Chris Ho Interviews Armin van Buuren in W Singapore

Chris Ho Interviews Armin van Buuren in W Singapore


December 11th saw W Hotel Singapore – Sentosa Cove hosting the International Music Summit. The full-day event boasted keynote speakers like international DJ sensations Armin van Buuren, Kaskade, Sharam of Deep Dish and Richie McNeil of SFX Australia and Asia, who engaged the audience in discussions on essential topics of the Asia-Pacific region. IMS Asia-Pacific drew business leaders, visionaries and both local and globally-renowned talents to the one-day summit. Approximately 300 delegates were in attendance, representing over 21 countries around the world.

Armin van Buuren has been a pioneering force for trance music and has consistently remained one of the most successful DJs of his genre – both in nominations and in cult audience followings. With decades of experience, a lifetime’s worth of understanding and growing alongside the industry, read all about Armin van Buuren’s interview at the International Music Summit Asia – Pacific at the W Singapore Sentosa Cove by one of Singapore’s hottest local radio presenters, Chris Ho.

Chris Ho: You’re Dutch, so how is it that you have an American accent?

Armin van Burren: Well it’s because I spent a lot of time in America.

Chris Ho: Did you graduated with a degree in law?

Armin van Burren: I graduated law in 2002 and am not using it but it comes handy to know the basics of copyright laws as I’ve am involved in the discussion of European copyright laws.

Chris Ho: Tell us what excites you?

Armin van Burren: Definitely music producing and not discussing how many holidays you can have in a day.

Chris Ho: What have been the best parts of your career?

Armin van Burren: One was starting a weekly radio show and two, setting up Armada music.

Chris Ho: What is your take on copyright laws?

Armin van Burren: I find it really strange that just because I’ve had a little bit of success, I have to be flown to Brussels to explain this simple law that everyone already knows about.

Chris Ho: You have a big show coming up – A State of Trance 750 Toronto. Tell us about that.

Armin van Burren: Yes, it is 750 episodes that is 9 hours of music. At the end of January we are celebrating in Toronto where it all started, the love for trance. It is not about cashing it in but having a good line up that is different, a new theme, new production and it is all about the content and the actual event. Fans really appreciate it when you invest in content.

Chris Ho: Tell us more about your latest album Embrace.

Armin van Burren: This is something I have not told most people, but this is the happiest time of my career, as I now do not do interviews or events that I do not want to do.  When I became the Number 1 DJ in the world, I was really stressed out and could not sleep as I did not know what it meant. I went to see a coach and realised I wanted to rediscover myself as a producer being back in the studio and really wanted to embrace new sounds, quite literally new instruments. I always dreamt of creating a trance track to the sound of a Spanish Guitar. If I am not having fun, I stop doing it.

Chris Ho: When your fans are asking for one more last song and the stage manager says you’re off, ‘Next!’, how does it make you feel?

Armin van Burren: sucks.

Chris Ho: What makes you tick?

Armin van Burren: One, illegal downloads as there is no law in the world that is broken more than the copyright law. The basic of copyright is you have an idea, you make it and you own it. Younger people need to know that there is no such things as free music as there is no such thing as a free car.

Two, Substances. It is really important that people learn about their own responsibilities and unfortunately, it’s a few people that ruin it for the rest and that’s something that won’t change. As a DJ, I find it really frustrating that organizers and promoters get all the blame and the DJs look all shiny and that. We have a responsibility for each other to look after each other. This industry cannot grow and organisers of an event can only do so much. The fans, if they really want dance music to grow and if they are serious about it, please stop taking that illegal shit.

Our Key Takeaways:

- He’s got a Grammy nomination

- His heart is in trance and he will never leave that

- He reads all his criticisms so he knows what is going on

- He believes it is always important to focus on educating yourself as a human being and as an artist. There is so much out there to know and learn and that is why he watches tutorials on the plane instead of watching movies

- He has a club in his office that which is a great place for media interviews, drinks and to spin

Repurposed by Vanilla Luxury based on an interview by: Chris Ho (Artist / Music Journalist / Radio Presenter, Singapore)

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