Skincare and Makeup Review: Our Favourite Tried and Tested Products for May 2021

Skincare and Makeup Review: Our Favourite Tried and Tested Beauty Products for May 2021

Read all about the new beauty products Vanilla Luxury's Editorial Team tried this month. What we loved and whether it's worth your time!


You know we love our skincare and makeup at Vanilla Luxury! Each month, as we discover a world of skincare and makeup brands - both local and international - we try, test and tell on these beauties. Check out which beauty products we tried along with what we personally loved about each of them.

May Beauty Product Reviews

Caudalie Vinoperfect - Radiance Serum

Can something great get even better? Turns out, with the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum it certainly can! A cult favourite serum (1 bottle sells every 30 seconds!) that is known for its powerful anti-dark spot formula, the Vinoperfect Serum is a beauty staple for most women. Now in its new, reinvented avatar, it offers unbeatable dark spot correction that is up to 62 times more effective than Vitamin C. Made up of Viniferine or grapevine sap, the Radian Serum is non-irritating and suitable for the most sensitive of skin types including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

 This year, the iconic anti-dark spot serum was reinvented with a new biomimetic emulsifier that is revolutionising clean beauty. This new bio-inspired emulsifier mimics the layers of the skin structure that allows it to be absorbed quickly and offers 3.9 times better effectiveness. What’s more, the new formula has been reworked to increase the level of natural ingredients to over 95%. 

Other noteworthy products in the range include the Concentrated Brightening Glycolic Essence, the first step in the Vinoperfect routine, it prepares the skin for the benefits of the serum and optimises its effectiveness on radiance. Also re-launched is the Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream that has Niacinamides combined with Viniferine (500 ppm).

Vanilla Luxury Raves: We’ve always had a soft spot for all things Caudalie but there’s definitely something different in the new Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. You’ll notice quicker absorption, which means you don’t need to wait as long, before applying your moisturizer. Skin is brighter, firmer and more supple and the packaging with a dropper ensures less wastage. This is a serum that can last long - you only need a few drops for the entire face! 

Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is available for S$98 at

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum

Have you heard? Ole Henriksen, the internationally renowned Danish skincare brand, has brought all of its super-selling goodness to our shores! 

Hold everything you have and try the Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum. This serum is made with hyaluronic acid to help plump the skin and strengthen its moisture barrier. skin’s surface with hydration and reinforces skin’s moisture barrier. A powerful serum with 15% vitamin C, 5% PHAs and hyaluronic acid this next-gen Vitamin C serum contains exfoliating acids and banana powder-inspired pigments that brighten and defend against external aggravators.

Aside from the strong Vitamin C element, the PHAs in this serum does count! 5% PHAs (Polyhydroxy Acids) give a plumper alternative to AHAs, and even skin tone and texture through chemical exfoliation. 

Also worth trying from the same range is the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème, a brightening, vitamin C-rich eye crème that targets signs of ageing, reduces the look of dark circles and improves concealer application!

Vanilla Luxury Raves: Founder Ole Henrikson lived in Singapore and Indonesia for years and knows all about tropical climates and its effect on the skin. You’ll find that the Banana Bright Vitamin C serum is hence a lightweight formula that hydrates without a greasy after-effect. What results can you see? Instantly brightened and moisturised skin that is busy fighting the effects of pollution, and other external elements, under the skin. Keep at it, and you’ll find a Vitamin C product that you love and want more of!

The Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum is available for S$96 at

Olay’s White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum

Supercharge your skincare routine with Olay’s brand new Super Serums, powered by niacinamide to target a range of skin types for the ultimate natural glow-up. The collection features three Super Serums, each mixed with a special ingredient — vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and CICA (Centella Asiatica Extract) — and penetrates 10 layers deep into the skin to boost hydration, even skin tone and fade away dark spots and discolouration.

Vitamin C works synergistically with niacinamide in the Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum to reduce signs of acne scars or sunspots. Niacinamide, on the other hand, works to hydrate the skin while vitamin C evens out skin tone, revealing an even glow from within.

For those with dry or dehydrated skin, Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum is intensely hydrating for the skin and leaves it with a dewy glow that lasts all day long. 

