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Hydrafacial: Is this Popular Celebrity Facial Worth Your 30 Minutes?

Taking just half an hour of your precious time, Hydrafacial promises radiant skin tone and smoother skin even to the most sensitive of skin tones. But, is it worth it?


Beyonce loves it and so does Kate Winslet; you’ve probably heard of Hydrafacial, a popular treatment offered by several doctors and aesthetic clinics worldwide. Promising dewy, clearer skin in under an hour and no downtime whatsoever, Hydrafacial is gaining popularity with busy executives looking for a skin perk-me-up during their lunch hour. 

We recently reviewed the Hydrafacial at Aquila Medical to find out what the hype was all about, and whether it lived up to its growing fan following.

Hydrafacial. What it is and why the original machine matters.

Hydrafacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that works together by cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection - all simultaneously and resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin. The key, however, lies in going to the right place for THE Hydrafacial. Plenty of salons, health spas and clinics offer the treatment but do not use the specific HydraFacial brand and machine. This means lower grade or copycat machines often using cheaper, poor quality serums - that aren’t Hydrafacial.

But don’t let Hydradermabrasion scare you! This is a gentler approach to the traditional dermabrasion using a vacuum to suck out impurities in your pores and replenish the skin with the right boosters. Taking just half an hour to do all the key steps, what’s exciting is that pretty much everyone (unless you have a serious skin ailment, always check with your doctor first!) is a candidate for the Hydrafacial. So if it’s sensitive skin, a pimple grieved complexion, wrinkles, lines or clogged pores you are looking to combat - this is fine for you. This hydrating and non-irritating treatment ensures you are at ease through the process and after.

What to expect

Get ready to meet a high gizmo machine that has several bottles of wonder fluid - aka serums, attached to it. To start with, the skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated to help remove toxins and debris in the pores. This is followed by slathering the newly cleansed skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. Pain-wise, the vacuum suction is comfortable and barely noticeable at first. The extraction process is unlike any other generic facial too. No screaming and hiding your face here! The gentle suction process ensures there’s no pain and yet you wake up to clean, unclogged pores that have been filled with nutrients and goodness. There is also the option to add a few extra steps and potions to your facial should you want to or have the time for it.


If you are looking for that extra glow before an event or a wedding, you’ve struck gold with Aquila Medical! Skin is certainly refreshed and left with a subtle glow, instantly right after the facial. This gleam lasts up to a week and you’ll notice that your skin looks better, pores are more refined and there’s barely any redness involved. And with trial rates starting as low as $150 for a medical grade facial, you can’t go wrong with the Hydrafacial at Aquila Medical. An instant pick-me-up that allows your skin to breathe and look beautiful again, it really is worth just that 30-minute intrusion on a busy day at work.

But, just like everything else one session will not fix all your problems. A regular Hydrafacial routine is a must - as often as once a month to keep that glow going and also work on deeper issues.

For everything else, do consider a chat with founder Dr Stephen Chu.  A trained Aesthetician, he is easy to talk to and extremely helpful in evaluating what your skin needs. From lasers to hair removal and slimming treatments, he’s a powerhouse on aesthetic wonders, while remaining fairly traditional and non-invasive in his approach.

Need more? Watch the video below to hear what everyone is saying about the Hydrafacial.

For further information, contact Aquila Medical at SBF Centre (Medical Suite), Level 5, Unit 1, 160 Robinson Road, Singapore 068914. Phone +65 6957 2826

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23 Apr 2019, 10:00 AM

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