Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in 2021

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in September 2021

Find out what’s cooking in our food paradise by checking out our list of new openings and menus at these restaurants and bars in Singapore


What’s cooking in Singapore’s vibrant F&B scene? We’ve rounded up the exciting new openings as well as new menu launches at some of our favourite restaurants and bars in Singapore.

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Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in September 2021

SO/ Xperience

Can’t travel, so what? SO/ Singapore, in collaboration with Walima, bring us to exotic Morocco with the 'Marrakech at SO/' menu available from 16 to 30 September 2021 for lunch and dinner.

Reminiscent of the Moroccan “diffa” (feast), savour sumptuous and authentic Moroccan cuisine with the expert use of spices and herbs. The unveiling of the tajine during the meal is always a feast for the eyes. To enrich the flavours, the meat and vegetables are slow-braised with exotic spices woven into the dish, and is not completed without the sweetness subtly rendered by the caramelised onions and raisins, adding depth to the dish. The quintessential pyramid of couscous is slowly braised till perfection atop a meat and vegetable stew, tantalising with the hint of exotic spices. Rich ingredients, hearty and heavily spiced flavours and traditional desserts await.

Exclusively curated to pair well with the rich flavours of the Moroccan cuisine, exotic Moroccan-inspired cocktails await infused with spices including coriander seeds, turmeric powder and anise. Perfuming the air with its fresh fragrance, the Moroccan mint tea is a must during all meals, requiring time and patience involving the muddling of leaves, multiple pours to further infuse the flavours and is served piping hot to your table. An art in itself, catch a glimpse of the refined performance of mint tea.

Also available for home delivery!

The ANAORI kakugama at Colony, The Ritz-Carlton

Japanese brand ANAORI, a leader in manufacturing carbon graphite products, has developed a groundbreaking cooking tool that combines new technologies and natural materials in a unique design - the ANAORI kakugama.

Thanks to the properties of carbon graphite exploited by ANAORI kakugama, the cellular destruction of cooked ingredients is minimized and their original avor is concentrated. As a result, regardless of the source of heat and the mode of cooking, the essence of each ingredient is enhanced. Kakugama can be used for grilling, simmering, poaching, frying and steaming. Its dual-purpose lid locks in umami and can be used as a grilling pan.

At Colony, three dishes created by Executive Chef Massimo Pasquarelli with the ANAORI kakugama are featured in the restaurant’s new menu. They include: ANAORI Carbon Pu Walnut Bread, Ligurian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aged Balsamic Reduction; Black Vinegar Veal Ossobuco, braised in ANAORI Kagugama Carbon Pot; and ANAORI Kagugama Warm Chocolate Fondant, Organic Egg Mascarpone, Espresso Granita, Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream.

Colony’s three dishes expertly created in the ANAORI kakugama by Chef Pasquarelli offer a taste of and an insight into the gastronomic possibilities of cooking with this unique cooking tool designed for the professional chef as well as passionate home chefs.

The special menu will be available for Vintage Champagne Brunch at Colony until mid-November 2021.

Wild Child Pizzette by Cicheti

Wild Child centres its food menu around Neapolitan style pizzette which is typically used to reference smaller sized pizzas, a snug 10 inches to be exact. The heart and soul of each pizzetta are baked on a slow-fermented, Neapolitan style crust that starts with a traditional Italian pre-yeast Biga and undergoes two stages of fermentation that takes no less than 60 hours each time.

Departing from the traditional toppings that Cicheti’s pizzas are known for, Wild Child chooses to adopt a more modern flavour profile while remaining decidedly and authentically Italian. Playful variations such as Crispy Fried Margherita (S$21) unabashedly dunks the pizza dough into a deep fryer before topping it with creamy clouds of stracciatella, sweet bursts of semi-dried San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil and aged parmigiana. The Bikini is made with grass-fed beef, cheek marmalade with layers of taleggio and provolone that can be paired with their Pilsner from Garage Project, New Zealand.

Flavour bombs come in all forms—three, to be exact. A simple Marinara (S$15.50) packs its punch from Cicheti's famed "mother sauce", a hand-milled, slow-simmered house tomato sauce loaded with heaps of garlic. Old is spun into gold with Trio Formaggio (S$19), a three-cheese deviation from the traditional four-cheese classic that swaps out the funkiness of gorgonzola with taleggio’s mild, fruity tang, while caramelised onions lend an irresistible sweetness to every bite. On the other end of the spectrum, Spiniata Calabrese (S$19) is a feisty number named after a spicy salame from Calabria characterised by its fiery pepperoncino flavour and topped with a heavy-handed drizzle of Sichuan chilli honey.

For sweet endings, choose the Pecan Tart with Bourbon (S$13) and pair it with their organic whisky. You have to check out their very inclusive beverage list featuring the most beautiful wines, sakes, beers and even non-alcoholic beverages.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in August 2021

Jigger & Pony

Award-winning cocktail bar Jigger & Pony launches ‘A Decent Menu’, the fourth in a series of annual themed menuzines, which offers over 20 cocktails ranging from redefined classics and signature tipples to punch bowls for sharing — all curated for the experience of reconnecting with others.

