Illumia Medical: Aesthetic Doctor Recommended Treatments For Better Skin and Hair This Season

Illumia Medical: Aesthetic Doctor Recommended Treatments For Better Skin and Hair This Season

We spoke to the doctors at aesthetic clinic Illumia Medical, on the best treatments for your skin, hair loss, eye bags and more


Hands up if you want the best skin and hair all year round! If you are constantly on the hunt for aesthetic treatments or are looking for a top aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we recommend Illumia Medical.

More than just an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, Illumia Medical is known to continuously push the standards of medical aesthetics in the country. We’ve also seen them often recommended for a range of industry-leading aesthetic treatments – just take a look at their stellar Google Reviews! Thoughtfully designed, their treatments work with clinically proven technologies from all over the world to deliver solutions across a myriad of skin and hair issues. 

We recently spoke to the lead team at Illumia Medical for the recommended non-invasive procedures to counter ageing skin, hair fall, eye bags and more. Read on to find out what they recommended and why you need to make that appointment pronto!

Vanilla Luxury: Tell us about Illumia Medical, the management and doctors that make it one of the top aesthetic clinics in Singapore?

Illumia Medical: The Medical Director at Illumia Medical, Dr Ram Nath is a veteran in the field of aesthetic medicine with over 20 years of experience. He is a known figure in Singapore for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, such as skin and facial enhancement, as well as body contouring.

Alongside him is Medical Doctor Dr Ong Xiangning, who specialises in the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of dermatological conditions. With her astute eye for beauty, Dr Ong strives to deliver natural-looking results via minimally invasive injectables such as face fillers, nose and chin sculpting, Botox, HIFU facelift and face slimming procedures. 

Together as a team, they work with industry experts and modern technologies to bring Singapore innovative aesthetic solutions.

Vanilla Luxury: What is a non-invasive anti-ageing aesthetic treatment you would recommend to customers in Singapore? 

Illumia Medical: One of the first signs of ageing is the laxity of skin. As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin over time and that leads to droopy and saggy skin. To address this skin laxity, Illumia Medical’s medical director Dr Ram Nath developed the DuoLift™ Face & Neck that treats and eliminates these early symptoms of ageing on your face and neck, without surgery.

The treatment works across several layers of the skin and is a mix of two powerful aesthetic treatments. DuoLift™ combines a HIFU facelift and PDO thread lifts to deliver a natural enhancement to the face as well as the neck area.

Should you be wary of new treatments, know that the DuoLift™ has been fine-tuned by Dr Ram over 20 years to achieve satisfactory results in a shorter frame of time, without surgery.

Vanilla Luxury: When it comes to hair, do you have any non-invasive anti-hair loss options to recommend?

Illumia Medical: Yes, there’s plenty you can do to enhance your hair growth before opting for a hair transplant. The minimally invasive Hair Booster Treatment at Illumia Medical, is an effective solution that stops hair loss in its tracks and stimulates hair growth. A non-invasive procedure, the Hair Booster Treatment helps to improve blood circulation to the scalp, thereby reviving and nourishing your hair and its follicles.

Specially formulated with 56 medically backed active ingredients, it contains amino acids that improve strength and elasticity, and vitamins and biomimetic peptide complexes to promote density and hair regrowth. Furthermore, it is known to stimulate hair growth naturally in both men and women, allowing for thicker, fuller and healthier-looking hair.

Vanilla Luxury: Let’s talk about adult acne, maskne and breakouts. What are your recommendations for those looking for an anti-acne treatment?

Illumia Medical: As one of the biggest skin concerns during the lockdown, adult acne and maskne is a growing skincare problem in Singapore and around the world. Here’s where the Forever Clear™ Acne Program at Illumia Medical comes in. Unlike other treatment plans, the Forever Clear™ Acne Program is designed to remove acne AND stop it from recurring.

It is also tailored specifically to match your skin conditions. This personalised plan is created for you by the expert doctors at Illumia Medical. Each patient is evaluated based on their skin types, conditions and goals before this plan is set in place.

With 15 medically proven solutions, Forever Clear™ is able to eradicate acne and other blemishes such as pigmentation or scars. What’s more, patients can enjoy being acne-free within just 3 to 6 months of the treatment.

*Individual results may vary.

Vanilla Luxury: We get asked a lot about eyes and eye bags. Is there an eye bag removal solution that does not involve going under the knife?

Illumia Medical: Whether you’ve been skimping on your sleep or discovering wrinkles and eye bags as you grow older, there are minimally invasive options to counter these.

Illumia Medical’s Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal procedure uses non-surgical focused radiofrequency (F-RF) and insulated micro-needle technology to remove severe cases of eye bags. Not only does it restore the consistency of tissues, skin and muscle, but it also leaves you looking less tired and more youthful.

A good alternative for those who prefer non-surgical methods, the non-surgical Eyebag Removal treatment works across a range of eye bag severities – from mild and moderate to even severely affected. Do note that this is not a one-step process. You may need to undergo repeated treatments based on the amount of sagging and fatty tissue you have in your lower eyelid. Our doctors may also recommend a complementary approach using different aesthetic techniques such as fillers to get you the results you want.

As always, it is recommended to schedule a consultation with our doctors first to determine the ideal solution for your aesthetics journey.

Have further questions? Simply book an appointment at Illumia Medical, a medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore and achieve the skin and hair of your dreams!


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Phone: (+65) 6454 5465. WhatsApp: (+65) 9656 5464

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