Vanilla Luxury Raves: The new Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum is meant to reduce hyperpigmentation and fight off environmental stressors. It gets absorbed quickly, leaving the skin with a hydrated glow. We also found the serum to soothe any redness and inflammation on the skin - all down to that power ingredient Niacinamide!

The new Olay White Radiance Super Serums are now available at major retailers nationwide (Shopee, Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice and Lazada) at a recommended retail price of S$59.90 per bottle.

Supergoop!’s Sheerscreen

A totally sheer, weightless, 100% mineral daily sunscreen lotion, that’s Supergoop’s Sheerscreen formula for you! Made especially for those who have sensitive, normal to combination and oily to acne-prone skin, the Sheerscreen is a sheer, weightless formula that provides SPF 30 protection. It also shields the skin from blue light! 

Sheerscreen delivers everything you love about the iconic Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen, but in a super sheer, physical sunscreen formula. The unique whipped texture instantly blends to a smooth, sheer finish on application and can double as a makeup-gripping primer. The formula features an innovative SheerMatrixTechnology that suspends the sunscreen actives in a matrix for a totally sheer finish, unlike any other mineral formula, without compromising efficacy. To use, just apply as the last step in your skincare routine, and wear alone or under makeup. 

Vanilla Luxury Raves: No more goop, or white casts, in a 100% mineral sunscreen formula! The Sheercreen gives a barely-there effect on the skin, unlike other mineral formulas we’ve used. The lightweight texture blends easily and fast, leaving the skin smooth and ready for the next step. We also find that it helps to hold makeup better, and can double up as a primer for daytime use.

Supergoop!’s Sheerscreen is available for S$52 at

Glowfully Deep Sea Glow Serum

Fighting hard to keep your skin hydrated in Singapore’s heat? We all know that hydration is key, but dehydrated skin is tough to avoid when living in Singapore. Say hello to the new Glowfully Deep Sea Glow Serum - the Glowfully marine-based secret to glow from deep within!

Infused with a cocktail of potent active ocean minerals and seaweed extracts, the Glowfully Deep Sea Glow Serum is absorbed instantly and penetrates the deepest layers of your skin to provide deep, soothing moisture to your skin.

Designed to be your one-way ticket to supple skin, the Deep Sea Glow Serum offers locked-in long-lasting hydration. It is formulated with a plethora of moisturizing ingredients derived from marine extracts for an instant boost of hydration and radiance. Powered by potent marine-sourced extracts, Glowfully's NEW Deep Sea Glow Serum offers a refreshing hit of hydration to keep the skin healthy from the inside out.

It is packed with skin-calming ingredients with anti-ageing and detoxifying properties to diminish fine lines and brightening agents to reveal fresh, bright, and beautiful skin.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: Instantly soothing, and refreshing, you can expect your skin to plump up with hydration. We also love how this is a light-textured serum so it absorbs fast and easy! If you love to layer your serums, the Glowfully Deep Sea Glow Serum is fab to go on first. Follow through with thicker textures and achieve your skin goals, Glowfully!

The Glowfully Deep Sea Glow Serum is available for S$63 at

CODEX BEAUTY Antu Collection

The CODEX BEAUTY Antü collection is focused on protecting, restoring, and strengthening the skin barrier.  It focuses on managing reactive oxidative stress in the skin while supporting the microbiome. CODEX BEAUTY’s patent-pending AntüComplex was designed to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation, especially from sun exposure and pollution.

The collection consists of four beauty products currently: Antu Radiance Mist (S$111) - an invigorating spray that hydrates, soothes, and refines the appearance of pores; Antu Brightening Serum (S$163) - a light serum that hydrates and helps skin plump and firm; Antu Brightening Moisturizer (S$146) - a protection cream that hydrates, helps UV recovery, and refines the appearance of pores; Antu Brightening Night Cream (S$154) - a rich, nourishing night cream that hydrates and leaves skin soft and radiant.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: Especially for those with dry and sensitive skin, the Antu Brightening Night Cream quenches the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and moisturised all night. The Antu Brightening Moisturizer is also really light and refreshing and absorbs well.

The Antu collection is available on the CODEX BEAUTY website.

