Layering Necklaces 101


Prepare to throw out all rules about accessorizing. These days, anything goes! Feel free to have fun layering your jewellery, mixing metals, experimenting with textiles, layering varied lengths and piling on statement pieces. As you can change your look by swapping one necklace for another, this trend is versatile for an amazing range of styles. Don’t be afraid to go wild; unexpected pairings of necklaces create an unusual, stylized look. Keep reading for your master class in layering jewellery plus our recommendations for pieces to try out.

Start from the Top

You’re going for a graduated effect, starting from a short, delicate piece at the top. A good starting point would be a slim, 16-inch choker, a dainty pendant or a circle of gemstones or pearls.

Lustre Rock Crystal Pendant Necklace $50


Lustre Chalcedony Pendant Necklace $59

Start Layering with Lengths

Now you’re ready to start your personality profile accessory. The key is varying the length of your necklaces. Add necklace number two and three, choosing a longer pieces by an inch or two. Consider the clothes you’re wearing as well. If your top has a deep V neckline, you can drop down several inches to fill in the space for a more even look.



It can be fun to pile on two or more necklaces or chains with beads or small charms interspersed. An easy look to pull off is a shorter pendant with a longer graduated bead chain. Or stick to a theme, with the same or similar shapes hanging from chains of different lengths.

Small Multi Gemstone Necklace $189.00


Lustre Hanging Gems Necklace $120.00



Experiment with different chains and colours for your next pieces. You can drape bright, primary colors of gems or beads together or stay within the same color family for a softer look.

Lustre Agate Geode Slice Necklace $165.00

Lustre Chalcedony, Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Tanzanit Necklace $159.00


If you’re feeling even more daring, opt for varying metals, layering gold, rose gold and silver. If your base piece is subtle with a delicate chain, create a bold contrast with chunkier pendants and link or rice-bead chains.


Finishing it off

Pendants work great as the finishing piece, since the weight of the bauble adds a long visual that frames the other two necklaces. An oversized statement necklace goes well with smaller, simpler necklaces.

Lustre Green Onyx with Green Quartz Necklace $250.00

Lustre Agate Druzy with Labradorite Tassel Necklace $210

Break the Rules

Nothing says a statement necklace like statement necklaces. Layer multiple statement pieces together unapologetically for a fierce look.

Layering necklaces is your chance to create a look that’s distinctly yours, so go all out and have fun with it!


Contributor: Karmen Leong

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