I’ve done was with Saara Sihvonen on what it's like to be a fashion model. It was an eye-opener for me and an insight into a very different industry.

From left to right: Timothy Ong (STYLEGUIDE), Saara Sihvonen, Carol Gan (STYLEGUIDE)

Vanilla luxury: Your favourite go to restaurants in Singapore?

Timothy Ong: Hopscotch Bar – they have bespoke cocktails that you can’t find elsewhere. Supply & Demand – their food is great with unique pizza flavours (chilli crab pizza, cheeseburger pizza, laksa pizza).

Vanilla Luxury: What will you be doing this Formula 1 weekend?

Timothy Ong: I’ll be attending Sky Grande Prix at the martini bar, Grand Hyatt - given the exciting lineup throughout the week including the launch of Dunhill CENTURY and a gourmet F1-themed menu from Mezza9.

Gursheel Dhillon

27 Aug 2018, 10:00 AM

G is the Editor-in-Chief of VanillaLuxury.sg and covers all topics that interest her. When not focusing on the latest luxury trends or crafting marketing strategies for her clients, she is busy honing her PR skills through hosting events. Follow her on Instagram at @GursheelDhillon for a peek into her daily escapades.