Kundal Derma Derma Calming Ampoule Facial Mask

Hair experts Kundal, have recently launched a dermatological range that caters to sensitive skin types. This range focuses on the fundamental essence care of sensitive skin with 3 key ingredients - Cica, which helps soothe skin irritation, Panthenol, which moisturizes the skin, and Red Clover that brightens the skin.  

The Kundal Derma Calming Ampoule Facial Mask is built to soothe irritated skin that was stimulated by the external environment. It contains 10 % of centella extract and centella-derived peptide for skin soothing as well as AQUA TECA lO0T for skin moisturization. There’s also a skin-calming complex CN 9 MIX PLUS COMPLEX that will help nourish your skin while soothing it. If you’d like some more soothing relief, consider the 

Derma Calming C.P.R. Cica Calming Facial Mist Ultra-fine spraying mist that keeps your makeup in place and provides refreshing coolness before and after makeup.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: These masks are made of 100 % natural cotton by grinding centella stems and leaves and approved by the Vegan certification. This means they are tested for sensitive skin and proven to be hypoallergenic. Best for a weekly boost to your skin, without being paranoid about redness and irritation after. What’s more, these are quite affordable and available at your favourite Guardian stores!

Delphini Intense Serum With Antipollution Complex

Thai skincare brand Delphini was founded by a group of biochemists from Chulalongkorn University determined to develop a result-oriented skincare range, created with safe and effective ingredients suitable for all skin types.

The brand made its debut with a single product: the Delphini Intense Serum with Anti-Pollution Complex. Formulated with a mix of natural and bio-ingredients including hyaluronic acid, 10% niacinamide and Scutellaria baicalensis root extract (commonly known as Chinese skullcap or golden herb), the patented serum has been proven to battle several different skin problems caused by pollution: dehydration, dullness, acne, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines, and enlarged pores.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: The antioxidant serum also helps boost collagen, soothe moisture loss and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. With continued use of the serum, the brand assures that even maskne can be dealt with effectively!

Delphini is available for S$88 at BEAUBIT.

Top banner image: Caudalie, Ole Henriksen & Supergoop

April Beauty Product Reviews

GLAMGLOW Superwatergel Triple-Acid Oil-Free Moisturizer

GLAMGLOW® was originally designed exclusively for Hollywood actors who needed red carpet-ready skin in a hurry. Today, the brand has grown to become a fast-acting, solutions oriented skincare brand that works wonders for your complexion. The GLAMGLOW Superwatergel Triple-Acid Oil-Free Moisturizer is a lightweight water gel moisturizer for acne-prone skin that  instantly hydrates, clarifies and controls shine without instigating  new breakouts for clearer, healthier-looking skin.

It comes with hyaluronic acid and glycerin microdroplets, which burst on contact to provide instant and 24-hour hydration. It also helps strengthen the skin's barrier and smoothen-out the look of pores. A triple-acid blend provides gentle yet effective doses of Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Pyruvic Acid,  to keep the complexion clear, and healthier-looking.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: Minty, lightweight and perfect for oily to combination skin types, this is a moisturiser that’s made for the tropics! We even recommend it for men who need hydration without the tacky feel of moisturiser after. If you’ve got acne worries or need a hydrating product that deeply nourishes without the adding to oiliness on your skin, this is a keeper. What can we say - we’re in love!

GLAMGLOW Superwatergel is available for S$85 at

Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint

Your skin but better? The new Fenty Beauty Eaze drop offers light to medium coverage for all skin tones - all while blending, blurring and providing light as air perfection to your skin.

As the brand’s first light-to-medium coverage complexion product that leaves skin with an instantly flawless filtered effect and natural, soft blur finish.

In addition to its effortless texture, application and finish, it contains Fenty Beauty’s proprietary Quick Blur Complex to diffuse the look of pores and wrinkles for a flawless and smoothing effect. The formula also contains sodium hyaluronate to nourish skin and leave it feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores, cake up or settle into fine lines.  

Thanks to its versatile formula and light-to-medium coverage, Eaze Drop is available in 25 flexible shades that cover all 50 shades of the Fenty Pro Filt’r range. So, if you already know your number in one of their existing Pro Filt’r Foundations, you can easily find your perfect Eaze Drop match!

