Lunch Hour Beauty Fix


Having been in the spa industry for a good 5 years, I would consider myself rather critical and not one that is easily impressed as I used to have facials every other week with a good 9 step skincare regime before I allowed work to consume me.

I have to admit that due to my hectic schedule, I could never make time for facials but I was really intrigued by the use of bird’s nest and collagen that are two key ingredients that are widely known for anti-aging.

I decided to give the treatment a go as it was just 30 minutes and I had an event the day after before my summer vacation. Thankfully Firma Skin is located at Raffles Place which makes it just so convenient for a quick lunch hour beauty fix.

The treatment started with a cleanse, exfoliation whereby my skin was calmed down with the use of a cold machine. My therapist was very cautious as it was my first microdermabrasion that she did not want to over do it. She then followed with a warm machine to boost my blood circulation.

As it was my first time having my treatment at Firma Skin, my therapist was very thoughtful to explain each step that she was performing on my skin which was reassuring

What was really unique about the treatment was the spraying of Bird’s Nest onto my skin and Collagen which apparently, is a patented scientific technology, created by the doctors behind Firma Skin. My therapist explained to me that as our skin has a limited absorption rate, these ingredients in a form of a mist allows better penetration into the skin, which was something I never knew.

I was really impressed when saw my skin in the mirror after the treatment as it was glowing and radiant. I could immediately see the instant results and what was even more amazing was that my skin did not feel one bit sticky or oily and that hydrating effected lasted all day despite the humid weather.

My therapist then introduced the skin care range created by the doctors without trying to hard sell but the product that caught my attention was the UV sunscreen with anti-oxidation as I knew the importance of never leaving the house without sunscreen.

Above it all, the key selling point was that Firma Skin is backed by the doctors from Firma Medical located at Novena Specialists Center who have trained the therapist and therefore I know that my face is in safe hands.

Gursheel Dhillon