Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions by Industry Experts Dreamlash

Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions by Industry Experts Dreamlash

Here’s everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions in Singapore

Thinking of getting eyelash extensions in Singapore? In a world where you can wake up to fluttery, gorgeous, lashes that save you tons of time on makeup, getting eyelash extensions done seems like a no brainer. But you may be wondering if they really are safe, can last in this humidity and worth the expense. As amazing as eyelash extensions can be, there are a few things to know before you take the route to fuller lashes. We spoke to industry experts Dreamlash on everything lash related and here’s what you should know too before taking the plunge!

Vanilla Luxury:  What are Lash Extensions and what are the different types?

Dreamlash: Eyelash extensions is a procedure where we apply synthetic lash fibres to a person’s natural lashes to make them look longer and more luscious. There are mainly a few methods to extend a person’s lashes. Traditionally, there were cluster lash extensions that could be very damaging to the health of the natural lashes but in recent years there have been vast improvements to the techniques and materials used. Currently, most reputable lash salons apply the classic technique (applying 1 synthetic lash onto 1 natural lash) and volume lash extensions technique (applying multiple strands of ultra-fine synthetic lash onto 1 natural lash).

Vanilla Luxury: Do they hurt? And how long is the process and how expensive?

Dreamlash: If the procedure is done correctly, there should not be any form of pain during the process. In fact, a person should feel totally comfortable during the process. You should be able to open your eyes without feeling any discomfort and the extensions should feel as if they are your own natural eyelashes. The process usually takes around 60 minutes in the hands of an experienced eyelash artist while junior lash artists usually take around 90 – 120 minutes.

Vanilla Luxury: Does it really matter where I get my extensions done?

Dreamlash: It does! As eyelash extensions involve the eye which is a very delicate area, we recommend getting the service done with a salon that is reputable and employs trained lash artists. In the event that the procedure is not done correctly, it could result in pain, redness of the eye, loss of natural lashes or in more severe cases, infection of the eye with pus secretions. So, choosing who you go with is more than half the battle won when it comes to eyelash extensions!

Vanilla Luxury: Will my Natural Eyelashes Grow Back After Extensions?

Dreamlash: You should not worry about this because your lashes should never be lost when you apply eyelash extensions correctly. Your lash artist will be able to guide you to choosing the correct eyelash extensions thickness and length so as to keep your natural lashes healthy while you look pretty. 

Vanilla Luxury: How long do they last and how costly is the whole process?

Dreamlash: They usually last around 5-7 weeks and a touch up can be done after 2-3 weeks. A classic set of lashes done by artists with at least 5 years of experience can cost around $100 while a volume set can cost upwards of $150, depending on the designs.

Vanilla Luxury: What aftercare should I keep in mind to help these last longer?

Dreamlash: The aftercare procedures are minimal. Mainly it’s to keep your new extensions away from water for at least the first 4 hours. This is to ensure the lash glue used is fully dried up as they are sensitive to water. If you wear eye make-up, use water-based makeup remover and a cotton bud to clean around the area nearer to your lash line. We recommend not to apply mascara as it is difficult to remove and could cause irritation to the eye should it be left on the lashes, unwashed. 

Clean your lashes with a lash foam cleanser to prevent building up of bacteria. Lastly, comb the lashes daily to keep them neat and pretty!

Vanilla Luxury: What about those with sensitive skin, is there a way to minimize irritation?

Dreamlash: It depends on what kind of sensitivity. Some people are sensitive to the eye mask, while some are sensitive to tapes, and there are also people who are sensitive to the lash glue. If you have sensitive skin, you need to inform your lash artist so she will be more careful during the process and possibly help you to identify the products that could cause sensitivity to you.

Vanilla Luxury: What is a lash lift? Who would be more suitable for a lift?

Dreamlash: Lash Lift is a procedure where your natural eyelashes are lifted up with curling rods using a keratin-based solution. This procedure can last around 5-7 weeks, and they lose the curl as the lash cycle phases out the lashes. You will be more suitable for a lash lift if you prefer no maintenance to your lashes.

Vanilla Luxury: Why Dreamlash? What can we expect when we come to you for our eyelash extensions?

Dreamlash: With over 10,000 satisfied customers, Dreamlash has earned a reputation for providing natural-looking eyelashes to clients in Singapore. You can expect to be served by a team of professionally qualified lash artists who will design a comfortable set of lashes that is most suitable for your eyes and still protect your natural lashes.

For more information or a consultation at Dreamlash, contact them at (+65) 8809 8846.


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