Best Perm in Singapore: The Top Hair Salons For Waves You’ve Always Wanted

Best Perm in Singapore: The Top Hair Salons For Waves You’ve Always Wanted

After the best perm in Singapore? These top hair salons in Singapore do the job and nicely!


If you are wondering where to head for the best perm in Singapore, keep reading. Perms are the easiest way to add volume to otherwise flat hair. They are also one of the most popular hair services for the festivities, be it Christmas get-togethers or the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations! 

We’ve got a lineup of the top salons in Singapore that deliver on every promise when it comes to perms. Creative, …. And easier to manage in our tropical setting, here is the best perms in Singapore to book and why!

Apgujeong Hair Studio

Known for its pioneering and award-winning styling team in Singapore, Apgujeong Hair Studio continuously pushes boundaries on hairdressing and styling on our island.

If you can think of your dream haircut, colour or perm, chances are that the affordable Apgujeong Hair Studio can create it for you!

From the hottest trends on the catwalk to hairstyles that your favourite K-drama stars are sporting, the stylists here are able to replicate these on your hair. What’s more, they will also tailor these styles to suit your personality and lifestyle. 

When it comes to perms, you can always count on Apgujeong Hair Studio to give you the perfect bouncy Korean wave with Mucota Algana products. A great time saver to achieve those elusive and effortless ‘I wake up like this' waves, they intensely moisturise as they curl!

Using natural Argan oils, these products help to prevent heat damage and also add gloss to achieve natural-looking waves. Afraid of dry locks after your perm? Mucota Algana at Apgujeong Hair Studio hydrates the hair to smoothen frizz, repair, and enhance the integrity of your hair. The best part? These healthy-looking natural curls complement the day-to-night look with no extra styling needed!

Apgujeong is also known to design perms that will suit your face shape. They strongly believe that a good perm frames the face in a flattering manner, giving the illusion of a slimmer profile - something that appeals to many women! With a well-designed cut and careful arrangement of rollers, the stylists at Apgujeong Hair Studio are able to create a look that is suited to your profile and relatively easier to maintain. 

Keen to get that perm for the festivities? If you have been thinking about getting one, now would be a great time to do so with Christmas and Chinese New Year coming up! 

We also love that Apgujeong Hair Studio does not impose any holiday surcharges for customers who have current packages with them. A 10% surcharge for non-package customers will apply from 1st Jan - 5th Feb 2022. 

Apgujeong Hair Studio, Multiple locations, E-appointment

Picasso Hair Studio

3517 heads permed in 2020 alone - let that sink in! Picasso Hair Studio is one of the best hair salons in Singapore for perms. Specialising in innovative perming services and all things waves, 40% of their customers come to them just to get the curls of their dreams! There’s no wonder then, that the hair service menu here, comes with more than 16 types of perm styles and the accompanying perm services to enhance them. 

All of Picasso’s hairstylists or artists, in this case, go through vigorous training (3-6 months) to pass their model assessment before they are certified to handle perms. And while design plays a big part in the perm process, Picasso go into the details such as control of water and heat for best results without compromising on the quality of the hair. Even their perm cushion is specially hand made of wood pulp paper, in order for it to easily regulate heat.

We love that Picasso Hair Studio also teaches its customers how to blowdry their curls. A step, missed by many hair salons in Singapore, ensures that you can replicate the same hairstyle in your own space too. Customers also get a perm care kit with instructions on how to take care of their hair, including a 14-day service guarantee so they can return for a complimentary retouch or redo if they are not satisfied with the results! 

Picasso’s latest addition, the Advante Perm, uses an acidic perm lotion which is gentle and acts as a treatment to the hair. Unlike traditional perms which are alkaline, and can typically bring your hair PH level up to 9 to 11, making it dry,  this acidic perm lotion has a ph level of only 4.5. And given our original healthy hair PH is at a level of 5.5, it is perfect for the hair! Advante Perm is mild and also allows customers to re-perm every 4 months. You’ll also notice that the perm lotion gives an amazing shine and softness to the hair - all the reasons for you to ask for the Advante Perm when you visit Picasso next!