Vanilla Luxury Raves: Want a makeup formula that lasts in this heat and humidity? Like all Fenty Beauty complexion products, this formula too, is sweat, humidity and transfer resistant! It's a nifty little bottle with an easy dispensing system - add just enough for subtle coverage or more to layer to your preferred level. Particularly useful for those of us who enjoy their makeup light and airy!

Fenty Eaze Drop is available for S$45 at

WISHFUL Thirst Trap Juice HA 3 & Peptide Serum

Those of you who remember how much Huda loved the WISHFUL Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask, will be pleased to know that she’s bottled the same formula as a serum now! One day,  on a long-haul flight, after having used the last Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask she had, Huda found that her mask was still dripping with juice. She squeezed every last drop of its hydrating elixir and applied it every hour for the duration of her flight, which then inspired her to create a serum based on her Thirst Trap essence. Packed with even more hyaluronic acid and skin-firming peptides, now you can use the goodness of Thirst Trap over and over again!

Prepare for instant and long-lasting hydration with this potent formula that gives an immediate dewy glow as well as reparative long-term results. Jam-packed with skin-boosting ingredients to firm, strengthen and leave skin bouncy and supple, this all-star serum will give your skin a radiant glow like never before! Combining plumping peptides to the new formula, which work to stimulate collagen and elastin production for firm, you’ll also find Aloe Vera that leaves your skin soothed and nourished.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: If you’re after a glass of water for your skin, the WISHFUL Thirst Trap Juice is just what you want! The hydration formula is light-not tacky and comes with a loadfull of benefits for your skin - working slowly, but surely deep inside. We love anything that works for this humid weather, and The Thirst Trap gets full points for an easy to use, lightweight serum that delivers.

WISHFUL Thirst Trap Juice HA 3 & Peptide Serum is available for S$79 at

Re:erth Rejuvenating Hand Cream 

Nourish your skin in a layer of lasting moisture with rich ingredients to restore elasticity, diminish wrinkles, and soften your hardworking hands. The Re:erth Rejuvenating Hand Cream softens and deeply moisturizes your hands at multiple levels while simultaneously restoring your skin's elasticity and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

The unique Lamellar technology deeply moisturizes and protects your skin, with no stickiness. Its rich nourishing effect is long-lasting and retains even after hand washing and sanitizing throughout the day. Using Pure Retinol, it increases skin rejuvenation and improves skin elasticity and smoothness, while refining tone and texture.

Nano-encapsulation in LIPODISQ® allows for deeper penetration to skin with no skin irritation at all. Japanese White Turmeric is another superfood that increases natural Hyaluronic Acid protection by up to 100%, cell activity by up to 61% and gives skin a firmer, more supple texture.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: Are you looking for a treat for your over-worked hands? Light texture, with no stickiness after, you’ll literally see a nourishing overlay barrier take on your hands - we even compared between our two to see! The indulgent hand cream will make your hands look less wrinkled and well-nourished. This is a nice treat for someone who is looking to enhance the appearance of their hands or just a special gift for a close loved one.

Re:erth Rejuvenating Hand Cream is available for S$60 at Re:erth.

BSKIN Flawless Finish Perfecting Loose Powder

If constant mask-wearing in our hot humidity has you (and your skin) frazzled, join the club. Excess sebum and sweat means that our foundation is constantly smearing on our face masks, but regular powder makeup tends to dehydrate the skin's surface, causing clogged pores and the dreaded maskne.

The new BSKIN Flawless Finish Perfecting Loose Powder has been all the rave recently. This skin-perfecting and nourishing loose powder is infused with anti-ageing bee actives such as honey and royal jelly that bestow a naturally luminous and protected complexion all day. As a makeup-and-skincare hybrid, the BSKIN Flawless Finish Perfecting Loose Powder helps smoothen out uneven skin tone and controls shine without clogging pores.

In line with BSKIN's clean formulation philosophy, the product is mindfully created without parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrances. In addition, the bee actives in BSKIN skincare are sustainably sourced to ensure that no harm is done to the precious bees that power BSKIN's high-performance skincare.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: We love how this product is makeup and skincare all in one. The BSKIN Flawless Finish Perfecting Loose Powder also contains Titanium dioxide, a physical mineral sunscreen, which provides UV protection for the skin, making it the perfect final step in your beauty routine!

