#DiscoverLocal! Our Favourite Instagram Shops in Singapore for The Cutest Toys and Stuff for Kids

#DiscoverLocal! Our Favourite Instagram Shops in Singapore for The Cutest Toys and Stuff for Kids

Searching for unique gifts or toys for your little ones? These Instagram stores in Singapore are totally worth those double taps


We’ve been shopping on Instagram for some time now. A double-tap at a store that leads to a DM and voila - that’s how new purchases happen! The best part? Most small and local businesses are reachable via Instagram and that gives us the opportunity to buy unique products that we haven’t heard of before! 

Today, we let you onto our list of top Instagram Shops in Singapore that carry some of the cutest toys and brands for kids. Affordable, accessible and meant for never-ending play - what’s not to love!

Kathy’s Cove

If you're looking for natural and sustainable rattan toys online, Kathy’s Cove is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered! Designed in Singapore, they work closely with the most talented craftsmen in Indonesia to provide handcrafted toys that are built to stimulate creativity and imagination. Whether you buy their best-selling dollhouse or super-cute rattan barn, they will make perfect additions to your child's favourite toy collection. 

We also adore the cart trolley, a great format for pretend-play - let the little ones serve tea and scones to their favourite dolls and plushies on this rattan cart trolley. Designed with two flat rattan weaved trays, you can also use it to fill all their favourite tea-time snacks!

Need space to organise loose toys and books in the playroom? Howard's Moving Books & Toys Storage Truck comes super-handy with its natural rattan body, six wheels and two headlights. There’s also a little driver's compartment for their tiny figurines!

If you miss the rattan furniture of your childhood, also take a look at the range of exquisite pieces at Kathy’s Cove. Designed with little ones in mind, their rattan furniture focuses on children's furniture pieces. Built to encourage organisation skills is the crafts cart and to showcase the ever-growing toys collection, a display and storage house shelf! As rattan is often associated with island living, they’ve also designed rattan planters that make great standing statement pieces.

The products by Kathy’s Cove are handcrafted to last for generations, which makes them great heirloom pieces and gifts for all occasions. What’s more, they look incredible in your house, inside of the playroom or otherwise!

Leia’s Playworld

Founded by a pair of sisters, Leia's Playworld brings you toys curated from small toy-makers, around the world, and books that help raise responsible citizens of the future(hear! hear!).

Firm believers of play being the work of the child, Leia’s Playworld strives to find toys that can facilitate meaningful interactions, conversations and learning experiences. Open-ended toys can be played within so many ways and across age groups - babies, toddlers and older kids. 

Do your little ones love animals? Then they’ll cherish the Zoo Life (Set of 5 or 10), open-ended toys, safe, eco-friendly and long-lasting wooden figurines that are perfect for both little and growing hands! You can also paint these wooden figurines together with your little ones and make them uniquely yours.

They’ll also enjoy Number Crayons, a box of 10 handmade non-toxic number crayons in an assortment of colours that are great not just for drawing and colouring, but also as a learning tool for counting and recognising numbers!

Noah’s Toys and Games

Quality wooden toys meant for learning through play! Noah’s Toys and Games is our favourite go-to for all playthings wooden and unique in Singapore.  Drawing inspiration from her son's love for play and her love for the versatility of wooden toys, Jamie, the founder, put together this well-curated store, that carries only the best of wooden toys in Singapore that are both fun and safe for babies and young children.

Their wooden toys follow strict rules of production and undergo rigorous safety testing, giving parents peace of mind as their children engage in hours of creative and open-ended play.

You’ll find a wide variety of best-selling toys and accessories including some local favourites such as DrawnBy: Jessica is a lovingly created Singaporean brand that hopes to bring you and your family enjoyment away from screens. Salt & Moonstones is also one of their popular local brands that allow children to explore rocks and minerals as part of their playtime.

Luna Play

Luna Play stemmed from the idea that most readily available toys come in colours that disrupt the interior aesthetics of a house. 

Toys always bring about the negative connotation of "being a mess" and Luna Play hopes to source beautiful toys from all over the world that are not only aesthetically pleasing but engaging as well.  Most toys at Luna Play are made from wood and are gender and age-neutral - so siblings of all age groups can enjoy endless play. 

Encouraging play-based learning the open-ended toys at Luna Play can be used in a number of ways and will help foster both logic and creativity. Whether it is their wooden rainbow stackers - dyed with non-toxic paint and made from natural wood or the quintessential Wooden Alphabet Puzzle Board, these are exactly the type of toys you want lying around.

For Little Hands

For Little Hands was born out of a love for well-made, thoughtfully designed items for children. Meticulously handpicked to ensure they are top quality, child-safe and aesthetically pleasing, you are sure to find something on here that brings plenty of joy to your homes!

Their carefully curated, unique collection of toys and baby essentials from around the globe are brought in from supporting fellow small businesses and vendors committed to ethical sourcing.

Want to buy books for your little ones? Consider the book selection at For Little Hands that includes a variety of unique titles as well as best-sellers such as our favourite Press Here by Herve Tullet.

You’ll also find popular brands and learning toys such as the Grimm’s Building Set Rainbow Lion that boasts a beautiful mane in many colours with endless playing possibilities!


Theplayroomsg is inspired by their owners’ playroom at home. The brand selects toys that provide your little ones with the opportunity for hands-on learning and open-ended play. At Theplayroomsg, all the research has been done for you, which means you can rest assured buy toys that are highly educational and hand-picked to develop dexterity, encourage imagination and parent-child interaction. Through playing, solving puzzles and with the help of picture books, Theplayroomsg believes that children can relate easier to the world around them and even cope with difficult situations.

Hate bad quality toys? Theplayroomsg sells long-lasting that are high-quality as well as affordable and make great additions to early learning years and more. Some of our favourites include the Mosaic Geometric Pattern puzzle, with 150 pieces of basic shapes, to unleash creativity and start a love for intricate patterns and objects! Budding doctors will love the Mideer Body Magnet Puzzle with 5 different sets of body parts: The skeleton, the muscles, the organs, the male body, the female body, adding up to a total of 84 different pieces full of learning!

Banner image: Noah's Toys and Games

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