New Year, New Look - Makeover

New Year, New Look - Makeover


Your outward appearance is at least half of what gives you that confidence-boost. If you feel disenchanted on the outside, it’s often tough to feel great on the inside. However, some people may not know what the best look for them is and as part of Vanilla Luxury’s endeavour to give the gift of all things new, we gave three very lucky ladies makeovers worth $2,500. With clothes sponsored from An Cee Chantelle, Pleatation, jewellery from Annielka and An Cee Chantelle, hair and make-up by Shradha professional make-up artist and photography by veteran Nicolas Scaturro, we wanted to give them a “brand new them”.

Reni, who is in her late 30s and hails from Sydney, tends to play it safe with her colours – opting for maroons, dark greens and greys that don’t quite bring out her lovely olive skin-tone. She opted for the makeover as she felt the need to experiment with more colours, especially since she wants to spice up her corporate wardrobe.  She and her husband moved to Singapore from Sydney four years ago and works at Standard Chartered.

Wardrobe tips for Reni

Reni says it usually takes her about 10 minutes to get ready every day as she doesn’t put too much thought into her daily look. She’s an athletic person who loves to gym and hike in her free time, so the Pink Structured Silk Dress by AnCee Chantelle was perfect for her. It both brought out her healthy glow and accentuated her small waist and trim body. Annielka's Michelle Lapis Lazuli Silver Earrings further enhanced her bright new look and bone structure. 

Make-up tips for Reni

Since Reni is looking to rev up her daily corporate look, Shradha opted for a light day look. She used a Mac Studio Tinted Moisturiser, instead of a foundation for the base and Make Up Forever’s HD pressed powder over the make up to help the look sit. She used Urban Decay’s concealer to hide Reni’s pronounced dark circles. Shradha advises that people who tend to get dark circles, which is common amongst South Asians, should use a weightless complete coverage concealer under their eyes, as well as a flesh coloured eye-liner along the waterline, as opposed to dark-coloured eyeliner. Eyeliner should only be applied above, along with a lighter eyeshadow, to bring the attention away from the dark circles. For her lips, Shradha went with a Sephora lip tint in rouge and completed the look with some light contouring to bring out Reni’s high cheekbones. As Reni has naturally good skin the sheer powder was a great way to top the look off.

Hair tips for Reni

As Reni has short side-swept hair that is relatively straight, a simple go-to hairstyle that instantly enhances her look is when some volume is added. Shradha advises that women with hair like Reni’s should tie their hair loosely and then blowdry it when it is still semi-wet from a shower. They should then apply a blob of mousse and then further dry their hair. Comb through the look with your fingers to give the appearance of more volume and to help it stay in place in the humidity of Singapore.

Sarika, a teacher in her 30s, decided to enter the challenge because she had already been considering signing up for grooming classes to learn how to carry herself better, through improving her look. She explained that, “I’m not fashion-conscious but my husband and precocious young daughter always tell me I have good features and that I need to learn how to enhance them through my styling and make-up.” Here’s where Vanilla Luxury stepped in!

Wardrobe tips for Sarika

As Sarika is naturally shy and petite with rounded feminine features and voluptuous curves, and a light brown complexion, a Silk Dress in Yellow, by AnCee Chantelle was chosen. The dress is a change to what Sarika usually wears out and seeing her face in a new light gave her a new rush of confidence which we hope she carries through with her for 2016. To complement the dress, Sarika wore AnCee Chantelle's Silver Teardrop Earrings and Annielka's Damselfly's Howlite Sana Bangle in Sterling Silver, to accentuate her femininity. 

Make-up tips for Sarika

Since Sarika’s own make-up tends to be rather minimalistic, with just a touch of under eyeliner and lipstick, Shradha transformed her entire look 360-degrees. Shradha used Dior Dream Skin Serum as a base for her skin, before using Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum with an SPH of 40PA++ for spot reduction. She suggests using a good skin serum under the skin to avoid causing more irritation to spot-prone skin. A Bobbi Brown foundation was chosen for Sarika’s base coverage, followed by Urban Decay’s Naked Loose Powder. To sharpen Sarika’s features, Shradha used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and went for a dramatic effect on her eyes. Urban Decay’s Wise Palette for her smoky eyeshadow and three layers of Aqua Smoky mascara on Sarika’s naturally long lashes to enhance the look. The completed effect was a stunning new woman.

Hair tips for Sarika

Shradha went for big, tight curls and plenty of teasing for volume for Sarika, whose straight hair tends to be a little flat on top. As Sarika was looking for a look that was the polar opposite of her usual self, Shradha transformed her look completely from teacher and housewife to glama-mama.

Nat Rødsjø, a mother of 4 beautiful children and an Australian native, undoubtedly, has her hands full and for the past few years, hasn’t been able to focus on much else, let alone her appearance. While Nat keeps up a strict skincare regimen, despite her hectic schedule, she admits that over the past 10 years or so, she has lost track of who she wants to be. She entered the competition with hopes that by seeing someone else’s perspective of what she could be, she would have a clearer idea of who she wants to be and how she presents herself, going forward.

Wardrobe tips for Nat 

Nat finds that the biggest struggle for someone her height (she’s 1.90m tall) is finding clothes that fit in Singapore. “When I buy full-length pants they end up becoming three-quarters on me,” she laments. For her look, we chose to go with a chic, attractive bohemian mom look. For this reason, a bohemian-chic look was chosen for the lady with the modelesque height - Pleatation's Seasons Bloom Xhalter Maxi, that went beautifully with AnCee's Bohemian-style necklace with Tiger-Eye gems and Annielka's Kurshuni Crystal Triangle Gold Studs. 

Make-up tips for Nat

Nat’s skin tends to be a little dry and she is naturally freckly, which are of course natural but owed largely to the Australian sun and Singapore’s humidity. Shradha went for Nars All Day Luminous Foundation for Nat’s base coverage, an Urban Decay Concealer and Mac Studio Fix Powder. She highlighted Nat’s brow bones and coloured her lips with Stila’s Carina lip colour.

Hair tips for Nat

Nat has short straight hair so in order to complement her boho-chic look and accentuate her graceful neck, Shradha opted for a graceful updo. The updo, although intricate with its braids and weaves, had a feminine messiness to it to bring out Nat's hidden bohemian spirit. The look highlighted her neckpiece and graceful gold crystal earrings. 

Credits: Clothes - Pleatation,  An Cee Chantelle  I   Jewellery - Annielka,  An Cee Chantelle I  Hair & Make-up - Shradha Agarwal