Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2021

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2021

Find out what’s cooking in our food paradise by checking out our list of new openings and menus at these restaurants and bars in Singapore


What’s cooking in Singapore’s vibrant F&B scene? We’ve rounded up the exciting new openings as well as new menu launches at some of our favourite restaurants and bars in Singapore.

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Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in February 2021


Located at Frasers Tower, Nusantara Singapore serves authentic Nusantara cuisine made healthier with no monosodium glutamate (msg), no preservatives, less oil and less sugar. 

Singaporean Muslim Chef Firdauz Nasir believes in using old school techniques with traditional Nusantara ingredients bought fresh from the local markets in Singapore so as to share this nostalgic cuisine with everyone.

Chef Firdauz is reviving recipes from his grandmother and mother through signature dishes such as Beef Rendang slow-cooked in spices; Ayam Masak Merah cooked with roasted candlenut; charcoal-grilled Belimbing Lamb shoulder with chilli and lime leaves; Ayam Kicap Buah Keluak and more.

Nusantara Singapore is also offering vegan and vegetarian dishes such as Nusa’s Longtong as well as sweet treats including crispy banana fritters and gula melaka mousse. For anyone who loves Indonesian cuisine and spice, you’ll be delighter to know they offer six different types of sambal!

Address: 182 Cecil Street #02-16/17, Frasers Tower, 069547

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in January 2021

Set of Six

From the team behind Binomio Spanish Restaurante, Set of Six is a new cocktail and dining lounge. Set of Six sets the diner on a journey that provides six discoveries for diners to experience crafted by highly skilled mixologists and a fine dining executive chef.

It’s a place to unwind and enjoy fine champagne, and six cocktails paired with six delectable dishes. Inspired by the novel “Set of Six” written by Joseph Conrad, the cocktail lounge brings to life Conrad’s experiences when he went to the sea at 17, and later when he sailed to Singapore as part of the crew of Captain James Craig from which Craig Road name takes after.

The journey starts with The Brute - Oysters with Sherry Foam and Spicy Tomato paired with Sailor’s Fate, a dark rum-based cocktail, and frankly what we think is the best pairing of the sets. Next comes the Gaspar Ruiz - Seabass ceviche with Sweet Potato and Popcorn in Tiger’s Milk paired with Blessed Earth, a drink spiked with tequila and grapefruit. Another highlight of the food menu is the Lobster and Fennel Ravioli with Bottarga, Uni and Caviar. The rest of the cocktails are on the sweeter side for our taste.

Go for the Insta-worthy decor and great music, stay for the Tripple Cooked Chips with Branston Sauce and a brilliant Mushroom Ketchup!

Address: 20 Craig Road, #01-01, Singapore 089692

The RITUAL Cafe & Bar

BOTANY's co-founder Cassandra Riene Tan has recently opened The RITUAL Cafe & Bar at Bukit Timah for those looking for a good brunch in Singapore and for those looking for a little self-love.

Stemmed from the belief in holistic wellness, the cafe invites spiritual seekers and like-minded individuals to learn from mental wellness advocates, coaches, industry experts and strong social advocates, also known as The RITUAL tribe leaders. They will be leading wellness programmes and experiences to better serve the community. Expect non-conformists and seemingly controversial topics such as mental wellness, sexuality, metaphysics and spirituality, alternative healing such as Ayurveda, herbal remedies, TCM and Reiki covered over knowledge-sharing and experiential sessions, workshops to casual mingling sessions.

The menu is designed to be simple, wholesome, and most importantly, inclusive with plant-based and gluten-free options. Noteworthy dishes include Madame’s Truffled Egg Croissant, Truffle Kombu Fries, Tofu Tempeh Fries, and The Impossible Mala Somen - homemade Szechuan sauce, garlic crumb, bak choy, somen, Impossible mince, and sous vide egg. Another highlight is the Beetroot Gravlax bagel with pickled beetroot and cream cheese

Of course, you’ll get coffee - Italian inspired house blends of high-quality coffee beans roasted locally that are bold and fruity in flavour sans the bitterness you get from an Italian roast due to the perfect mix of 85% arabica and 15% robusta roasted at just the right temperature.

Address: 383 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259727

Aditi Kashyap

09 Feb 2021, 10:00 AM

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