Picasso Hair Studio, Multiple locations - Bugis, Phone + 65 62910691. Novena, Phone (+65) 6224 0221

Chez Vous

Say goodbye to severe damage that is usually associated with perm services! The all-new Anti-Damage Movement Perm by Chez Vous is here to change permed hair and for the better.

This perm technique and technology was developed by Chez Vous, to create movement and airiness in the hair, while promoting softness, hydration and repair - all at once! The unique perm method produces trendy and “lazy”-like waves. Forget outdated, well-coiffed and pageant-like curls, the Anti-Damage Movement Perm will give you that effortless girl next-door-look, so you look naturally beautiful day or night.

And here’s why the Anti-Damage Movement Perm does not cause severe damage to the hair. Our hair’s natural pH level is between 4.5 to 5.5. Conventional perm lotions that utilize Thio or Cysteamine technology have pH levels between 7 to 10 and can cause both irreversible internal and external damage.

Glyceryl Monothioglycolate, the ingredient in Chez Vous’ Anti-damage Movement Perm has a pH level between 4.7 to 5.2 and uses water-based lotion to penetrate the hair and alter its shape. This results in minimal swelling of the hair, hence reducing the damage considerably! What’s more, it also comes with premium hair nourishing ingredients such as Erucalactone(for repair), Keratin and amino acids(for strength), Cystine and Glutamic(for elasticity) and ceramides to soothe and protect.

From a variety of K-inspired styles such as C-curls; S-curls and Korean Waves to effortless Loose or Beach Waves, the Anti-Damage Movement Perm opens up a whole new range of perm-possibilities.

Chez Vous, 391 Orchard Road #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium Singapore 238872. Phone (+65) 6732 9388, email: [email protected].

Be U Hair Design

You’ve seen us rave about Be U Hair Design and its tailored hair services a number of times on Vanilla Luxury. A one-of-a-kind hair salon in Singapore, Be U Hair Design offers customised services through hair cuts, hair colouring and other hair treatments such a hair perms. 

Do you think perms are old-fashioned or hard to take care of? Say hello to the highly-skilled team at Be U Hair Design who know the right haircut, and necessary styling to ensure you get a perm that you will love. Whether it’s the latest trending perm styles or something you saw in your favourite Korean drama series, the team here will deliver you the curls you hope for. Not only will you get the trendiest perm in town, but they will also ensure it is easy to maintain at home. Some options require only blow-drying - no extra skills needed! 

At Be U Hair Design, the stylists make it a point that you leave the salon feeling more like your best beautiful self. The stylists at Be U Hair Design also make note of your personality, facial structure, style and the nature of your job, before customizing a hairstyle that would be best for you.

Be U, Be Yourself.

Be U Hair Design. The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, #01-33J. Phone: (+65) 6909 3250

Chez Vous: HideAway

Looking for a hair salon is more than just the service and ambience it provides. And while we love taking pictures at the most Instagrammable hair salon in Singapore, Chez Vous HideAway is so much more!

Chez Vous: HideAway has been receiving consistently great reviews since they opened in 2019. With 278 positive Google reviews (and counting) and a rating of 4.9, their track record has been pretty splendid in our opinion.

From the hottest hair cuts and hair colours in town to low damage perming services, you’ll find all you need for your tresses at this strictly by-appointment-only “spa”-lon.

Their signature Advante Water Perm uses a special “electrolyzed water” as a pre-service restorative treatment to strengthen, repair and protect your hair before the perm. Patented and produced only in two factories in the world (Japan and Switzerland), this extremely pricey water is specially electrolyzed such that the water molecule is broken down into an ionized Hydrogen and Hydroxide OH particle – for maximum delivery of active ingredients.

