Shop Local: Uniquely Singaporean Homegrown Brands

Shop Local: Uniquely Singaporean Homegrown Brands

#SupportLocal and shop from uniquely Singaporean brands


In a bid to #SupportLocal businesses, we are spotlighting uniquely Singaporean companies. Inspired by the history and heritage of Singapore, these homegrown brands have injected local flavours and designs into their products as a dedication to the vibrant city and its melting pot of cultures.

Kattoe: Concept Cat Design Tees

Calling all cat lovers out there! Kattoe is a local fashion brand whose designs are inspired by icons of their era mashed with a love for cats and a touch of stylistic influence from Japan. The brand's inspiration flows from every facet of life – art history to the contemporary; cinema to music, and even to F&B – and puts them into the world of cats. Sometimes satirical, sometimes imaginary, but mostly, as a homage to pop culture from past to present.

For example, The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai, which is Japan's most recognisable ukiyo-e, has been turned into a cat tsunami; PAWS is Kattoe’s version of the thriller, JAWS, a cult film by Steven Spielberg with an equally iconic movie poster; and Chinese cat Vampire zombies are now out for the hunt!

Their collections include tees in sizes for men, women, kids, toddlers and even onesies for babies, as well as tote bags. You can also choose to personalise your tee for a small fee by adding your name or initials on the inside back collar. What’s more? The tees are made from 100% combed quality organic cotton - good quality, comfortable and really soft.

#SupportLocal business, Kattoe, and spread that love, one tee at a time!


Nothing beats the elegance of fine craftsmanship. The Singapore brand MAESO brings you beautifully handmade full-grain vegetable-tanned leather shoes. MAESO works with experienced craftsmen at artisanal factories in Italy whose skills have been passed from generations. With time, this vegetable-tanned leather develops into a unique, gorgeous patina that is nothing but extraordinary. Its natural tanning process also makes this leather recyclable and more eco-friendly, compared to the usual chrome leather.

From reinvented classics to timeless essentials, the shoes are thoughtfully designed to last beyond seasons, offering you quality and durability without the hefty price tag of luxury. These chich loafers are crafted with an emphasis on comfort and versatility to bring you from work to a weekend out. Effortlessly stylish, these shoes will easily pair with anything from your wardrobe. What’s more? A part of their profit goes into #FundSocial to support selected social and environmental projects.

It’d Bettr Be Beer!

Homegrown speciality coffee company Bettr has collaborated with CRUST Group to launch a delicious Cold Brew Cream Ale made with surplus bread and upcycled coffee grounds. Talk about sustainability and creating a positive impact through beer!

It'd Bettr be Beer! is light and caffeinated with Bettr Coffee's upcycled Heart Blend Cold Brew. The beer comes in a single bottle (for a limited time only), pack of 6 and carton of 12.

Want to try more of their products? The Heart Blend Taster Box features products made from Bettr’s signature blend including their Heart Blend Single Drip coffee, the ever-popular Black Cold Brew, and their brand new caffeinated beer - It'd Bettr Be Beer! 

Over the last 10 years, Bettr has worked relentlessly to positively impact the world by going completely straw-free, using solar energy, composting their coffee grounds and ethically sourcing their coffee beans.


Drawing from decades of experience in the leather trade, Tresse’s leather accessories are designed to withstand the test of time and aesthetics that never go out of style. The brand was started to give the market another option when it came to woven leather goods and to make them more accessible at an affordable price. Their intimate understanding of leather is translated into specially created weaves realized in durable vegetable tanned goatskin leather accompanied by supple and smooth hair sheepskin leather interiors. Besides possessing an instantly recognizable look by using their signature weaves, the wallets have been designed to be practical, intricate, unusual and beautiful.


Founded by a Singaporean couple, F.EAST is short for "Flavours of the East". As the name implies, the brand aspires to represent the delectable diversity of Asian cuisine for potato chip lovers across the world. Most potato chips tend to be base flavours, or single note flavours, i.e. sour cream, sea salt, cheese. Apart from special local flavours, F.EAST chips flavours tend to be dishes. These are more complex and use uncommon flavour elements such as ginger and coconut powder to complete the taste of the unique Asian dishes. Their unique local flavours include Singapore Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Beef Rendang and Egg Prata with Fish Curry.

SoulSister Spirits Gin - Singapore Edition

Inspired by the spices and botanicals in multicultural Singapore, SoulSister Spirits created this London Dry Gin with a Southeast Asian twist. The Singapore Edition is complex in nature, with a surprisingly smooth character. Crispy notes of lemongrass, citrus and kaffir lime greet you on the nose. On the palate, slightly spicy floral notes of galangal lend it depth and roundness. The finish has an elegant ending with a beautiful hint of tamarind. Enjoy on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail; a great companion for all occasions!

The Kettle Gourmet Popcorn

Bite into the joyful goodness of The Kettle Gourmet popcorn made with the best kernels from around the world before hand-baking them to crispy perfection. Their gourmet popcorn is certified trans-fat free as they use only 100% pure Canola Oil throughout the baking process. The Kettle Gourmet are also Halal-Certified and offer so many unique local flavours! They have sweet flavours such as salted caramel and chocolate, as well as locally-inspired flavours including nasi lemak, kaya butter toast, chilli crab, and chicken floss.

Aditi Kashyap

02 Mar 2021, 10:00 AM

Aditi is the Editor at Vanilla Luxury. Born and raised in Singapore, she loves to eat, travel, and stay fit (so she can eat some more). Follow her on Instagram @heydeets for things to do and places to eat in Singapore.