Little Bearnie: Why #Instagram Moms Are Loving This Baby Gifting Brand in Singapore?

Little Bearnie: Why Instagram Moms Are Loving This Baby Gifting Brand in Singapore?

Here’s why stylish baby gifting and essentials brand Little Bearnie is loved by Instamoms in Singapore!


Looking for that perfect baby gift in Singapore? Or perhaps you are in the market for stylish baby essentials for your little ones! Little Bearnie is Singapore’s very own baby gifting and essentials brand that started out as a quest for sourcing unique baby products. The result of years of research and design endeavours, Little Bearnie was created to offer the most stylish teething accessories and gifts for babies that we love.

Turns out, we aren't alone! Plenty of moms on Instagram have been raving about this modern baby gifting brand too. We take a peek at their Instagram accounts and tell you exactly why moms in Singapore are loving this baby brand!


Customisable and Soothing Baby Gifts!

Little Bearnie’s teething accessories are made using 100% food-grade silicone and toxic-free materials. Designed with a textured surface and high-quality materials to help in soothing teething pain, these silicone teethers are safe and stylish!

Mum f4ustina says: “Recently at 8 months old, @atlas.ho started teething and he is always reaching out for things to chew to soothe his gums. This is when we have @littlebearnie teethers to the rescue and they are our favourites!

Its textured surface is able to alleviate teething pain and it is also non-toxic. Can’t deny that their super cute designs are why we are always reaching out for their teethers the most.”


The Little Ones love these Baby Essentials!

We already know how Little Bearnie creates designs and products for babies that stand out in a sea of mass-market brands. From teethers, swaddles, baby gift bundle sets to bibs and educational toys, all of your baby essential needs are sorted. 

What’s more, the little ones love them too! You’ll often find babies using Little Bearnie’s teethers as soothers and forever companions. 

Mama lovejacq says, “This face. Solo parenting for a week as @tweish went for reservist. She naps for 1 hour odd each time and feed, play, sleep, repeat. Sometimes when I can’t think of any other new activities to play with her, I can just put her on the mat and throw her a teether and she can entertain herself for a long time. Thank you for being nice to me so far still.

Quote <JACQ10> for 10% off these cute @littlebearnie teethers! Perfect as gifts, to match an outfit or simply because it’s too cute.”


Match All Clothing

In a sea of bright colours, it's hard to find baby essentials or gifts that don’t clash with outfits. That’s why many mums in Singapore speak so highly of Little Bearnie’s baby accessories. Made in the most beautiful pastel shades, these will match any and every outfit that your baby owns!

Mama gailsgeneration says, “Nothing more precious than your gummy (now toothy) smiles. Love this cute Shiba teether from @littlebearnie! Easy to grip with a lovely coral shade to boot. Matches every clothing. If you click into #gailxlittlebearnie hashtag, you’ll see how much Sora has grown.”

Non-toxic and can withstand cleaning

Don’t you love baby essentials such as teethers or bibs that are easy to clean? Little Bearnie’s baby teethers are made of 100% food grade silicone material and are BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate, Cadmium and Lead Free. Washable with soap and water, these can even be chilled in the refrigerator to provide timely, added relief! 

Mummy raves about their teethers and silicone bibs! “It's didi's turn to began teething! Didi is a very cheeky and cheerful baby! But when come to teething, it’s another level of fussiness.

⁣Kaysen has been taking anything and everything to chew on. Thankfully, @littlebearnie teethers are non-toxic, made of 100% silicone that can withstand high heat for sterilization, and does not chip off easily.

⁣As Kaysen explores solid food, the cute silicon bib from @littlebearnie as well does an excellent job at keeping it clean by catching all the food that drops from his mouth.⁣

⁣It's easy to clean because of the material too! Simply wash in soap water then hang to dry.”


Perfect for Baby Showers or Baby Gifts - They Make the Best Instagram Photos!

Want to buy practical yet beautiful options for baby shower gifts or as presents for pregnant friends? You’ll find a range of baby gifting options including teethers, Boba swaddles and silicon bibs. You can also buy Little Bearnie’s Silicone Teething Necklaces or Teething Bangles that are handmade with a mixture of high quality and curated silicone beads material. Perfect as a chewable teethers for babies or a stylish accessory for mom!

Mum ophiliasoliano writes, “Avery enjoying his Lovely Llama teether clip set from @littlebearnie kept him entertained for a good 30 mins while I just chilled and took photos of him. Love you little munchkin. Teethers that please -100% food grade and BPA free.”


If you’d like to buy muslin swaddles as a baby gift instead, take a look at the range of dreamy soft muslin blankets on Little Bearnie that come in fun and colourful designs. From lemons, avocados, rainbow, unicorns, sweet bunny’s, Dinoland, planets, llamas and even sushi prints, these unique muslin wraps will make a beautiful addition to any baby’s accessories.

Mummy Sherixberi also adores Little Bearnie. “Baby Leia is at the stage where she’s putting everything in her mouth and so we’ve started giving her teethers from @littlebearnie ! I feel more at ease knowing that she’s chomping down on a product that’s safe (100% food grade and BPA free) to put in her mouth!”

Little Bearnie is a homegrown baby brand in Singapore that is known for their Instagram-worthy teething accessories, teething necklaces, teething bangles and personalised teething clips - all a rage with new mums in the city. For more information check out Little Bearnie's modern teething accessories at or at Mothercare outlets, Nichebabies, Bumwear and Tadbebe.

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