But wait there’s more! This revolutionary water contains 18 types of amino acids that are miniaturized to a molecular weight of less than 180 and cortex cell membrane complex (CMC). The moment this water touches your hair, the ions will rearrange to form a superhighway, delivering the active ingredients deep into the hair cortex, reducing hair’s porosity in one second. 

The result? Hair is instantly repaired, strengthened and prepped for the perm service. More importantly, the elasticity of the hair is greatly boosted! Worried about leaving your hair dry after your perm? Thanks to the Advante Water Perm, you will get hair that is drastically less damaged and dry too. 

Chez Vous: HideAway also offers complimentary spa-like perks such as bespoke scalp massages, relaxation lounge access, DIY aromatic candles and hand massages to keep that salon experience special. 

A haven for your hair and your senses - we highly recommend you book your dream perm today!

Chez Vous: HideAway’s Advante Water Perm starts from S$398. Chez Vous: HideAway is located at 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #14-04. Tel: 6219 3558. Or visit here.

Hair perming by May @may.0279


Kimage was founded on a guiding belief that personality can be amplified through the craft of hairdressing. These include a wide range of hairstyling and treatments including some of the versatile perms in town! Their perm service comes as a Hair Perm package with a pre-perm treatment to deposit protein to the hair so it is strengthened with enhanced elasticity. A pre-perm treatment also ensures you get bouncy and longer-lasting curls! 

After the perming process, the second dose of protein is applied to further strengthen the hair. This step closes the cuticle and leaves it smooth with a shiny finish. Don’t forget to ask for a face-framing haircut right after. A hair cut after the perm will help to naturally emphasise your newly acquired curls and also highlight your best features. 

If you are struggling to find after-care products for home use, you can easily order these from Kamge’s online store. Expect all your favourite salon brands including Lucicare Milk 3. This styling milk contains castor oil derived milk, that easily penetrates into hair and leaves curls fluffy and soft.

Kimage, Multiple locations. Kimage, Multiple locations. Book here or email [email protected] with your queries

The Space Korean Hair Salon

K-drama fans rejoice! Space Korean hair salon uses unique techniques to deliver the best perms in town, including styles that your favourite stars have been sporting. Boutique hair salon, The Space Korean Hair Salon provides personalised services by Korean Master Stylists who understand hair and the way it reacts to Singapore’s humidity.

A team of popular Korean stylists that started their hairdressing journey in Korea, Leehan, Jenny and Shasha are followed by many in Singapore. With more than 15 years of experience in hairdressing, they are able to create Korean style perms that are as beautiful as they are weather-friendly.

Each of their stylists specialises in different skill sets so we highly recommend asking the salon for a good match. If you know the type of perm you are after, even better! Just let the team know and they’ll be able to take care of all the details. Don’t know what you’d like? You can also just leave that decision to your hairstylist and have them take over!

The Space Korean Hair Salon, 2 Handy Road, #04-06 The Cathay, Singapore 229233. Phone (+65) 84116561

Vintage Studio

Vintage Studio started out as a provider of hair services for indoor/outdoor hairstyling, creative haircut, colouring, treatments and other services. Today, the hair salon chain is spread all over Singapore providing accessible convenience to their customers. Not only hair, but Vintage Studio also offer a range of services including those for the body, face and nails - all under one roof. 

When it comes to the best perm in Singapore, Vintage Studio prides itself on recommending the right technique that matches your facial characteristics and lifestyle. From a classic perm to the latest in perming trends, they’ve got all the skill set to get you the curls you’ve always wanted!

Vintage Studio’s highly trained professionals come with exceptional skills as well as knowledge to give you effortless wavy hair. They will also take the time to explain post-salon care and how to make your perm last longer than its usual shelf life. Want more? Just give their friendly hair salon staff a call and book the nearest outlet to you.

Vintage Studio. Multiple locations islandwide.

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