Say Goodbye To Greys with Goldwell’s Newance by Topchic

Say Goodbye To Greys with Goldwell’s Newance by Topchic

Designed for women with up to 30% of grey hair, Goldwell’s Newance by Topchic gives you gorgeous looking brown hair


If you have recently started experiencing greys like I have, the next time you visit a hair salon, I highly suggest you ask your hairdresser for Newance by Topchic from Goldwell.

When I first read about Goldwell’s Newance by Topchic, I was intrigued but skeptical as I saw a drastic change in hair texture after my last hair colour. 

I shared my concerns and preferences with Ted Ng from Hairwerkz who was very understanding and knowledgeable. As a result, I have never had such a rich hair colour and I was really surprised how soft and smooth my hair felt.

Goldwell’s Newance by Topchic is a full range of brown hues developed by experts for the perfect colour intensity, transparency and lightness. It is designed for women with up to 30% of grey hair.

Here are 5 reasons why I highly recommend Goldwell’s Newance by Topchic:

1. Prevents Hair From Getting Damaged

With Coenzyme Technology, a patented technology that neutralises free radicals to prevent hair from damage as it creates extraordinarily brilliant long-lasting colour while being ultra-gentle to hair.

2. Low in Ammonia

Original Japanese formulas and ingredients join forces with Goldwell’s high-performance technology.

3. Superior Penetration of Colours

Equaliser System 2.0 Combines Goldwell’s patented Equaliser Polymer with superior cuticle smoothing agents to deliver a marvelously even distribution and superior penetration of colour from regrowth to hair ends.

4. Hair Feels Really Soft After

Goldwell’s IntralipidTM Technology, a proprietary technology, effectively replaces lost lipids and leaves hair feeling soft and sleek.

5. Hair Is Nourished and Moisturised

Infused with nourishing and ultra moisturising Camellia Seed Oil, Newance by Topchic protects hair fibers and creates softer, smoother strands while delivering a fashionable, yet natural-looking hair colour with long-lasting durability. One of the major characteristics of Camellia Seed Oil is that it is rich in oleic acid, which is close to the components of our natural hair sebum. 

The head-turning result? A natural and eye-catching brown shade that blends away grey hair.

Here is a list of hair salons in Singapore where you can get Goldwell’s Newance by Topchic.

Gursheel Dhillon

16 Aug 2021, 02:00 PM

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