Beyond being an accomplished drinks list from Singapore’s top bar, A Decent Menu is also an exploration of what it means to be decent today. The starting point: Revisiting the classics. Take for example the Old Fashioned, one of Jigger & Pony’s iconic serves. An elegant balance of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, demerara sugar and angostura bitters, this cocktail is served over block ice with a citrus wheel and maraschino cherry garnish. This finishing touch gets a twist depending on the season, with orange, lemon and lime swapping with hallabong (a Korean hybrid of mandarin from Jeju), kumquat, blood orange or even makrut lime.

The spirit of collaboration was the catalyst behind the Espresso Martini. A celebration of the wider world of craftsmanship that unites individuals across industries, this next-gen Espresso

Martini features Grey Goose Vodka, coffee flower honey, a cacao tuile and the exclusive PPP x Jigger & Pony Espresso Martini Blend. Then there is the Supermojito, Jigger & Pony’s version of the refreshing minty cocktail that originated in Havana, Cuba.

Humble kitchen ingredients take centre stage in A Decent Menu, a reminder that there is magic in the everyday. Think buttered popcorn, but better – so much better – in the Corn Colada that is a riff on the Piña Colada.

A reflection of Singapore’s unique mix of local and global citizens, Jigger & Pony’s team hails from different parts of the world. This diversity and mindset is celebrated in A Decent Menu in cocktails such as the Spumoni. Italy meets Japan in Singapore in Jigger & Pony’s interpretation with citrusy Nikka Coffey Gin and bittersweet Campari. A touch of France comes in refreshing Perrier Grapefruit for a zesty lift, while universal tonic water finishes this cocktail that offers a fresh take on the aperitif.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore presents a menu showcasing the best of Italian cuisine, specially created with the freshest seasonal produce and finest ingredients. And if you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll be delighted to see the wine chiller filled with hundreds of labels.

Recently appointed as the new Restaurant Chef, Niccoló Ferrazzani brings his passion for cooking to his gastronomic creations. Savour dishes such as Asparagi - marinated blanched white asparagus served with frisée salad, feta cheese, orange, aged balsamic vinegar.

For mains, choose between handmade pastas, risottos, and other dishes including roasted black chicken breast, pan-roasted wagyu beef, and seared cod fish.

End the meal on a sweet note with Dolce Vita’s signature Tiramisu or the exquisite Pan di spagna ai frutti do bosco - almond genoise tart, citrus marmalade, chantilly cream, seasonal berries, meringue sticks, and coconut lime ice cream.


MO BAR has launched a new weekend brunch menu topped with the personalised service for which MO BAR is renowned. Soak in the breathtaking views of Marina Bay while indulging in this delightful menu (S$98++ per person).

Whet your appetite as you start your dining experience with fresh succulent seafood, with selections of snow crab, Maine lobster, seasonal oysters and prawns. From there, pick three more from a plethora of sweet and savoury dishes from the different selections - Starters and Soups, Rice and Noodles, Main Courses and Sweets. Timeless favourites include Tiger Prawns, crisply cooked with curry leaves and masala mayo, Braised Angus Beef Cheek cooked to perfection in wine sauce, and Tagliatelle Tartufo, a pasta dish coated with creamy black truffle sauce and roasted mushrooms.

End on a sweet note with the sumptuous Gran Cru Chocolate, a 72% dark chocolate mousse that is everything to love. Further enhancing the experience is the option to top up (S$58++ per person) with free-flow champagne or sip on one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars’ bespoke cocktails.

Available on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 2.30pm.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in July 2021

The Butcher’s Wife

The Butcher’s Wife, a natural wine bar and kitchen in Tiong Bahru has launched a new all-day dining concept—stretching from 11.30am to 9.30pm every Tuesday to Sunday.

Continuing the success of the previous menu debuted by Brazil-born, Paris-trained head chef Mariana Campos, strong Brazilian influences continue to take precedence throughout the menu, while a new communal dining design has optimised all dishes to be easily shared amongst the table. The menu is further defined by a cooking from scratch philosophy that favours ingredients sourced from close to home, enlivened with a fervent fermentation know-how. The natural processes spurred by the introduction of wild yeasts guide the gut-friendly culinary affair are intended as the perfect complement to the bistro's natural-leaning wine programme curated by Drunken Farmer. This is all underscored by an unapologetic and creative disposition towards gluten-free cooking.

Have a taste of authentic Amazon living with homespun Brazilian cooking abound from “small shares” to “not so small shares” across the menu. Sago and Coconut Prawns (S$25) shines a different light on two household ingredients from Asia and Brazil. Sago is tossed with desiccated coconut to form a crunchy coat around the deep-fried prawns; and açai berries is whipped into a savoury mayonnaise to showcase a different side of the Amazonian superfood.