BSKIN Flawless Finish Perfecting Loose Powder is available for S$49 exclusively online at

Caudalie Vinoclean Range

When it comes to perfecting your skincare routine, cleansing is an essential step towards healthier looking skin. The dirty truth is that most cleansers on the market contain synthetic ingredients and harsh irritants derived from petrochemicals and have non-sustainable packaging.

Packaged in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic with zero waste, these eco-conscious cleansers by Caudalie are 100% clean on the outside as they are on the inside. Indulgent, gentle, yet super-efficient, each one is formulated with 97% to 100% of natural-origin ingredients, leaving you with cleaner skin and a greener planet.

The Vinoclean range consists of the Micellar Cleansing Water, Cleansing Almond Milk, Moisturising Toner, Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil, and Instant Foaming Cleanser. 

Vanilla Luxury Raves: The Caudalie Vinoclean Instant Foam Cleanser is one of our favourites with its airy foam texture wrapping our skin in softness. Its vine flower fragrance - a combination of floral notes of rose, white wood, watermelon, violet leaves and pink peppercorn - also smells divine!

Caudalie Vinoclean Range is available for S$35 at

Codex Beauty Bia Skin Superfood

Codex Beauty Labs, the plant-based biotech beauty brand brings to our tropical shores, a new and important beauty vertical: Biotech Beauty.

With an increased global concern on environmental impacts and sustainability of natural resources, the science of beauty biotechnology has been gaining importance in recent years. Codex Beauty Labs leads this revolution by focusing on using plants versus fossil fuels to produce bioactives in sustainable ways and ideate ‘plant-based biotech beauty’ that minimises overall carbon footprint. As a commitment to their mission, they also partner with local organic producers and develop proprietary high-tech manufacturing practices. The publicly published efficacy panels on all new product labels demonstrate the brand’s transparency with consumers.

Codex Beauty Bia Skin Superfood is a hydrating and nourishing treatment cream for face, hands and body made with plant extracts -a unique BiaComplex herbal formula - that helps treat dry, flaky or irritated skin and leaves it silky smooth.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: For those of us who have been obsessively washing our hands in these pandemic times and leaving the skin really dry, this rich cream provides great hydration.

Codex Beauty Bia Skin Superfood is available for S$86 on their website, Lazada and Shopee.

Milani Cosmetics Rose Collection

Milani has launched its new Rose Collection containing all the essentials that you need to clean, prep and quench your skin with moisture, ensuring that you have a hydrated base for your foundation to glide on smoothly. Think of it as giving yourself a mini facial before you bring in the big makeup guns!

Petal power your routine with this luxurious fragrant collection that is infused with rose oil, loaded with tons of benefits for your skin. From replenishing moisture to protecting your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, each product features a unique blend of hard-working ingredients that deliver hydrated, renewed and revitalized skin.

To start off your makeup look with a fresh, clean canvas, use Milani’s Rose Lotion Primer or the all-natural Rosewater Hydrating Mist as a makeup priming spray. Experience the power of the petal with the Rose Face Oil, which tones and hydrates the skin. 

Not forgetting your lips - the Rose Transforming Lip Balm deeply nourishes, conditions and protects lips from environmental damage. Check out the Rose Butter Lip Mask and Rose Sugar Lip Scrub for hydrated, smooth and ultra-soft lips.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: The Milani Rose Face Oil is perfect for drier skin. Just mix a few drops with your foundation and concealer, making application really easy and your look more luminous.

Milani Rose Face Oil is available for S$30 exclusively at Watsons and the Watsons E-store.


With sustainability being at the core of the brand, OASIS: announces the opening of their second space - an eco-friendly provision store in the cultural neighbourhood of Joo Chiat.

The brick-and-mortar store homes a variety of freshly made refillable vegan beauty products, locally crafted in their Beauty Kitchen. From package-free solid shampoos and conditioners to soap flakes and even household cleaning liquids, the store will feature anything and everything to get you started on your sustainability journey.

The DIY corner is a brand new key feature where you can take home a customized eco-friendly beauty and household product and experience personalising your ingredients from the in-house bulk store.

