The Farm at San Benito: Eco-Luxury Holistic Medical Wellness Resort

A rejuvenating getaway in The Philippines to health and wellness at a picturesque sanctuary


Interrupting the internet created the contemporary lifestyle of lethargy and a subculture of wanderlust, The Farm at San Benito, an eco-luxury medical health retreat is a holistic haven where time stands still allowing breathing space and wellness.

Ranked as the “Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World” by SENSES Germany, The Farm stretches over 50 acres of wild gardens of bamboo, guyabano (soursop) and coconut trees with the Malarayat Mountain range in a scenic distance as the lush tropical surroundings and ostentation of peacocks inspire the soul.

Wellness Activities and Facilities

The Farm offers a buffet of interesting therapies and treatments under the supervision of licensed doctors and professional therapists. The retreats here are dedicated to improvise skin, lose weight or detox and stretches up to heart health conditions, recovery from chemotherapy and diabetes management.

Their medically supervised treatments are designed not only to eliminate impurities trapped in the body but optimises the body's ability to soak nutrients and stay in better health. The Farm wishes to provide relief with the help of their pain management programs such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture, thermotherapy whereas their weight management programs help one to train with discipline and break down toxins in the body.

The Farm pampers their guests with a wide selection of body scrubs, body wraps, and massages. From live blood analysis to vitamin infusion, and a medically-guided detoxification program to get rid of unwanted substances in the body, The Farm has it all.

Prepare for an elevated experience of art therapy as well as Japanese tradition of Reiki for stress reduction. The Farm offers an Aqua sanctuary and sensory deprivation tank to help urbanites relieve stress. Their world-class golf course is provided for the guests as well as the adventures of trekking and exploration of neighbouring natural highlands.

Vegan Food

Joining the detox retreat is the vegan cuisine at their restaurant Alive. Whilst coconut and almond find themselves a place in most of the dishes, the menu depends on the season’s harvest. Another mostly occurring companions of the delicacies served here are nuts and herbs.

The breakfast here has received appreciation from the most carnivorous of mouths. The tropical fruit salad with its rich enzyme content, granola and banana pancake and an extensive juice menu with imaginative fusions of pineapple, mint and wheatgrass are just the beginning of what this holistic place holds.


The Farm comforts its guests in both modern as well as traditional styles of accommodation. The villas are divided into seven categories; Treehouse-resembling Sulu Terraces are the simplest accommodation; the second to which are Palmera suites with a vanity area and outdoor bath.

Maintaining the classic Philippines leaf roofed trait are the Anahaw villas whereas the Garden Glass Villa envelopes itself with the scenic view of The Farm via the glass walls. The Nara villas come with their own heated swimming pools as does the Master villa but with a guest assistant as well. The most luxurious one is the Lakan villa with walled in gardens with koi ponds, a kitchenette and bar area.

Embracing the holistic experience and world class service are popular names such as Patty Laurel, Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin.

An experience of a lifetime and world class service awaits its guests at The Farm at San Benito, 119 Barangay, Tipakan, Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines. For more information, visit The Farm at San Benito.

Manveen Guliani

04 Feb 2019, 10:00 AM

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