Moqueca ($37) is a traditional Brazilian seafood stew typically served in Brazil with farofa—a toasted cassava mixture— has been switched up with a toasted banana oats farofa that's inspired by Singapore's cereal prawns.

Desserts are offered in tropes found up and down the menu, from a classic Brazilian coffee break snack of Tapioca and Coconut Fudge (S$15) that's served with coffee ice cream churned in-house using Common Man Coffee Roasters beans; to Ice Cream "Magnums" (S$12), featuring chef Mariana's playful reimagination of the classic store-bought Magnum ice cream in an eclectic rotation of any two flavours at each time, such as miso with buckwheat and chocolate or mango purée ice cream coated with coconut milk.

For the most complete experience, opt for The Wife's Feast (S$60 per person), a curated selection of sharing plates for the table that's most representative of the different flavours, influences and textures found across the menu. Top up S$40 for a curation of three glasses of natural wines to pair with the meal.

Lady M Champagne Bar

Lady M introduces an exciting new boutique concept with Lady M Champagne Bar – the first of its kind globally! Located amidst luxury fashion houses in ION Orchard, the Champagne Bar offers tiered champagne sets, along with the returning Champagne Mille Crêpes.

Fashioned in reflective rose gold columns illuminated with custom-designed hanging lights, get ready to be whisked into grandeur and indulgence. The menu at Lady M Champagne Bar carries a full selection of cakes that are hand-made fresh daily with a house flair of French baking artistry and Japanese delicacy. Available by slices or in whole are an array of creations including its Signature Mille Crêpes (S$14) and flavoured variants of Green Tea (S$14), Rose (S$14) and Pistachio (S$16), alongside a display of cakes and individual pastries.

Making a comeback in conjunction as an exclusive is the Champagne Mille Crêpes (S$25) – a bubbly infused adaptation of Lady M’s signature, enlivened with hand-brushed layers of strawberry-laced pastry cream and finishing glitters of champagne gelee atop for a gentle intoxication.

Those seeking further satiation with savouries can now do so with a concise selection of appetisers and mains. New on the menu and also exclusive at the boutique is a Chilled Caviar Angel Hair (S$40) for umami twirls of angel hair pasta in house-made Shio Kombu dressing and finishing speckles of imported European caviar; and Creamy Lobster Fettucine (S$32) in a velvety base loaded with sustainably-caught wild Maine lobster chunks and fresh chives.

Rounding off the menu is a curation of beverages a focus on champagnes that are proudly showcased by the island counter. Categorised into Vintage and Multi-Vintage, selections are predominantly sourced from esteemed wineries with an emphasis on Bruno Paillard Champagnes that are regarded for their precise blending of vintages to deliver an elegant complexity.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Singapore

Following months of eager anticipation, Mr Holmes Bakehouse Singapore has officially reached our sunny island! Pastry lovers can expect to get “Baked in Singapore” at Pacific Plaza with a promise of buttery heaven through signature cruffins, croissants and other baked goodies that were trending all over social media. 

Being the trademark owners that kickstarted ‘Cruffin’ mania, it goes without saying that the opening menu revolves around a playful manipulation of its signature croissant dough. Hand-crafted daily with a mix of traditional techniques and house stylings, sheets of laminated dough are shaped into classic but boldly coloured Croissants (from S$4), or brand-synonymous Cruffins (all at S$5.80) that are essentially rolled hybrids baked in muffin trays.

Step into the bakehouse and you will be spoilt for choice at the glass display counter with an assortment of indulgent, cream-piped Cruffins – from Peanut Butter Milkshake that tastes just as decadent as it sounds, to a lady-finger crowned Tiramisu Cream for the coffee and sweet addicts. Offering a fruitier contrast is duo of Lemon Meringue Pie croissant that comes piped with lemon curd and a topping of torched meringue, and a Raspberry Hibiscus croissant with its tangy and floral delight of hibiscus curd, raspberry cream and finishing dresses of white chocolate shards and raspberry leather.

For those seeking a softer treat, a trio of brioche donuts are also available to sink your teeth into. Each loaded with a peep of pastry cream to hint of the stuffing beneath, donut lovers can select between classic choices of Chocolate and Strawberries and Cream, or a Plum Yuzu Jam (from S$5.80) for an oozy, tangy surprise. Rounding off the bakes are a concise selection of comforting Sweet Buns (from S$4), frangipane-topped Almond Apricot Bostock (S$5.80), Cookies (S$4) and a duo of danishes – Cheesecake Creme Brulee Danish (S$7) sports a tempting drizzle of white chocolate caramel, while the Jalapeno Bacon Danish (S$7) sits on the savoury and spiced end.

Club 5

PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s destination bar, Club 5, duly named for the fun that starts after 5pm, has a new and luxurious afternoon tea.

