Postpartum Hair Loss? Here's the Solution You Have Been Waiting For

Postpartum Hair Loss? Here's the Solution You Have Been Waiting For

Looking for a quick solution to that postpartum hair fall? We have the answer.

Remember your maternity photoshoot? Everyone was envious of you. It wasn’t only because of the little bundle of joy, you looked gorgeous. Your face glowed, your skin was perfect and your hair was perfect. Thick, voluminous and beautiful hair. You couldn’t stop touching your hair, could you? It was as perfect as it could get.

A few weeks or months after delivery it’s the opposite! Your face looks dull probably because of the lack of sleep. You have eruptions and redness on the skin. And your hair! Your hair seems to have been affected the worst. Every time you wash your hair clumps of it seems to be shedding. You may start noticing bald patches too! It’s a nightmare!

Welcome to the postpartum body. From hair to shoe size everything is changed. Thankfully, some of these changes are permanent and some can be overcome with minor lifestyle changes. Hair loss is one of them.

The cause of postpartum hair loss is quite complex. It may be a mixture of hormonal, nutritional and emotional changes. During pregnancy, there is a high level of estrogen in your body. This hormone is responsible for the slowing Anagen (the growing phase), and a shorter Catagen (the resting stage). This causes increased hair growth and less hair loss. Post-delivery, the estrogen levels fall. This leads to a shorter growing phase and a longer resting phase. This causes increased hair loss. Another cause of hair loss could be vitamin or mineral deficiencies. We take extra precautions and care of ourselves during pregnancy. Post-delivery it’s all about the little one. At times, we neglect ourselves! Post-delivery our levels of stress increases. There are just too many things to handle and too many things to do!

Postpartum Hair Loss? Here's the Solution You Have Been Waiting For

Now that we know the problem, let’s try to solve it! A few websites suggest that mothers should change their hair style to cover up the hair loss or maybe get a new haircut. They even suggest elaborate home remedies for it. These websites do not realise that a new mother has no time! She is busy caring for her little one. There are so many changes happening in her life, why would she want another drastic one?

There is an easier way to tackle post-partum hair loss. Just change your shampoo. BioRoyale GroBack Shampoo reduces hair loss and helps you to get back those abundant and beautiful hairs you had during pregnancy. It is natural and has no harmful chemicals so it will not harm you and indirectly your baby. It has natural ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals. It stimulates the hair roots and increases the blood circulation to the scalp. This revives the scalp and hair roots which promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss!

So don’t change your hair style just change your shampoo! One small change to a happier motherhood!

Rati Bhargava

12 Dec 2016, 10:00 AM
A qualified doctor by profession, I am currently conducting market research - a passion I love to pursue. I enjoy reading and travelling. I love smiling and spreading smiles all around me.