Runway Heroes: A Fashion Show With A Cause


Weeks ago, we were approached by Miriam Heatherich to see how Vanilla Luxury as a marketing agency could be of help to First Hand’s upcoming charity event. Emails were flying back and forth hence I decided to just give Miriam a call directly and I was blown away by her enthusiasm! It’s been a while since I last met someone with this much energy!

First Hand is a group of Singapore-based volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of children in Cambodia. We immediately knew we had to get on board as it was just such a great cause and before we know it, we had fashion brands such as Change Lingerie, Zalora, Firefly Boutique, Rouge, Covetella on board for the fashion show and had to do not 1 but 2 shows! #lovefashion

Miriam and Ceilidh were absolutely incredible in securing auction items from Tresor Galleria worth $30,000, Horse Racing Shares worth $7,500 thanks to the generosity of Premier Racing Partnerships and the list was endless. Our wonderful clients Stella Artois, Champagne G.H.Mumm, House of Sheens too got on board without hesitation the second we reached out.

These ladies sold out 60% of their tickets in less than a week which was absolutely mind-blowing. They were on top of everything, leading and managing their event from A to Z. They were pretty much ready 2 weeks prior to the event which was just spectacular.

The day of the event started real early at 8.30am. Our hair and make up sponsors, Pavo Hair Studio, Make-Up Store Singapore, Dutch Talent Management were getting all our models glammed up for the show while we were busy prepping the dressers who were student volunteers from MDIS Fashion and Design School.

What was hilarious was Miriam warning me about working with children models but my oh my were they fabulous. They absolutely knew their each and every change and were dressing themselves, taking full control like true professionals. We were absolutely impressed by their sheer intelligence.

Apart from fashion shows, we had both live auctions and silent auctions, all in hopes of raising funds for children who are vulnerable to trafficking.

It was a Friday very well spent and on behalf of First Hand, we would love to thank everyone who were involved in making this event possible.

Should you love to support First Hand and their efforts, please click here to find ( out how.