Take respite from the heat and treat yourself to this mid-day delight that is perfect to share with family and friends or colleagues and associates. Available till 30 December 2021, the gorgeous afternoon tea set is the perfect experience to soak in Club 5’s opulent splendour while enjoying a gourmet menu of sweet and savoury treats, coffee and TWG tea at S$58++ for two persons.

Look forward to dainty delights such as Charcoal Brioche Croissant with Salmon Gravlax and Caviar, Alaskan King Crab Au Gratin, Savoury Wild Mushroom Ragout Puff, Chicken Rendang Brioche, Mini Macarons, Red Cheese Tart, Coconut Exotic, Orange Jivara and Pandan Lamington.

To further enhance the afternoon tea experience and to kick-start happy hour, you can opt for the 'Social Hour Indulgence' for additional drinks from the bar – including Club 5's signature cocktails, mocktails, wines and beers at special prices.

Available from Tuesday to Saturday, the 'Luxurious Club 5 Afternoon Tea' will be served from 2pm to 4pm.

Greenwood Fish Market

The 9th World Oyster Festival is back from 1 to 31 July 2021! 26 varieties of live oysters will be flown in from across the globe into the three restaurants of Greenwood Fish Market. From hand-sized Barron Points to elusive Belon “OOO”s, explore the world through your palette at this one-stop oyster crawl. Experience different merroirs through a la carte varietals or, in S$99.95++ Tasting Platters with eight pairs of the chef’s selection.

New varieties include Fat Bastard, Shigokus, and Taylors Jumbo from the US as well as Pink Moons from Canada. Aside from customised oyster packaging, the experience is made uniquely #GFM with oyster tags, an oyster map to visualise the globe-trotting journey, and a journal for you to write tasting notes.

The event is available for dine-in, takeaways, and online orders with islandwide deliveries or pick-up.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in June 2021

Permata Singapore

As dining-in resumes in Singapore, Permata Singapore has redesigned its Nusantara buffet menu to bring you a plethora of Malay and Indonesian dishes. Nusantara in old Javanese terms literally means “outer islands”, the maritime name of Southeast Asia. In the Indonesian or Malay language, it is often translated as ‘archipelago’.

Executive Chef Firdauz Nasir has put together an affordable Nusantara buffet menu for two. Start with a selection of appetisers to choose from which includes a Chilled Seafood Platter, Kerabu Salads, Roti Jala, Soup and Noodle of the Day, Chicken & Mutton Satay, Cemil-Cemilan Platter that goes well with Permata’s hand-pounded sambals.

Mains feature Permata Singapore’s signature Wagyu Beef Rendang, Ayam Binjai, Belimbing Lamb, Tempoyak Ikan Patin and Udang Lemak Nenas which is served with Blue Pea Rice or Hom Mali White Rice.

Grilled dishes include Danging Bakar (Marinated Roast Beef), Itik Bakar (Roasted Duck), Ayam Percik (Grilled Spring Chicken), Tiram Bakar (Grilled Oysters), Ikar Bakar (Grilled Sea Bass), Grilled Prawns, Pulut Panggang (Glutinous Rice Stuffed With Grated Coconut) and Vegetables. All grilled dishes are accompanied by Lemang and Nasi Impit.

Treat yourself to a selection of Kuehs, Fruits, Buah Keluak Brownies, Western Desserts and free-flow of Soft Drinks, Juices, Coffee and Tea.

Mon - Thu: Lunch at S$42++, and Dinner at S$52++ per person

Fri, Sat, and Sun: Lunch at S$48++, and Dinner at S$58++ per person

Reservations are highly recommended via or by calling (+65) 9082 9941.


Located at Robertson Quay, Persian restaurant Shabestan Singapore has launched an all-new Middle-Eastern set lunch menu. This 3-course menu is priced at S$48++ which includes a mezze that is served with freshly made Persian bread, a choice of main course and dessert of the day.

Must-try mezze includes their signature Hummus, Shirazi Salad, Zeytoon Parvadeh, and Muhammara. Mains include their best-selling Mixed Kubideh Kebab, Shah Pasand Chicken, Ghormeh Sabzi, and Javaher Polo with Chicken.

If you’re planning on a celebratory lunch, add on S$40++ for a 2-hour free-flow of Prosecco, Wines, Beers, and Spirits.

Reservations can be made online or by calling (+65) 9446 7195.


One of Singapore's favourite rooftop bars and restaurants, CÉ LA VI reopens with a menu featuring sharing-friendly dishes, all incorporating flavours and ingredients from across Asia.

A diverse array of small sharing plates is on offer with highlights including Marinated Big Eye Tuna accented with Sudachi ponzu, orange segments, pistachio and avocado; the fresh and creamy Momotaro Tomato & Burrata Salad drizzled with XO sauce and opal basil vinaigrette and served with furikake focaccia; and Grilled Freemantle Octopus with Taiwanese glaze and green chilli-coriander coulis.

