World Gourmet Summit 2021: Partner Restaurants Curate Dining Menus for Cheese Lovers

World Gourmet Summit 2021: Partner Restaurants Curate Dining Menus for Cheese Lovers

In collaboration with the USA Cheese Guild, Shabestan, MOONBOW, The Spot and Hua Ting Restaurant present special dining menus for cheese lovers


The World Gourmet Summit (WGS), in collaboration with  USA Cheese Guild, is proud to present a special USA Cheese Dining Experience from August to September 2021.

Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine, MOONBOW, The Spot, and Hua Ting Restaurant were specially chosen to present a selection of four distinct fusions with Cheeses from the USA to keep your epicurean cravings at bay.

Diners are in for unique and exciting gastronomic experiences as the culinary influences showcase the versatility of USA Cheeses through special menus during a host of curated brunches and dinners.

Do not miss this opportunity to embark on a culinary journey with USA Cheeses.

Shabestan Menu

Led by Executive Chef Hany Moustafa, Shabestan Persian restaurant has conjured a magnificent Middle Eastern menu to feature the USA cheeses.

Start off with Grilled Eggplant with U.S. Mozzarella Cheese Salsa Bruschetta, followed by a Cheese Appetizer Platter consisting of Cranberry U.S. Sharp Cheddar Cheese Skewer, U.S. Cream Cheese Tarts, and U.S. Oaxaca Cheese Cranberry Tarts.

Moving on to the mains are a flaky Spinach U.S. Cream Cheese Pie and succulent Lamb Meatballs stuffed with U.S. Sharp Cheddar Cheese, dressed with sundried tomato sauce. The meatballs are served with fragrant basmati rice.

End off on a sweet note with U.S. Mozzarella Cheese Kunafe with hot fresh milk.

Full dinner at S$78++ per person. You can also opt to top up S$58++ for a wine pairing during dinner.

The wines you'll get to try are: IXSIR Grande Reserve White from Lebanon, Ropiteau Chablis from Burgundy, Toi Toi Pinot Gris, Auswan Creek Golden Bull Shiraz, and Graf Johnann IV Resiling Halbtroken from Germany.

Cheese Promotion Period: 23 August to 5 September 2021


A relatively new player on Dempsey Hill, MOONBOW serves a delectable menu of Modern European cuisine with an Asian influence. Much celebrated Chef Heman presents a delectable menu to showcase the USA cheeses.

The starter dish is kombu-infused Watermelon & Pear Tartar, gooseberry gouda cheese sauce, lemon-lime sorbet, and gouda cheese foam. The entree comes in the form of Duo Of Cheese Ball - Black Olive 4 Cheese Ball with belgioioso crumbled blue cheese, sharp cheddar, Pauly cream cheese, cacique cotija cheese, and dehydrated black olive crumb; and Arancini Rice Ball with fresh mozzarella cheese and furikake.

For the main course, enjoy 65 C Black Silkie Chicken with Food For Friends sharp cheddar cheese, button mushroom, foie gras, Food For Friends pepper jack cheese, and veal jus.

Let’s not forget dessert! Cloudy 74% Dark Chocolate Burnt Cheese, served with blood orange sorbet, candy floss, burnt sabayon, and beehive apple walnut smoked shavings.

Cheese Promotion Period: 23 August to 5 September 2021

The Spot Menu

Situated in Marina One, The Spot offers an eclectic menu melding contemporary European cuisine and Southeast Asian ingredients. To celebrate the USA cheeses, The Spot’s menu welcomes you with a cocktail.

The first course, named The Cheesy Evidence, consists of Don Papa Rum, Rustic Raspberry Shrub, Passiflora Sirop, Fresh Key Lime. Next comes Gouda Chipacito - whipped gouda and smoked paprika salt.

Other highlights on the menu include “Summer” Fresh Mozzarella with vegetables, strawberry, plum vinegar, and stingless bee honey ice cream; Trout Ceviche & Cotija with passionfruit and calamansi marinated, orange, cashew nut, radish; and Chinese Style Beef Short Rib with black garlic and Monterey jack glazed, fermented cabbage Colby jack “dumpling”.

For dessert, indulge in Aerated Sharp Cheddar with red wine sorbet, poached grapes, and curried nuts.

Cheese Promotion Period: 27 August to 9 September 2021

Hua Ting Restaurant Menu

Can you imagine USA cheeses in authentic Cantonese cuisine? Well, award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant has married the two in its specially curated menu.

The menu features dishes such as Tomato and Mozzarella Mille-Feuille with Duck Skin; Golden Pumpkin Soup with Oaxaca cheese espuma and macadamia nuts; Sautéed Fresh Boston Lobster with celery, garlic, capsicum and sharp cheddar cheese; Seared Boneless Beef Short Ribs with Gorgonzola Cheese; and Cheesy Pepper Jack with E-fu Noodles and Shredded Duck.

The meal ends with Freshly Baked Mango Cream Cheese Tart served with mascarpone and wild berries compote.

Cheese Promotion Period: 27 August to 9 September 2021