MINI Electric: BMW-owned MINI Launches its First Fully Electric Car in Singapore

MINI Electric: BMW-owned MINI Launches its First Fully Electric Car in Singapore

In accordance with its sustainability agenda, BMW-owned MINI launches its first fully electric car in Singapore


Electric cars are slated to be the new future in the sustainability conversation. In accordance with its sustainability agenda, BMW-owned MINI has launched its first fully electric car which is now available in Singapore. The new MINI Electric is a refreshing addition to the iconic British brand’s MINI range, bringing along with it a greener drive – perfect for our urban city.

Taking a cue from the MINI Cooper S, the MINI Electric retains most of the design elements while adding on a touch of bright and sporty yellow elements that make the fully electric car stand out. The photogenic car is compact but packs a punch.

Here’s why we love the new MINI Electric.

Many Firsts for the MINI Electric

MINI Electric is the first fully electric model by the British brand and combines sustainable mobility with driving fun, expressive design, and premium quality that are typical of MINI. It is also the first fully electric compact car in the premium segment.

Furthermore, MINI Electric is the first MINI model in Singapore to feature the Driving Assistant package as standard. This includes useful features such as the Parking Assistant, collisions and pedestrian warning, city emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, high beam assist, and more.

The first purely electrically powered MINI also enables you, the driver, to adapt the vehicle setting to the current situation on the road as well as to your own personal preferences. There’s a new GREEN+ driving mode specially configured for the MINI Electric.

The MINI Electric Driving Modes Come in Four Settings

The MINI Electric offers four driving modes to choose from – Sport, MID, GREEN, and GREEN+.

Sport mode differs from the standard MID setting, with a more direct characteristic steering curve and a particularly spontaneous response of the drive system. The MINI Electric car has a lower centre of gravity as compared to a MINI 3 Door – as such, the electrically-powered model offers even more agile handling and supremely secure road-holding, especially in enthusiastic driving scenarios such as cornering at high speed.

The comfort-oriented steering characteristics of the MID setting are also active in GREEN mode, as well as in the new GREEN+ mode specially configured for the new MINI Electric. The drive system in the two latter modes is geared towards maximum efficiency. In GREEN+ mode, additionally selected comfort functions such as air conditioning and seat heating are limited or deactivated in order to increase the range of the vehicle.

The MINI Electric is Convenient and Smart

Alongside the MINI Electric hatchback’s sleek design, the eDrive services on the MINI Connected system bring convenience to another level – it shows you how to increase your range based on your driving habits, and recommends the most efficient routes and power modes alongside real-time traffic information.

Forgot to lock your car? Sort that out remotely via the smartphone app! Before your next journey, you can also set the intended time of departure along with the preferred temperature so you get into a nicely cooled car.

The MINI Electric is Modern and Sustainable

The new MINI Electric can be charged at a wallbox for home charging or at public electric car charging stations. These public charging stations can be found at 10 Shell stations and selected Greenlots islandwide.

Need to find the nearest charging station? Charging stations in the ChargeNow network are displayed on the MINI ConnectedDrive in-vehicle navigation console, along with its real-time status, pricing information, and turn-by-turn directions. Payment of the electric current used is via the ChargeNow card or the relevant smartphone app.

The new MINI Electric can be charged (with a maximum capacity of 11 kW) to 80 percent in two and a half hours, and 100 percent in three and a half hours. With a DC fast-charging station at a maximum charging capacity of 50 kW, an 80 per cent charge can be achieved in just 35 minutes.

If you live in a landed property or a condominium in Singapore that allows you to set up the MINI Electric wallbox for home charging, the installation service is offered as standard. A three-phase cable is also included for use at public charging stations when you’re out and about.

On a fully-charged battery, the MINI Electric can travel up to 270km. How much does it cost? Assuming you drive 200km a week, at 0.168 kWh per km and at an electricity cost of S$0.24 per kWh, it will only cost you S$8.064 per week!

Contact Eurokars to test drive the MINI Electric.

Aditi Kashyap

25 Sep 2020, 04:00 PM

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