The premium sharing plate most prominently features a 1kg Rice Flake Crusted Whole Lobster (S$228) accompanied by bell pepper and pineapple fricassee with Chinese Sausage and sour-spicy ginger reduction. Yum, yum, yum!

Features of the dessert menu include the beautifully assembled Hibiscus Opera layered with almond joconde, earl grey cremeux, hibiscus jelly and hibiscus cacao sorbet; Pandan Gāteau served with pandan frangipane, coconut rice pudding, pandan mousse and soursop sorbet; and the refreshing Key Lime Pearls served with vanilla almond cake, coconut crumble, key lime curd and Margarita gel and foam.

Reservations can be made via the website, by phone at (+65) 6508 2188 or by email at [email protected].

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in April 2021

Tiffin Room x Meatsmith Little India

In collaboration with fusion American smokehouse Meatsmith Little India, Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore invites guests to a culinary spread, featuring an imaginative combination of authentic North Indian specialities alongside Indian-accented southern American barbecue delights.

Available from 23 April to 6 May 2021 for both lunch and dinner, and jointly presented by Chef Kuldeep Negi of Tiffin Room and Kurt Sombero, Head Chef, Meatsmith Little India, the curated menu features signature dishes from both chefs.

Guests can look forward to new dishes presented alongside well-loved favourites from Tiffin Room, which are known for their masterful traditional cooking techniques using the tandoor, while tasting Chef Sombero’s eclectic and unique method of cooking with wood and fire, using the best ingredients from the local Tekka Market and around the world.

Revel in a curated selection of North Indian specialities including Lamb Chop Masala, Chicken Curry, and creamy Tiffin Dal Makhani, accompanied by an assortment of Naan, all presented in Tiffin Room’s signature tiffin box. Savour a taste of modern Indian-inspired barbecue dishes such as a delicately spiced Cured Fish Biryani Nigiri, Ikura Papadum, and Curried Granita Carabinero, an intriguing dish of Carabinero prawn with cauliflower purée with smoky, curried granita for a finishing touch.

For vegetarian alternatives, guests can indulge in refreshing Tandoori Leek and Curried Granita, crispy Roasted Vegetable Papadum, as well as classic North Indian delights such as Paneer Masala, gourmet Subz Pulaoand more.

Address: Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673

Heart of Darkness

Award-winning craft beer brewery Heart of Darkness from Saigon, Vietnam, rolls out an expanded food menu with tasty new sharing plates, tapas, meat, tacos and a much more diverse drinks menu.

Known for their extensive beer offerings – ranging from core brews to seasonal and collaborative offerings with local, regional and global craft breweries – Heart of Darkness has recently introduced new food additions that blend regional Asian cuisine with American soul food.

For starters try the Fruits and Vegetables Platter - an innovative take on Vietnamese rice paper rolls, filled with a combination of fruits and Japanese rice or vegetables and noodles. The crispy Fresh Calamari is a must-try - a whole squid dusted with flour sitting on a bed of sriracha mayo.

For something heartier try the IPA Crispy Prok Belly that has been marinated for 3 days in beer, sous vide overnight and deep-fried till crispy, served with homemade chilli. Looking for a seafood option? The unassuming Pan Seared Barramundi with tomato confit puree is a burst of flavours.

With 20 taps filled with Heart of Darkness’ own creative brews and up to 5 taps dedicated to local breweries and special collaborations, the venue continues to push the boundaries of craft beer in the region while nurturing the next generation of brewers in Singapore. Award-winning favourites such as Dream Alone Pale Ale, Futile Purpose Cucumber Pilsner and Director’s Cacao Nib Porter are paired with an ever-changing limited release menu that is updated every couple of days.

Address: 1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109

Drunken Farmer

Common Man Stan by day, Drunken Farmer by night. The travelling natural wine bar, consultancy and merchant by Spa Esprit Group has finally traded in the nomadic life for a new brick-and-mortar home in Telok Ayer.

Every Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm to 10.30pm, the cafe transforms into a natural wine bar and bistro that celebrates the concept of terroir through age-old techniques that take guests back to the natural way of making food and wine – from the ground up. Chef de cuisine Paul Albert showcases a sourdough-focused menu with a minimal waste philosophy, with pairings of natural wines sourced all the way from Europe to South America, curated by wine expert, Eduardo Bayo.

Illuminated by vibrant neon signs, Japanese Noren curtains, printed roller blinds featuring visuals of kung-fu masters, and projections of vintage silent cinema splashed across the room, Drunken Farmer guarantees a good time. 

If you love your carbs (or even if you don’t), the Sourdough “Couvert” loaves made using a 159-year-old starter, along with house churned butter, pickles fermented from scratch and smoked Maldon salt is so worth it! Locally sourced goat’s milk fresh from the farm is turned into a creamy cheese daily and accompanies organic heirloom tomatoes in the Heirloom Tomatoes – all tied together with basil oil made using fresh basil plucked from Open Farm Community’s garden.

