Audi Q2

Audi Q2: A Car Made for the Young and Adventurous


The new Audi Q2 is a small SUV, which brings out an off-road look to a wider audience rather than the introduction of other smaller SUVs such as Nissan Juke and Renault Captur. Car buyers in the UK and Europe are currently going mad for the crossover Q2 SUV.

The new Audi Q2, which had its world premiere at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, represents the 13th model series of the brand with the Four Rings. Audi has positioned ahead of mass-market brands such as Nissan, Toyota and Peugeot. With the Q2, the company is continuing the success story of its Q-family. Therefore, the Audi Q2 SUV is a premium vehicle, which combines modern design with a high level of functionality, as it is a car for everyday and leisure time driving. 

Audi Q2

The Q2 is very much aimed at a younger audience. The look of the Q2 is also a head turner with an elegant, coupé like shape, a bold, confident design with plenty of ways to customize its details including brand new colors and contrast bumpers.

Audi won itself quite a reputation for its stylish, functional cabins, filled with lots of high-quality fabrics and built with precision. The Q2 is spacious and it elevates you to the driving position of an SUV.

Like seen in larger models such as the Q7 and R8, the Q2 has a useful innovation that allows the driver to see a map in their eyeliner without having to look away from the windscreen for too long.

Audi Q2

Thrown in smartphone connectivity (including Apple Car play), DAB radio and an embedded Sim card that gives owners access to a range of online services, it’s clear that the Q2 will have huge appeal to fans of technology. Audi Q2 offers the latest Audi innovations for the ultimate driving experience. 

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