Behind the Scenes with Make Up Artist Shradha Agarwal

Behind the Scenes with Make Up Artist Shradha Agarwal


Shradha Agarwal holds a distinction in Professional Makeup Artistry and holds a specialization certificate in Airbrush Makeup from Cosmoprof School of Beauty Therapy and Makeup in Singapore that qualifies her to be a professional trainer, empowered with the latest industry techniques. In addition, she has acquired training in Advance Hairstyling from noted hairdresser, from the City & Guilds of London. It is no surprise why Director of Vanilla Luxury, Gursheel Dhillon, chose to work with her for’s very first fashion spread.  

  1. What made you decide to switch careers and become a Make Up Artist?

I have always been very fond of art and I once tried a Johnny Depp look on myself, basically turning myself from a female to a male and it was a hit. I am generally very artistic in nature hence it was something I had always wanted to explore.

  1. How many Make Up assignments have you done thus far?

It would be very difficult to come up with an exact number but the real deal started in January 2010. Initially, I did a lot of assignments for Cosmoprof makeup Academy from stage makeup for plays, dramas and musicals. I too volunteered for charity shows and took part in various beauty pageants, fashion shows which included one for Chanel handbags, and even National Day celebrations.

Other key assignments were the opening ceremony of Marina Bay Sands, Elizabeth Arden roadshows, Mother and Baby magazine, Aesthetics & Beauty magazine, media launches for cosmetic brands, being a part of the Singapore Garden Festival, The Asian Television Awards and the list goes on.

It has been an amazing journey so far and I look forward to being a part of many more exciting opportunities.

  1. What is your fantasy / dream shoot?

I have been very blessed to know really amazing photographers, designers, talents, modeling agencies, wardrobe and accessory sponsors, and studio owners that getting a successful shoot together has never been a difficult task.

Each shoot has been different from the other, and each look has been very well thought of, to match with the requirement of the clothing line and to the mood of the shoot.

It is amazing to see the post processed pictures from each shoot as it gives me another reason to do something beyond what has already been done, which is way more interesting and challenging. 

Once I feel that I am ready to travel for work, I would love to do more of haute couture fashion label shoots at various iconic locations in Paris , London and New York.

  1. Spill some of your Make Up tips!

A clean flawless base is what will accentuate the rest of the makeup. To create that canvas, here are some of the products and tools that tops my chart:

- Pore Refining Primer by Makeup Forever

- A Good Concealer that is light in texture and available in a few shades by Urban Decay

- A smaller flat and fluffy face brushes from Urban Decay

Use minimal products to achieve a fresh glowy skin. For that at times, a primer and a concealer is all I use to create that flawless base. A darker shade of concealer is then used to contour the face. And just so that the skin does not look too flaky, I use just powder on the highlighting areas with a small flat face brush.

Using a small fluffy face brush, I am able to add that natural like glow to the apples of the cheek using my favourite shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Nars.

Shradha Agarwal, freelance make-up artist with a variety of experience and professional certifications. She can be contacted at

*Image credits: Model - Claudia K of Basic Model Management : Photographer - Van Eshia