Stealing the spotlight is the rotating selection of sourdough pizzas that each begins with a stiffer sourdough base and takes about 30 hours of fermentation to bring about a chewy, airy crust and an assertive tang reminiscent of the Neapolitan style that would work just as well with a classic Margherita as it would a combination as intriguing as Ricotta and Dried Tomatoes.

Complementing the food menu is an exciting arsenal of over 80 natural, organic, biodynamic and sustainably farmed labels sourced straight from winemakers from France, Italy, Chile and Spain, some of which exclusively imported by Drunken Farmer.

Address: 11 Stanley Street, Singapore 068730

MO BAR Afternoon Tea

MO BAR at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore has relaunched its popular Afternoon Tea.

You can choose from 19 different types of rare teas sourced from Asia’s famous tea-growing regions. Following the bar’s recognition as one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars last year, MO BAR’s current cocktail menu offers a creative selection of regionally inspired drinks. Our personal favourites include Thunder, Panacea, Milkyway, and Instagram-worthy Sarimanok.

With the food selection on offer refreshed frequently, you can look forward to new flavours each time you visit. Till June, you can expect an afternoon tea set that includes a refreshing palate cleanser of Lemongrass Pineapple Granita with Coconut Kaffir Emulsion followed by savoury bites - Potato with Citrus Mayo and Chicken Floss, Black Truffle Egg Mimosa Kueh Pie Tee with Chives, Maine Lobster Brioche with Ikura, and more.

From the selection of sweet treats on offer, the highlight has got to be the Baked Soft Cheesecake with vanilla creme fraiche - ooh so good! What afternoon tea is complete without the quintessential scones? MO BAR offers scones in both vanilla and chocolate, complemented by jam, marmalade and cream. Finish off on a sweet note with milk and white chocolate pralines.

MO BAR’s Afternoon Tea is available daily from 3pm to 5pm at S48++ per person and S$88++ for 2 persons. The indulgence set includes one of MO BAR’s signature cocktails at S$65++ or a glass of “R” de Ruinart Champagne S$68++.

Address: 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797

Tiong Bahru Bakery Foothills

Beloved local French bakery, Tiong Bahru Bakery, known for its oven-fresh croissants and quality pastries baked with premium French ingredients and time-honoured techniques, has set foot at the historic Fort Canning Hill.

Staying true to their philosophy of respecting heritage by freshly baking everything by hand every 2 hours, guests can look forward to yet another spot to indulge in the crusty, buttery and sweet laminated rings of Kouign-Amann. An “open concept” kitchen at the back—a first for the French bakery—also allows you to admire the artisans hard at work.

An outdoor patio welcomes those who wish to enjoy al fresco dining or an outdoor picnic perfectly complemented by Tiong Bahru Bakery Foothills’ Picnic Bundles comprising an assortment of bakes, salads and beverages to choose from, complete with a customised picnic bag and take-out TBB dining sets for convenience. The area is pet-friendly too!

Exclusive to this new outlet are the handcrafted Sourdough Croissant with a creamy and crunchy crémeux praline filling; Nutmeg Teh Halia - our local favourite ginger tea gently perfumed with the spice, a nod to Singapore’s earlier plantations; and Sourdough Kvass - a sweet, sparkling and refreshing Eastern European beverage from as early as the Middle Ages that's brewed with sourdough yeast. Possibly the OG non-alcoholic beverage.

Address: The Foot Hills [Fort Canning Park], 70 River Valley Road, #01-05, S179037

Pâtisserie CLÉ

Pâtisserie CLÉ has launched its second outlet, tucked within the idyllic Lucky Heights neighbourhood in Bedok. It is a refreshed concept where fans can head to and indulge in tarts and entremets as well as a new selection of viennoiseries.

Founded by local pastry chefs Germaine Li and Joy Chiam to realise their approach to French desserts, you are promised sweet and savoury French classics such as croissants, pain au chocolat and apple mille-feuille.

Also on offer are unique creations - the Lucky Clover, a fortuitous twist on puff pastry swirls with generous sprinkles of fragrant spring onion, garlic and bacon; the Truffle Ziggy, a savoury bite filled with truffle cream, wild mushrooms, arugula, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese; and the highly-popular Orh Blanc Tart, a curious fusion of the French Mont Blanc dessert and orh nee.

The Gentleman, a seductive whiskey-soaked chocolate sponge cake with cashew nut brittle, chocolate mousse and a rich coat of dark chocolate and whiskey ganache, steals the spotlight for us.

Address: 79 Lucky Heights, Singapore 467627

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in March 2021


Dempsey Hill welcomes a new dining destination, MOONBOW, helmed by celebrated local chef Heman Tan. With over 38 years of culinary experience, chef Heman seamlessly merges his love for Asian ingredients and Western cooking techniques.

