Joe and The Juice, a Hit or Miss?

Joe and The Juice, a Hit or Miss?


Joe and The Juice has most recently hit the shores of Singapore, to a lot of rave reviews. In the months to come, will it experience the same level of success as their stores in Europe? Only time will tell. So far, so good and we're confident this will be a trend for at least a while more. Vanilla Luxury has 5 reasons why Joe and The Juice will be a hit among Singaporeans.

Joe and The Juice, a Hit or Miss?

Image Credit: Joe and The Juice

1. Appeals to the Health Conscious

Taking into consideration the health conscious Singaporeans out there, this Danish brand definitely has a market. Having fruit blends to give you an energy boost, strengthen your immunity or to aid in digestion makes the range of beverages from Joe and The Juice a perfect fit into your daily routine.

Following the trends of brands like Boost Juice Bar here in Singapore, there are high hopes for the brand as predicted by Norbreeze Group who have successfully brought brands such as Daniel Wellington in to Singapore as well. There is always room for more juice bars here in Singapore.

2. It’s a lifestyle

Joe and The Juice has become a lifestyle brand much like Starbucks and has stores in popular cities such as Sweden and New York where urbanites thrive off their need for a retail experience and building a lifestyle.

Joe and The Juice offers Urbanites respite from their hectic schedules by providing a tranquil setting to escape to in the middle of the city and their amazing selection of food and beverages. Watch out for their personalized customer experience much like how Cold Stone Creamery dishes out their ice cream. Except with a little less throwing. The friendly environment and the beautiful space make Joe and The Juice an amazing place to retreat to on breaks.

3. Great Food

Apart from the fact that Joe and The Juice appeals to the lifestyle and health consciousness of Singaporeans, they serve great food which has been all the rave in many of its other stores.

Sandwiches, in my opinion, are a great alternative to greasy Singaporean cuisine. Made with flatbread which is light and not too doughy as well as fresh ingredients such as ripe avocados and juicy tomatoes , their sandwiches make a nutritious meal that will quell your hunger pangs and not give you a case of food coma. Did I mention that these sandwiches are absolutely delicious as well? Your bar for sandwiches will be cranked up a notch after dining here.

4. Shots?!

Shots at anytime of the day is a wonderful option. Do not get me wrong, I am no alcoholic. What I'm referring to are their diverse selection of healthy shots to give your body a boost. Instead of an entire glass of blended juice, Joe and The Juice offers you 2oz shots of ginger, broccoli or beetroot shots. This is especially  for the high functioning corporate executives who have no time to go for an hour long lunch.

5. Service and Speed

Many of their branches overseas have received great comments on their service and the speed of their service overseas. Through my personal experience overseas, they are fast on their feet and make their juices really well. Nobody has time to wait for anything nowadays and it is definitely and fast service is good service. Service and speed is an important combination in retail today. Let us hope that Joe and The Juice Singapore lives up to the excellence in service standards and speed of service.

You can visit Joe and The Juice at Chevron House 30 Raffles Place, #01-35A. 

Contributor: Keith Ong

Keith is a contributor for Vanilla Luxury, who loves adventure and covers a variety of topics of interest.