Trip To Bio Aesthetic


In the recent week, the haze is getting from bad to worse, and this not only affects our respiratory system but also our hair and skin, hence having a facial during this period makes such a good relief.

The skies may be hazy, however the UV exposure is stronger as the rays are trapped in the atmosphere by the haze, as mentioned by a skin therapist, Teri Tay, in a recent article. These dusts dry our skin and clog our pores, and I did realise that my skin was more prone to acne and itchiness the past week.

Bio Aesthetic came up with an Aqua Spiral Therapy, and I thought it would be refreshing to give my skin some pampering from the hazy weather. They let me try out the machine from Korea, which consists of three steps; Cleansing, Exfoliating and Hydrating.

Interestingly, I was given a dermal-infusion handpiece to hold on to during the treatment, and was told that this deepens the penetration of nutrients without hurting the skin.

During the treatment, a multi-action specialised serum was used to cleanse my skin and soften the impurities. I could feel the subtle suction of the machine, which tingles my skin slightly. My skin was given some time to absorb the nutrients from the serum in between the two rounds of exfoliating and hydrating.

After which, my therapist was carefully applied the mask, as we know the mask mixture can be quite cold at times, and I never enjoy having a thick amount mashed on my face without any warning. I was then left to rest with the mask for 20mins in a dark serene room.

At the end of the treatment, I felt refreshed as my pores felt clean from the haze. My face was also more hydrated compared to before. I reckon the hazy weather is just another excuse for us to pamper our skin with facials, so don’t let the haze faze you out!


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