Savour an array of delicious starters such as the Garden of Escargot with fresh micro cress, truffle gelato, lychee pearl, mushroom soil, and mashed edamame. Try the delicate and refreshing Moonbow Oyster Bay featuring Fine de Claire oysters served with oyster leaves, yuzu gel, cucumber pearl, and yuzu granita.

Follow the starters with their heartwarming Jerusalem Artichoke soup, served with 64 Degrees Sous Vide Egg, Caviar, and Sunchoke Chips.

Another highlight is The Salmon Fish & Chips at MOONBOW which is served in an English Picnic Luggage. The Fish & Chips are served with Mashed Edamame, Potato “Rock”, Honey Mustard Dips, and Tartar Dips.

Address: Block 10 Dempsey Road, #01-21, Singapore 247700

Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde has launched a new menu featuring a selection of dishes that tap on the southeast Asian love for unpretentious food with sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavour combinations.

Try the Gula Melaka Top Shell whose heady tangy flavours pair naturally with alcohol. The conch brine is first reduced then flavoured with fresh citrus juices and gula Melaka. The syrup is then spiked with chilli padi and sliced raw shallots. Have as a snack or with a bowlful of hot rice for a heartier meal.

Familiar local favourites are made new at Jekyll & Hyde such as the Chilli Crab Nachos. The sweet and spicy dip – inspired by what is arguably the best part of Singapore’s iconic chilli crab dish, the sauce – is luxed up with deep sea wild crabmeat and ikura.

Jekyll’s Kurobuta Fried Carrot Cake hits the spot after a big night out. An elevated version of the classic hawker dish, it is the ultimate late-night supper food served almost like a pizza – to it is easily eaten and shared. Housemade sambal floss is served on the side.

Our favourite cocktail was PB & J - peanut butter washed Bulliet Bourbon, Rinomato, orange peel infused Cinzano bianco. The drinks menu also features classic cocktails, spirits, and punch bowls that are perfect for sharing with friends on a fun night out.

Address: 74 Neil Road, Singapore 088839, Singapore

Kinki Restaurant + Bar

From one Japanese icon to another, the beloved sumo (previously the muse at Kinki) passes on his legacy to the Geisha who’s set on blazing the trail at the newly revamped Kinki Restaurant + Bar.

Ascend to Level Three at this rooftop bar with spectacular views of Marina Bay. The ‘Kinki Rockstar’ cocktail line-up features new handcrafted classic cocktails with a twist, such as Geisha-Rita, Kinki’s take on the margarita with Ocho Blanco tequila, Nigori umeshu, and freshly cracked pepper instead of salt making all the difference.

On Level Two, the doors open to a modern Japanese tea house. Kinki’s food stays true to authentic Japanese cuisine but is presented in an Instagram-worthy creative new light. Always popular is the signature ‘Rock and Roll’ maki; with special mention for the AC/DC Dynamite, a tempura-fried mixed seafood roll capped by a slice of Japanese cucumber with fresh raw seafood and avocado. Add homemade Sriracha sweet soy and this dish is an explosion of flavours.

New bedfellows on the menu are the Corn Duo and Grilled Squid Chimichurri. Get your fix of this a-maizing appetiser where baby corn is mixed with corn puree and tossed with furikake bits, and on the side, there’s a sriracha mayo sauce for a mild spicy kick. The charcoal-grilled squid is one to go with drinks. Smokey and tender, dip the squid into a perfectly balanced sweet and sour sauce of coriander, lime juice, green and red chilli – THE combination in our opinion.

Address: 70 Collyer Quay, #02-02 Customs House, Singapore 049323

Monti Rooftop Bar Presents No Strings Attached

Monti Rooftop Bar has made free-flow into a daily affair. From Monday through Sunday, enjoy a 2-hour free flow of prosecco, wines, selected spirits & beers with the stunning view of Marina Bay Singapore. Priced at $58++ on Sundays to Thursdays and $68++ on Fridays and Saturdays, there are two time slots available to choose from: 5pm to 7pm or 7pm to 9pm.

Must-try bites when you're there by Chef Felix Chong are their Grilled Steak Bites (S$27++), Spaghetti Aglio Olio Prawns (S$20++),  Truffle Pizza (S$30++), and for vegetarians, you have the Margherita Pizza with Burratina (S$26++) and Fried Caprese (S$16++) that are both equally delicious.

Address: 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327

Smoke Lab Vodka

India’s first homegrown premium craft vodka SMOKE LAB VODKA has made its official debut here in Singapore.

SMOKE LAB VODKA is made using pure Himalayan spring water and locally sourced superior-quality Basmati rice. The only vodka in India crafted with Basmati rice, this unique grain was chosen as the base for two reasons: Basmati is intrinsically linked to the brand’s homeland of India, and lends a distinctive crisp, pure flavour and unique floral aromas to the spirit. The Basmati rice used in the production of SMOKE LAB VODKA is cultivated in close proximity to the distillery to ensure freshness and to support local farmers.

