SAKE TO GO: Alcohol Delivery of Sake From Japan’s Oldest Brewery

SAKE TO GO: Alcohol Delivery of Sake From Japan’s Oldest Brewery

Have Japanese sake delivered to your home within an hour from e-commerce store, SAKE TO GO, which offers the largest collection of sakes from Sudo Honke Brewery in Japan


SAKE TO GO offers the largest selection of Japanese sakes brewed by the oldest brewery in Japan, Sudo Honke Brewery, which has an 890-year-old heritage. 

Using this alcohol delivery service is easy. Simply head on to their new e-commerce site and choose your preferred Japanese sake with bottles ranging from S$17 to $704; then, have it delivered straight to your home, anywhere in Singapore as fast as within an hour!

The varieties of Japanese sake offered by SAKE TO GO are produced by nine prefectures in Japan and are stored in dark and cold conditions to maintain optimum flavours. The selection of Japanese sake offered by this alcohol delivery service has been handpicked by sake sommelier and lecturer, Ayumi Fujishiro who believes that sake should be enjoyed based on occasion rather than the type of sake such as Dai Ginjo or Junmai Dai Ginjo.


These one-of-a-kind Japanese sakes have been exclusively imported and are extremely rare so save these for very special occasions.

To celebrate the most special moments in life with sophistication and class, the Junmai Dai Ginjo Satono Sake is an excellent choice to pick from Sudo Honke Brewery. The sake tastes crisp and clean with wonderfully balanced aromas and flavours.

SAKES for Celebrations

To complement festivities and cheers with the family or a group of friends, bring out these sakes and "kanpai!" all night.

The Junmai Dai Ginjo Chieno Mizu Sake is polished until 40% and aged for 3 years. The sake is recommended to be best consumed when cold or at room temperature for optimum flavours.

Sake that Pairs Well with Meat

Having a meal with meat or a barbecue party? Check out this selection of Japanese sakes.

The 3-Year Aged Yamahai Sake is a delicate sake that pairs very well with a variety of meats and barbecues. The mellow and deep notes of this sake are credited to its long-term maturation, turning a beautiful amber colour.

Sake that Pairs Well with Seafood

A selection of fresh seafood paired with a light Japanese sake is just the perfect combination. 

The Dai Ginjo Kisho Sake has been brewed with the perfect rice and polished to 50%, fermented with the brewery’s homemade yeast. It has a nice aroma and refreshing taste that is light and makes it easy to drink.

Dry Sake

If you are looking for a Japanese sake that isn’t too sweet, then go for dry sakes which tend to have a higher alcohol percentage and less sugar content.

The Dai Ginjo Takarayama Sake is a must-try for sake lovers, It has a refreshing flavour with fruity notes and a clean aftertaste.

Craft Beers

SAKE TO GO also offers a limited collection of craft beers on their e-commerce site. 

The Waku Waku Beer Pale Ale is made with homegrown six-row barley from Ishikawa, Japan. The well-balanced bitterness of the hops and malt goes great with any food, including sushi and other Japanese dishes.

Sake drinkers can also get SAKE TO GO on delivery platforms Redmart, Foodpanda, Grab Food and Deliveroo in selected areas in Singapore.