For those on a tight schedule, a curbside drive-through allows for pre-ordered products to be picked up from the comfort of your vehicles. Alternatively, if you live within 3km of the store, you can opt for a zero-carbon bike delivery of your products right to your doorstep. In the aims of reducing package waste, the provision store also serves as a collection point for recycled boxes and bubble wrap for OASIS: e-commerce deliveries.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: We love this local beauty brand for its sustainability efforts. Bring your own reusable bags and containers, and come on by to stock up on your essentials at the OASIS: Provision Store.

March Beauty Product Reviews

Chantecaille Spring 2021 Makeup Collection

With its 2021 Spring Collection, Chantecaille is proudly supporting the Butterfly and Insect Group of the Nature Society Singapore (NSS) to safeguard the declining population of Singapore's national butterfly, the Common Rose.

The Butterfly Collection is inspired by the shimmer and splendour of a butterfly's wings and features the Butterfly Eye Quartet shadow palette and limited-edition 3 Lip Chic hues. Like all other Chantecaille products, these too come with no Phthalates, Sulphate Detergents, Mineral Oil and GMOs. Chantecaille will donate 5% of the sales proceeds from the Spring 2021 Makeup Collection and Bio Lifting Serum (Butterfly Limited Edition) to NSS to support its conservation efforts.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: The limited-edition Lip Chic shades take moisture very seriously!  Offering long-lasting hydration, just the right amount of colour, and the signature magnetic click, we are enjoying every bit of these beauties. 

Should you want to flaunt a makeup palette in your bag, the Butterfly Eye Quartet shadow palette was made for it! A collectable, limited-edition compact with four gently shimmering formulas—satin, shimmer and chrome pearl—make it perfect to mix and match as you like, and when you want!

Available from S$48 on

Becca Light Shifter Dewing Tint

A tinted moisturizer that gives a sheer, dewy, luminous finish, Becca’s Light Shifter Dewing Tint is weightless in coverage. Light Shifting Pigments reflect and diffuse light, providing multi-dimensional luminosity while Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes skin instantly and Squalane, Vitamin E, and Glycerin nourish.

Vitamin E also helps to protect against environmental damage, including pollution and blue light. Coverage is pretty sheer and shades are flexible so there are ample choices for all skin tones.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: The gel-like texture, dries to a sheer finish giving a lit-from-within look. If you enjoy subtler coverage but are constantly seeking that glow, this incredibly dewy tint was made for you. Extra points for being vegan, cruelty-free and PETA certified!

Becca Light Shifter Dewing Tint is available for S$47.00 at

OriginsTM Mega-Mushroom Soothing Hydra-Mist

Origins expands its famed mushroom-infused franchise with an on-the-go mist with mega-hydrating benefits that instantly helps boost skin’s moisture, plumpness and luminosity!

Dr. Andrew Weil for OriginsTM Mega-Mushroom Soothing Hydra-Mist is powered by Reishi, Hyaluronic Acid, and our latest ingredient Tremella Mushroom (also known as Snowy Mushroom), which can hold more than 7x of its water weight, leaving skin feeling moisturized, calm and refreshed – even if your surrounding climate changes.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: We tried this micro-fine mist on both our bare skin or over makeup and it is the perfect solution to soothe and hydrate skin anytime, anywhere!

The Origins™ Mega-mushroom Soothing Hydra-mist is available for S$46 at

Limited Edition Goodies by Lush

Valentine’s Day may well be over, but there’s no reason to stop the love! Blow kisses, with Lush’s super-cute lip-shaped bubble bar to create crimson waters, full of uplifting bergamot and fruity davana oil bubbles. Or try the limited edition, Prince Charming shower gel that contains fresh pomegranate juice to seduce your senses while marshmallow root rescues your skin. Want a bath bomb that may be too pretty to use? A treat to yourself or someone else, the Love Me Do bath bomb gives deep red water filled with the scent of rose from Lush’s regenerative buying project in Pakistan.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: First off, we had no idea that the bubble bars by Lush were re-usable! This means you can use as much or as little as you like and save the rest to dry and use again. The Love Me Do bath bomb is as pretty as it is fragrant! Release into a bathtub and watch the colours unfurl. Better still, once you're done, the muslin cloth it comes wrapped in can be composted! A special treat for both you and the planet.