Once harvested, it undergoes a traditional five-step distillation process and is finished in an ultra-modern two-step Sparkle Filtration system, creating a soft, clean and smooth finish.

Comprising two variants – the ultra-pure SMOKE LAB VODKA Classic (40% ABV) and the aromatic SMOKE LAB VODKA Aniseed (37.5% ABV), the former boasts fresh nutty aromas and hints of citrus fruits, while the latter, which is a playful exploration of a much-loved Indian herb, offers a delicate mix of fennel and liquorice notes.

 The distilleries utilise renewable sources of energy that contribute back to the electric grid, while ensuring that water is always reused and never wasted as part of the brand’s zero waste ethos.

Smoke Lab Vodka is available as cocktails and retailed at the following bars and restaurants island-wide in Singapore: The Old Man Singapore, Butcher Boy, Kafe Utu, Kizuna, Lime House,  Maduro, The Elephant Room, and The Nomads.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in February 2021


Located at Frasers Tower, Nusantara Singapore serves authentic Nusantara cuisine made healthier with no monosodium glutamate (msg), no preservatives, less oil and less sugar. 

Singaporean Muslim Chef Firdauz Nasir believes in using old school techniques with traditional Nusantara ingredients bought fresh from the local markets in Singapore so as to share this nostalgic cuisine with everyone.

Chef Firdauz is reviving recipes from his grandmother and mother through signature dishes such as Beef Rendang slow-cooked in spices; Ayam Masak Merah cooked with roasted candlenut; charcoal-grilled Belimbing Lamb shoulder with chilli and lime leaves; Ayam Kicap Buah Keluak and more.

Nusantara Singapore is also offering vegan and vegetarian dishes such as Nusa’s Longtong as well as sweet treats including crispy banana fritters and gula melaka mousse. For anyone who loves Indonesian cuisine and spice, you’ll be delighter to know they offer six different types of sambal!

Address: 182 Cecil Street #02-16/17, Frasers Tower, 069547

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore: New Menus and Openings in January 2021

Set of Six

From the team behind Binomio Spanish Restaurante, Set of Six is a new cocktail and dining lounge. Set of Six sets the diner on a journey that provides six discoveries for diners to experience crafted by highly skilled mixologists and a fine dining executive chef.

It’s a place to unwind and enjoy fine champagne, and six cocktails paired with six delectable dishes. Inspired by the novel “Set of Six” written by Joseph Conrad, the cocktail lounge brings to life Conrad’s experiences when he went to the sea at 17, and later when he sailed to Singapore as part of the crew of Captain James Craig from which Craig Road name takes after.

The journey starts with The Brute - Oysters with Sherry Foam and Spicy Tomato paired with Sailor’s Fate, a dark rum-based cocktail, and frankly what we think is the best pairing of the sets. Next comes the Gaspar Ruiz - Seabass ceviche with Sweet Potato and Popcorn in Tiger’s Milk paired with Blessed Earth, a drink spiked with tequila and grapefruit. Another highlight of the food menu is the Lobster and Fennel Ravioli with Bottarga, Uni and Caviar. The rest of the cocktails are on the sweeter side for our taste.

Go for the Insta-worthy decor and great music, stay for the Tripple Cooked Chips with Branston Sauce and a brilliant Mushroom Ketchup!

Address: 20 Craig Road, #01-01, Singapore 089692

The RITUAL Cafe & Bar

BOTANY's co-founder Cassandra Riene Tan has recently opened The RITUAL Cafe & Bar at Bukit Timah for those looking for a good brunch in Singapore and for those looking for a little self-love.

Stemmed from the belief in holistic wellness, the cafe invites spiritual seekers and like-minded individuals to learn from mental wellness advocates, coaches, industry experts and strong social advocates, also known as The RITUAL tribe leaders. They will be leading wellness programmes and experiences to better serve the community. Expect non-conformists and seemingly controversial topics such as mental wellness, sexuality, metaphysics and spirituality, alternative healing such as Ayurveda, herbal remedies, TCM and Reiki covered over knowledge-sharing and experiential sessions, workshops to casual mingling sessions.

The menu is designed to be simple, wholesome, and most importantly, inclusive with plant-based and gluten-free options. Noteworthy dishes include Madame’s Truffled Egg Croissant, Truffle Kombu Fries, Tofu Tempeh Fries, and The Impossible Mala Somen - homemade Szechuan sauce, garlic crumb, bak choy, somen, Impossible mince, and sous vide egg. Another highlight is the Beetroot Gravlax bagel with pickled beetroot and cream cheese

Of course, you’ll get coffee - Italian inspired house blends of high-quality coffee beans roasted locally that are bold and fruity in flavour sans the bitterness you get from an Italian roast due to the perfect mix of 85% arabica and 15% robusta roasted at just the right temperature.

Address: 383 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259727