How to Eat Oysters Like a Pro

Tasting tips to help you decide whether an oyster is good or not


If you didn't already know it is seafood season. From live lobsters to the latest to succulent oysters. The good old oyster seems to be the rage of any respectable meal. Paired with wine or champagne, these little mollusks are undoubtedly the most bourgeoisie thing around.

Recently we were invited by the folks of Greenwood Fish Market for an oyster tasting. Here are some tips to tasting oysters like a pro:

Start with a pair of the same oysters

There are literally hundreds of different oysters from around the world and to get an accurate taste profile, it's always good to sample a pair of the same oysters before making your decision.

Never pour away the oyster liquid

When an oyster is shucked correctly there will be liquid inside it. It is actually filtered sea water in which the oyster lives, the flavour from this liquid enhances the taste of the oyster.

Take a sip of wine or Champagne

To further enhance the taste of the oyster, take a sip of wine or champagne. It will give you an extra kick of umami.

Take the second oyster with toppings

Remember you have a pair of oysters. Try the second one with a little lemon or with the provided toppings to achieve the desired taste. Another popular way to enhance its taste is to add a pinch of freshly cracked black pepper. This will help intensify the oyster’s taste.

Now that you have eaten the oyster like a pro here are some tasting tips.

Appearance: What is the size, length, depth, colour and shape?

Brininess: Oysters’ saltiness is described as brininess.

Sweetness: This is might be a hard one for some but if you pay close attention some oysters have a rich creamy sweetness.

Viscosity: How does it feel in your mouth? Creamy or crunchy?

Cadence: Does the taste quickly leave your taste buds or does it linger?

Umami: Overall savouriness of the oyster, if an oyster is rich in flavour or not.

Patrick A Fitzgerald

06 Aug 2018, 10:00 AM

A Native of Australia Patrick A Fitzgerald has been a stylist since the age of 19. This Fashion design graduate prides himself on keeping up to date with the latest trends and faux pas. This 29-year-old is currently based between Singapore and Melbourne where his splits his time equally between styling & writing.