Sharul Weds Sharul: A Parody on Indian Weddings

Sharul Channa gives us her take on Indian weddings with a comedic monologue


Singapore’s renown stand-up comedian, Sharul Channa, spills all at Sharul Weds Sharul. This hour-long comedic monologue is her take on the oddest practices that take place at Indian weddings.

From couple hashtags to the extensive wedding buffet, from walking around the fire seven times to making promises of seven lifetimes in Sanskrit, we have all questioned the point of it all.

Vanilla Luxury: As Singapore's first indian female comedian, what made you decide to make a parody out of Indian Weddings?

Sharul: When I got married, so much was happening around me that I thought that a one hour show can be written on it. Anyone who has organised their own Indian wedding, has the capability of being an A-class event organiser, a therapist, risk management executive and a potential murderer.

Vanilla Luxury: Is "Sharul Weds Sharul" inspired from own wedding? Tell us more!

Sharul : Oh, yes. Absolutely! I have been inspired by my own wedding and all those other weddings I have either been a host for or attended.

Vanilla Luxury: How has it been having the same profession as your husband?

Sharul: It has been great because he understands what our profession demands and we give each other space to grow and experiment. Sharing stories with each other becomes a date instead of watching movies.

Vanilla Luxury: What's your advice to soon to be Indian brides?

Sharul: Make sure you eat before your wedding and put on extra fake eyelashes so people can’t see you rolling your eyes since the eyes feels heavier.

Vanilla Luxury: Lastly, as this is a very unique wedding, what should the audience expect?

Sharul: People should expect my truth about the Indian Weddings and watching me get married to myself.

Watch Sharul as she gets married to herself at Kalaa Utsavam 2017 on 18 November, and as she finds answers to some of the burning questions she has about Indian weddings.

Gursheel Dhillon

13 Nov 2017, 05:00 PM

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