Inside the Lavish Lives of Asian Sugar Babies

From BMW Cars to Hermes Handbags, these ladies have seemed to have found romance with finance


There are many controversies around sugar dating, but that has not stopped Darren Chan, Founder of SugarBook to launch Asia’s first online dating platform which connects Sugar Daddies and Mommies with Sugar Babies around the region.

He started TheSugarBook after reading a study several years ago which stated that 40% of individuals chose ‘financials’ as one of the top criteria when it comes to choosing a partner.

We now take a look inside the lavish lives of several Sugar babies from Asia.

Danielle, 21 years old, Singapore

Danielle came to know of Sugarbook when she oversaw 3 of her classmates signing up to the website in class.

“I think Sugarbook has totally changed how women approach dating,” Danielle said. “Put aside the life of luxury, it is more towards gender equality and giving women a choice. I mean why can men choose women for their youth and beauty but not women choosing men for their profession and success?”

She joined Sugarbook in January 2018 and is currently in a 6-month-old relationship with a Sugar Daddy who owns a tech company and enjoys spoiling her.

Jennifer, 30 years old, Malaysia

Jennifer, a 30-year old divorcee, works as a terminal care nurse and has a 3-year old daughter.

“I was lonely and depressed, I won’t deny. It takes a lot to see people come and go, and to pretend everything is okay when I got home,” Jennifer told Sugarbook. “I joined Sugarbook and other dating platforms because I wanted to find a companion, and hopefully a good man who would love my daughter as much as I do.”

Jennifer then met her Sugar Daddy in February 2018, two months after joining Sugarbook. “He does everything in his power to make me smile,” Jennifer said. The couple is now in an exclusive relationship and he adores her daughter to bits.

Dau, 23 years old, Thailand

Dau, a 23-year old fresh graduate, joined Sugarbook in July 2017 with a few of her friends for fun and ended up going for dates with Sugar Daddies they had met on the platform.

Dau told Sugarbook, “I honestly did not think that I would end up enjoying the Sugar life when I first joined the platform.” She continued, “Perhaps it is because I realised that I prefer older men as they generally make better conversationalists.”

Dau currently has two Sugar Daddies whom she meets on a regular basis and they bring her along on their business trips as she enjoys travelling.

Elizabeth, 25 years old, Malaysia

Elizabeth, a 25-year old cabin crew member, joined Sugarbook in August 2017 and has met a number of Sugar Daddies from all over the world.

“I joined Sugarbook because my friend found a Sugar Daddy who treats her like the lady she is,” Elizabeth told Sugarbook. “It’s difficult for me to settle down as I’m constantly flying, so this sort of dating suits me best,” she continued.

Elizabeth has met a number of Sugar Daddies from all over the world through Sugarbook and they have showered her with gifts and brought her to fancy restaurants at the cities she lands in.

May, 28 years old, Singapore

May, a 28-year old social entrepreneur, joined Sugarbook in June 2017. At that time, she was out of a job and had been unsuccessful at finding one for a few months. She tried to network with people through a social networking platform but had little success.

“I was just trying my luck when I joined Sugarbook. I was desperate to find someone who could point me in the right direction,” May told Sugarbook. “After a few weeks, I met a Sugar Daddy who encouraged me to start my own business and explained what being a social entrepreneur was all about.”

Taking her under his wing, May is now a successful business owner and has become close friends with the Sugar Daddy that helped turn her life around.