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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Scented Candles, Crystals, Essential Oils, Room Sprays and More To Show Your Love!

Innerfyre Co is giving away a Valentine’s Day gift bundle for your valentine consisting of a crystal essential oil burner, raw rose quartz crystals, essential oil set, and affirmation cards



Tis’ the month of love and we’re showing our appreciation for you, our dear readers with this romantic giveaway! This Valentine’s Day, Innerfyre Co brings you some Best-Selling Gift Ideas to pamper and delight your loved ones.

We guarantee that you and your loved ones will love these gifts that Innerfyre Co has specially curated for you. If you or someone you know is a wellness enthusiast, the scented candles, crystals, room sprays and essential oils are going to do wonders to help you relax and unwind.

Let’s take a look at some of these awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

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Everlasting Love Gift Bundle

Let your valentine know that your love for them transcends time, and goes beyond words.  

With messages of affirmation and rich floral scents, Innerfyre Co’s candles and room spray are lovingly paired with a scented rose bouquet for all those who appreciate a  grand gesture in the name of love!

This ultimate bundle of floral favourites also comes with a Rose Quartz Crystal Potpourri. Known as The Stone of Universal Love, this crystal brings love and romance to those who are single and introduces renewed passion to a relationship of lovers and married couples. It also gives a strong sense of self-worth — reminding us that the love we seek is already within. So, feel free to send this gift to a single friend or buy it for yourself too!

This gift bundle includes the ‘I AM LOVED’ and ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’ Affirmation Crystal Candles, ‘Light My Fire’ Room Spray, Scented Rose Bouquet, and Rose Quartz Crystal Potpourri. Also accompanied by a handy candle wick trimmer and ‘I Carry Your Heart With Me’ Greeting Card for you to write a personal message.

Pure Love Gift Bundle

A loving gesture of wellness, this gift bundle features floral aromas from 100% pure essential oils. A valentine’s Day gift that will last longer than a bouquet of flowers.

With the specially-curated oils from the Give and Receive Love Essential Oil Set, let your loved one embark on a journey of love, self-care and healing.

Allow them to choose a scent for the day, or create their own alchemy magic through their signature blends of Ylang-ylang, Honeysuckle, Neroli and Peppermint.

To further introduce a loving sense of calm, Innerfyre Co’s Crystal Essential Oil Burner comes with raw Rose Quartz Crystals. Also known as The Stone of Universal Love, it can bring about an inner peace that helps in all relationship matters — whether it pertains to family, friends, colleagues, or even the self.

This gift bundle also comes with the ‘You Are Loved’ Affirmation Card and the ‘I Carry Your Heart With Me’ Greeting Card to write a personal message

Unconditional Love Gift Bundle

Does your valentine love flowers? A bouquet of roses for your valentine would definitely pale in comparison with this bundle of floral favourites.

With the floral scents of Lily, Honeysuckle and Jasmine — and the words of affirmation from the ‘I AM LOVED’ Candle, let them know that your love for them knows no bounds.

And while a romantic getaway to the City of Love may not yet be within reach, you can bring the scents of Paris closer. Take your loved one on a Valentine adventure and choose to indulge their wanderlust — after all, it’s part of what makes them truly unique.

This Valentine’s Day gift bundle includes a ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ Room Spray, ‘Paris Wanderlust’ Roll-On Perfume, ‘You Are Loved’ Affirmation Card, and ‘I Carry Your Heart With Me’ Greeting Card.

Celebrating all kinds of love, these gift bundles are an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, a loved one or yourself!


Giveaway Alert!

Vanilla Luxury and Innerfyre Co are giving away the Pure Love bundle for your valentine consisting of:

1 Crystal Essential Oil Burner, 1 Give and Receive Love Essential Oil Set, You Are Loved Affirmation Card, and ‘I Carry Your Heart With Me’ Greeting Card.

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