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Clean Beauty: Do Natural Ingredient Products Really Work?

High quality and efficacy can come with 100% natural beauty and toxin-free products. Advanced clean beauty brand, Chorus Supernatural tells us how.


With all the excitement around natural products, are you left wondering if clean beauty actually work? Toxin-free beauty brand Chorus Supernatural uses the finest botanicals and purest of essential oils to keep their products free of any chemicals. Its advanced formulations have been proven to be highly effective and here’s why natural beauty is still the way to go.

Free of, means a 100% free

Not all natural products are created equal. When Chorus Supernatural say a product is natural they don’t mean a certain volume or percentage. All their products are 100% natural and a 100% free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. This means they come sans parabens, sulphates (SLS/SLES), proplyene gycol, PEG, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, mineral oil and plenty more.

Using only the finest botanicals and pure essential oils, Chorus Supernatural work with advanced formulations that result in anti-ageing specialist and customer-backed endorsements. Chorus’s all-natural beauty line is recipient to multiple beauty awards,  as well as hosts of 5 stars beauty reviews. When it’s clean beauty that's high quality, it will get you results!

All natural - head to toe wellness for everyone in your family (babies too!).

Natural beauty doesn’t have to be just for your face. For all those concerned with product safety and the multitude of petroleum derived chemicals that we are exposed to every day, CHORUS is the go to award-winning line for all your skin, hair, body, baby and wellness needs – head to toe! So, when you pick a product to use on yourself or your baby and family, you know it’s the best of natural ingredients with zero toxins.

If it’s good enough for baby, it’s good enough for us!

Endorsed by leading anti-ageing specialist, Dr Kimberly Crawford, M.D

When a leading anti-ageing specialist endorses a natural product, you want to sit up and pay attention. Dr Kimberly Crawford says,

“I have personally seen the skin-care line help to clear up acne, mild psoriasis, and to reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and other “cosmetic” blemishes. There is much in the European literature to support the effectiveness of these products in this capacity.

Also, although I have always believed that cellulite was hereditary, and, as they teach us in medical school – no “external treatment” could help, I must say that before my eyes, I have seen visible improvements on clients using the Chorus RADIATE FIR shorts and CONTOUR cream.

In my Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine practice, I have seen a remarkable effect with the Chorus INFUSE Moor bath and SOOTHE MSM cream for joint and tendon pain, and have been astounded at the effectiveness of the bath for patients with fibromyalgia, low back pain, and similar syndromes.

I am allowing my name and image to be associated with this brand because it works.”

Product Safety ratings by EWG Skin Deep for every, single product

Every single product at CHORUS Supernatural is rated by EWG. These ratings are given by the highly respected and impartial Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) and help compare products to the most popular natural retail brands in Western Canada. Simply choose a product on their website to read the safety rating and be rest assured that you know everything about the product you are buying.

While not all organic and natural beauty products give you the results you are seeking, advanced skincare that is made from quality ingredients does work and shows results. Chorus Supernatural is made from high efficacy ingredients and with transparent ratings from neutral organisations -  even more reason for beauty aficionados to give it a try.

100% natural, toxin free, and highly effective, this is clean beauty at its best!

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