These limited edition lovelies are available from S$18 onwards on

Cellreturn Therapy Advanced Lifting Neck Cream

Days of sticking to face care may well be over - it is time to start taking care of your neck too! Korean company Cellreturn are known for their breakthrough beauty gadgets and what they call solutions to get K-Star porcelain skin.

Their Cellreturn Therapy Advanced Lifting Neck Cream is formulated to fill the skin on your neck, from the inside out. Full of moisture and nutrition, the pink cream restores time by improving on wrinkles and brightening the neck area.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: A product designed just for the delicate neck area was worth trying! We found the texture moisturising, with just enough thickness to not get sticky. Results around wrinkles and neck lines could possibly take longer to show, but being able to provide the neck with suitable hydration, made all the difference from week 1 of use. 

Cellreturn Therapy Advanced Lifting Neck Cream is available for S$160.50 on the Cellreturn website.

Handmade Heroes Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask with Bakuchiol

Pamper your lips with the all-nighter Cocoliscious Lip Mask with Bakuchiol and wake up to luscious, supple and rejuvenated lips. Natural yet powerful, the Bakuchiol Lip Mask boost collagen production evens out hyperpigmentation and targets fine lines around the lips with all-natural superstar ingredients.

Ingredients include Avocado oil, Jojoba seed oil, Mango seed butter, hyaluronic acid and Bakuchiol extract. Bakuchiol extract is an alternative to retinol, that naturally stimulates the skin to produce collagen and increases skin cell turnover.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: We love beauty products that can be used in the day and night. This product is perfect as a daily morning lip balm and night sleeping lip mask for extra nourishment.

The Cocoliscious Lip Mask with Bakuchiol is available for S$14.90 on the Handmade Heroes website.

Sephora Collection Mini Pocket Eyeshadow Palette

These mini eyeshadow palettes by Sephora Collection come in shades that mix and match to create endless looks. Choice of silky matte, metallic and glitter, you can literally play all day or night!

Aside from being pocket-friendly, the palette offers shades that have been curated to work easily together to create easy, wearable eye makeup looks. Combine shades from different palettes to achieve interesting looks with different colour families. 4 different versions at easy on the wallet prices, also mean you can stretch your makeup fund that much further!

Vanilla Luxury Raves: Bright, beautiful and easy to use shades, give buildable coverage for eyeshadow noobs. We love the cutesy size, that’s easy to carry around and at that price, we’ll have all 4, thank you!

Sephora Collection Mini Pocket Eyeshadow Palette is available for S$22 on

Dr Dennis Gross Exfoliating Body Treatment

An all-over body towel packed with Alpha Beta® acids, enzymes, and bakuchiol to instantly polish and visibly firm skin. This perfectly dosed treatment lifts away the outer layer of dead skin, delivers long-lasting hydration and helps improve the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Begin application with a folded towel on clean, dry skin. Gently massage into the skin. As the towel begins to dry, unfold and move to other body zones. Continue until the towel is completely dry.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: It’s like a facial for your full body! If you have dull, dry skin, this product is especially useful for exfoliating rough and dry patches on your skin such as on knees and elbows. Antioxidant-rich squalane and aloe help soothe and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.

Dr Dennis Gross is available for S$90 for 8 treatment towels on

Frank Body Brightening Vitamin C Mask

An active Brightening Vitamin C Mask that multitasks. Natural and cruelty-free, it is packed with Vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum to reveal your brightest, clearest skin. The face mask dissolves your top layer of dead, dull, damaged skin with papaya and pineapple extract, along with lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids. 

A sophisticated formula, Vitamin C and acids are good for acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and fine lines. You don’t need that overpriced serum or beauty filter. With active AHAs, it’s the best Vitamin C mask for fading acne scars.

Vanilla Luxury Raves: We’re not the only ones raving about this amazing beauty product! Just take a look at their numerous positive reviews and you’ll see that lots of people have experienced brightened skin after continued use of this mask. We love that we even saw a visible difference in acne scars and dark spots.

Frank Body Brightening Vitamin C Mask is available for S$46 as part of the Vitamin Sea Skincare Kit on