Hair Regrowth Treatment Review: Why The Signature Hair Treatment At Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Is One You Need To Try

Hair Regrowth Treatment Review: Why The Signature Hair Treatment At Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Is One You Need To Try

Looking for a hair regrowth treatment in Singapore? Beijing 101 Hair Consultants works with premium Chinese herbs, TCM and hair expertise to solve all your hair loss woes.


Hair loss and hair regrowth treatments on your mind? On average, humans shed around 50 to 100 hair strands a day, but any more than that and you could be experiencing hair loss. 

First off, know that hair loss is absolutely natural, and a process of ageing for your scalp and hair follicles. But can you prevent or postpone this loss of hair? Turns out, the right intervention and treatments when started early can lay the foundation for a cleaner, healthier scalp and help on your hair regrowth journey!  

With more than 45 years of experience, Beijing 101 Hair Consultants have been dedicated to helping customers combat their hair and scalp issues, including hair loss, hair thinning, oily scalp, dandruff, greying hair and more. 

We recently tried the Beijing 101 Hair & Scalp Revival Treatment that is formulated with premium-grade Chinese herbs and put together with advice from Certified Hair Consultants and TCM physicians. Here’s what the experience was like, and why we recommend it to anyone starting out on their hair regrowth journey in Singapore.

Hair & Scalp Analysis

Pre-requisites and Scalp Assessment

When you enter 101, the process of filling up forms, any hair issues, health background is pretty straightforward. Questions around how often you wash your hair, what is your diet like, any stress or sleep issues are also included.

Once the consultant has skimmed through your details, she will want to take a closer look at your hair via a scalp analysis. This is when it starts to get interesting - do we ever really know the state of our scalp and hair? 

While we were prepared for sensitive skin and hair thinning to be an issue, what showed up was far more serious and advanced in terms of hair loss stages.

The scan showed oily, clogged hair follicles along with sensitive skin

Aside from hair thinning issues, we found oily and clogged follicles, an ageing scalp, sensitive skin, and no new baby hair growing. Each of these was clearly explained using the scan, as well as a chart to ensure we understood the stage of hair loss. 

There’s also a treatment process recommended for each of these hair and scalp issues. Together with the cleansing, you are given a complete scalp and treatment plan which could last over a few months and eventually move to just a monthly visit when on maintenance mode.

Herbal Customised Mask Application

Custom-Designed Hair Loss Prevention

Every scalp has its own story and 101 recognise this. Each customer is given a custom-designed hair loss prevention plan which is suitable for both male and female pattern hair loss. Be rest assured, these treatment plans have been developed over several years and include the expertise of TCM physicians and hair consultants.

101 also firmly believes that a clean scalp leads to better hair and hair growth. This is why the first step of their signature treatment is all about the cleansing of the scalp. Once the scalp is cleansed, it will happily receive any nutrients applied to it leading to better hair, and newer hair shafts! 

We started with a cleanse that helps to regulate sebum secretions and promotes blood circulation. A scalp mask, that is formulated to cleanse and detox at the same time is applied all over the scalp. This product is an all-herbal treatment that contains no chemicals and is safe for all skin types. It is also extremely soothing and cooling - a boon for sensitive skin types! 

After around 20 minutes the scalp mask is washed off via a double cleanse method that includes a relaxing massage. During the process, 101’s consultant highlighted the need to massaging and thoroughly cleanse the scalp at home using fingertips (and not fingernails). She also emphasised the importance of other factors such as stress, sleep, and the right nutrition to ensure our hair remains at optimal health levels.

After a soft blow-dry, the scalp is doused in a customised hair tonic which in our case is designed to reduce hair fall. This is followed by a Meridian Herbal Treatment, where a Chinese point massage is used to help with blood circulation in the scalp. Our favourite part of the treatment - a heated sea salt shoulder and neck compression bag is applied as well!

Soon after, an O3 machine is attached to your hair for optimum oxygen absorption. Aside from nourishing the hair follicles, it also helps with deep hydration for a dry scalp. Another 15 minutes later and hair is blow-dried to complete this holistic treatment.

Results right after show a MUCH cleaner scalp


Can you expect results after just ONE hair loss treatment? 101 are the leading hair regrowth treatment providers in Singapore and is known for their visible results. For us, the proof was truly in the post-treatment scan!

After the hair treatment, we were led back to the scalp scan machine, where a quick look showed a difference in the pre and post scalp conditions. For one, the number of oily or oil-clogged follicles had reduced - and dramatically so. The scalp looked visibly cleaner and hence healthier. Skin sensitivity and redness remained, but that as we understood takes time to go away. As do any hair loss issues. 

We also noticed a cleaner feeling to our otherwise oily hair, throughout the entire week following the treatment. Redness was reduced as was any scalp itchiness. 

The consultant emphasized the need for regular sessions to keep hair in the healthiest state and encourage hair production.

Why Beijing 101 Hair Consultants?

If you are after healthy hair and looking to combat any hair loss or hair fall issues, we would recommend a visit to 101. Combining advanced technology with a refined, service-oriented ambience, you’ll find their consultants easy to speak to and with a wealth of hair-related knowledge. 

On top of the friendly staff, the biggest draw at 101 are the no-chemical, premium Chinese herbs and TCM-led massage techniques that help achieve healthy hair goals. 

Non-invasive, toxin-free hair regrowth treatments that are backed by years of service and effective processes - Beijing 101 is the natural route to better hair and scalp health! 

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