Red Valentino's Spring / Summer 2016 Collection

Red Valentino's Spring / Summer 2016 Collection


The first week of December saw the slightly-more-affordable sister of fashion house Valentino, Red Valentino, give the media an exclusive sneak preview of their latest forage into vintage-inspired fashion. Building on the lace and corset influences of eighteenth and nineteenth century designs, Red Valentino introduces a breath of fresh air into its Spring/Summer 2016 collection with an eclectic mix of both pastels and muted colours. To add a touch of “romantic modernism sprinkled with gender-bending insouciance” to their aesthetic, the fashion label also features a range of sixties-inspired Peter Pan-collared dresses in various rainbow pastels along with one particularly beautiful piece, adorned with the parent brand Valentino’s signature sangalo laser cut-out floral patterns.

The daringly unconventional collection also throws in elaborate crochet maxi dresses into the mix along with demure, feminine equestrian-style jackets clashed with loud sparkly brooches, bright colours and sharp designs. While the collection is altogether what one might term ‘conventionally girly’, with soft tones and cuts and prim-and-proper necklines, we love the fact that you can pair it with edgy accessories, like the range of strap-up pointy spike-emblazoned stilettos and the cat-eye eyeliner tote, to name a few. All in all, the devil is in the details and the new line does a good job with loosely advocating gender fluidity, while staying true to the elements that Valentino are most known brand for.

Contributor: Maya Tsering Bhalla

Maya is the acting Editor for the newly launched Vanilla Luxury Magazine. In addition to writing about everything from lifestyle to human interest stories, Maya is an avid traveler, a self-professed musician, jack-of-all-trades and a yoga and food lover. Follow her adventures on Instagram at @mayapayapie.

*Image credits - Red Valentino