Where To Buy Exquisite Art in Singapore

Where To Buy Exquisite Art in Singapore

From paintings and sculptures to contemporary art and commissioned art, Exquisite Art is the go-to online marketplace for buying art in Singapore


Looking to decorate your home or office to give a fresh new look for the new year? What better way to give your space a makeover than with some exquisite art in Singapore!

If you’re on the lookout for exclusive art pieces, Exquisite Art offers everything from one-of-a-kind paintings and portraits of famous people to sculptures and commissioned art services. 

Showcasing a wide range of painting and drawing techniques, developed in different styles and genres, the art pieces cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. 

Exquisite Art

Exquisite Art is an online art marketplace that connects artists from around the world to art buyers on one platform. 

Rest assured that any artwork you buy from Exquisite Art is completely exclusive. There are no photo prints or canvas prints on offer, neither are there are any replicas.

Founder and CEO Livette Dikalenko is an art collector and connoisseur who works hard to ensure her gallery features various works of art in different styles and with artists who employ various materials. The range consists of abstract art, contemporary art, modern art, landscape, still life, and more─you’re sure to find something suitable for your space.

Whether you’re on a budget or in splurge mode, artworks are available from an affordable price of just S$200 to luxurious artworks that can go up to S$50,000.

Commissioned Art

Not only are these artworks great additions to one’s home decor, but they are also suitable for businesses such as hotels, commercial buildings, commercial real estate, offices and homes.

Have something specific in mind for your home or maybe you want to gift something special and unique? Artists based in Singapore and overseas are available for custom orders at affordable prices.

Livette is also able to organise private viewings with artists so you get a better idea of their styles and what they can do for you. If you have a specific request such as commissioning a portrait painting or sculpture for a loved one, Exquisite Art is the place to go.

Art As An Investment

Investing in art for the first time? You can inspect the artworks in person at Exquisite Art’s Singapore office where highly experienced professional art experts will be on standby to guide you and answer any queries. They would happily elaborate on how contemporary art offers an excellent investment opportunity.

Exquisite Art is in contact with second-generation artists who exhibit their work in museums and art fairs around the world.

Paintings that were exhibited in art fairs in Finland, Helsinki in 2019 are available for private viewings in Singapore and for purchase.

What’s more? Delivery within Singapore is free if the art is in Singapore. International shipping is also available where your art will be delivered safely in a roll, frame or canvas depending on your choice.

For more information, visit exquisite-art.com or contact Livette via WhatsApp at +77771421183.

Aditi Kashyap

11 Jan 2022, 01:00 PM

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