Reasons We're Excited for Super Bowl 50


Less than 24 hours to go before Super Bowl 50 finally kicks off! Whether you're an avid football fan or not, there are tons of other reasons why half the globe is countingdown to #SB50. From an epic halftime lineup to a major charity milestone, the golden anniversary game is not to be missed. Scroll down to find out the top reasons as to why we are at the edge of our seats to watch the historic game unfold. 


The event is kicking off with an amazing start. The award-winning vocal powerhouse Lady Gaga will be singing the American National Anthem. Joining a list of elite singers who have sung the anthem during the Super Bowl in the past such as Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood and many more - We have no doubt that Lady Gaga will do justice and introduce another rendition of the Anthem. 


Probably the only reason we tune into Super Bowl religiously year after year- the commercials. Since the Super Bowl is known as one of the most watched television broadcasts not just in the United States, but across the globe as well, it is no shocker that a 30-second commercial can cost close to USD 4.5 million. Why not play a game this year and let's see how many celebrities can we count in this year's commercials. 


If you want to be in the loop for the rest of the year, you HAVE to pay attention to this. Katy Perry's left-shark was one of the top Halloween costumes for 2015, and obviously you wouldn't know what it is if you didn't watch Katy Perry's performance last year. This year, Coldplay is headlining the show for the first time and will be joined by none other than queen Beyonce. Rumor has it that Bruno Mars and Rihanna could possibly make an appearance too. There's no way we're missing out on this one. 


Super Bowl is pretty much a holiday for half the globe, but this year it luckily coincides with the CNY festives making it all the more a holiday! Bars, private clubs, wing stops and pizza joints are already on full-blown advertisement of their happy hour specials for the show. So if you still think you're maintaining that diet, please forget about it. We are cheating on our trainers and indulging in all the food because THIS is an occasion. Don't forget to make space for cake! 


The 39-year-old Peyton Manning will be the oldest quarterback to ever start a Super Bowl game. Being in the league since 1998, this is going to be his fourth appearance in the Super Bowl and it could be the last time he puts on an NFL uniform. Manning's last game will be adding even more epicness to an already historic night of football. Anyone in this world who doesn't take pleasure in seeing one of the all-time greats walk off the stadium is clearly empty on the inside. 


To celebrate their golden jubille, the Super Bowl 50 hosts launched a major charity move making this the most philantriphic Super Bowl ever. The commitee has launched the 50 Fund, an initiative to bring closer the economic and opportunity gaps in the Bay Area of USA. The program promises to give back 25-percent of all the money raised to offer grants to different organizations that aid in youth development and community investment. For more information about the charity drive visit here


That pretty much sums up all the reasons we can't wait to grab our beers and watch the NFL Super Bowl this Monday. If you are currently in Singapore, then join us at ONE°15 Marina Club, Constellation ballroom this Monday (February 8) from 7am to 1pm to watch the NFL Super Bowl 2016 live. For a mere amount of SGD 38, watch the game with a glass of housepour wine/beer and a selection of intercontinental breakfast. For more information and reservations, visit their Facebook Page or contact them at +65 6305 6982.


Contributor: Heena Paryani 

When not fantacising about her next holiday or dancing to the latest Bollywood tunes, you will find Heena with a glass of whisky in the most underrated joints of the city. Follow her adventure on Instagram