Meet Tarot Mamta: Singapore’s Most Famous Tarot Card Reader

Meet Tarot Mamta: The Most Sought-After Tarot Card Reader in Singapore

Tarot Mamta does Tarot Card Readings in Singapore to reveal your fortune


For a lot of people, Tarot card reading is about a woman in a long flowy robe, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room with a magic ball in front of her telling you what the future awaits. But, that’s not really what Tarot readings are about. In fact, Tarot card reading can be a guide for both your present and future, providing insights such as fortune, love life and more. 

Meet Tarot Mamta, the most sought-after Tarot card reader in Singapore. Tarot Mamta does online tarot card readings or you can choose to have a tarot card reading in Singapore done in person.

Tarot Mamta used to be an advertising professional before she accidentally bumped into the world of Tarot card reading. She hasn’t looked back since. She has been helping her clients face various challenges in their love life, career, fortune and more with a dash of magic and spirituality.

We got in touch with Tarot Mamta to get to know more about the world of Tarot card readings in Singapore and how we can benefit from this. 

Vanilla Luxury: How did you get started with Tarot card reading?

Tarot Mamta: I had rescued a psychic gypsy lady's cat who used to predict people's fortune with a combination of astrology, numerology and tarot cards. She in turn offered to teach me her unique way of psychic reading through a combination of tarot, astrology and numerology. Though I was reluctant at the beginning, I ended up really liking it and got to experience how empowering Tarot card reading can be.


Vanilla Luxury: What can people expect from their first session of Tarot card reading?

Tarot Mamta: Every session is different and depending on what emerges in a session, the tarot cards may suggest certain remedies or solutions. This may involve suggested use of crystals or certain Tarot magic processes.


Vanilla Luxury: How does someone benefit from a Tarot card reading?

Tarot Mamta: In one word - clarity. Whether you are looking for solutions or for a holistic perspective for life’s challenges, a Tarot card reading session will guide you with answers and insights.


Vanilla Luxury: What has been the biggest challenge being a Tarot card reader in Singapore?

Tarot Mamta: At times people put up their guard or try to behave differently. Maybe because they don’t want to be read by a Tarot card reader. At times, people end up wasting a session, as they don’t want to participate due to fear or scepticism. I've met some individuals who are afraid of psychics and don't want their fortune revealed. 


Vanilla Luxury: How much does intuition have to do with Tarot card reading?

Tarot Mamta: As I always say, we are all born with intuition. What makes us confident about it is practice and the conviction to listen to our inner voice.


Vanilla Luxury: In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception people have about Tarot card reading?

Tarot Mamta: There is some media-fed taboo about going in for Tarot card readings. People are a bit suspicious of Tarot card readers. I hope people see that a Tarot reading session can eliminate blocks and bring about life-changing benefits.


To know more about Tarot Mamta, visit or you can reach her at (+65) 9749 9287.

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