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Singapore Rum: Compendium Brings Local Flavours to Spirits with Teh-O and Kopi-O Rum Liqueurs

Spirits distillery, Compendium, launches locally inspired Rum Liqueurs, Teh-O and Kopi-O, as an ode to Singapore Kopitiam culture


After Rojak Gin and Chendol Gin, Singapore's premium spirits distillery Compendium has released another set of delicious alcoholic beverages inspired by local flavours. Brought to you by the founders behind Singapore’s first meadery Rachelle the Rabbit, Compendium has launched two authentically Singapore rum liqueurs richly infused with Singapore flavours and nostalgia.

Kopi-O and Teh-O Rum Liqueurs

Local tea and coffee essentials, Kopi-O and Teh-O, are an integral part of Singapore’s Kopitiam culture. Go to any coffee shop, hawker centre or food court in Singapore and you are bound to find a drinks stall selling tea and coffee. Kopi-O is essentially black coffee with sugar and Teh-O is tea with sugar. Compendium has taken these Kopitiam essentials and infused the flavours to create Singapore's very own rum liqueurs.

The rum liqueurs are infused with premium quality coffee beans and tea leaves, akin to teh and kopi found at heartland coffee shops. The rich notes of earthy tea leaves and the nuttiness of the coffee beans are prominent in the Teh-O and Kopi-O rum liqueurs respectively.

These rum liqueurs provide a perfect boozy twist to your slow mornings, get ready to begin your mornings energised.

Tasting Notes of Kopi-O Rum Liqueur

Of the duo Singapore rum liqueurs launched, Kopi-O Rum Liqueur is inspired by the rich and aromatic flavours of Singapore's Kopitiam Kopi. This Singapore Rum Liqueur is created with the in-house distilled rum, steeped in a unique blend of ground coffee for 24 hours. The brew is then carefully filtered with traditional "kopi socks” and lightly sweetened with black sugar from Singapore’s only sugar factory.

The aroma that wafts out upon uncorking each bottle of Kopi-O Rum Liqueur is of rich ground coffee beans. On the palate, there are beautiful caramelised notes and a slight after-taste found in freshly brewed kopi found at Kopitiams.

Vanilla Luxury’s pro tip: The best flavour experience with the Kopi-O Rum Liqueur occurs when enjoyed neat over ice. For those who prefer a carbonated caffeine boost, simply add tonic to your rum liqueur.

Tasting Notes of Teh-O Rum Liqueur

A fun, alcoholic play on the familiar and comforting Kopitiam Teh, Teh-O Rum Liqueur is created with distilled in-house rum. Infused with an artisanal blend of premium tea leaves, the courtesy of collaboration partner Made Cold.

On the nose, the Teh-O Rum Liqueur releases an aroma of deep earthy and a strong aromatic black tea scent when uncapped. The Teh-O Rum Liqueur is light on the palate similar to that of Kopi-O, all while bearing a mild acidic kick with a hint of citrus. Boasting earthy notes and a beautiful black tea aroma, the Teh-O is a refreshing beverage to cool down with.

Vanilla Luxury’s pro tip: The Teh-O Rum Liqueur provides an optimum flavour experience when served neat over ice. Fans of teh-peng or iced tea with milk can add cold milk to your rum liqueur for a boozy cocktail.

Where to Get the Singapore Rum Liqueurs

Kopi-O and Teh-O Rum Liqueurs are available for purchase at Compendium’s online retail store and Temple Cellars.

For sampling portions, you can visit the following bars and restaurants in Singapore.

Bars: Native, Smoke & Mirrors, Potato Head, El Tardeo, Oxwell & Co, Idlewild, Druggists, Atlas, Screening Room, Oriental Elixir, Bay Hotel

Restaurants: Mustard Seed, Labyrinth, Preludio, Thevar, Timbre, Alchemy Bistro, Candlenut, Panamericana

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04 Oct 2019, 10:00 AM
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