His Secret to Buying Luxury Jeans

His Secret to Buying Luxury Jeans


The one thing people do not get about designer jeans is that it is, in itself, an investment. If kept properly and not tossed around the dryer time and time again or washed every other week, these luscious pair of jeans that one has paid a hefty price for, can actually retain its value. I have a friend who bought a few pairs of Dior jeans and sold them for a profit. I was amazed. I thought the 700 odd dollars he spent on it was going down the drain and the value of those jeans would have depreciated significantly over a couple of years.

However, he turns out to be a very meticulous guy and knows the luxury jeans industry well. He kept those pairs of Dior jeans in tip top condition. Of course, one of the reasons why luxury jeans cost so much is because of the materials that they are made of. It allows them to sustain the shape, cut and treatment of the denim. When asked what he looked out for when shopping for a pair of luxury jeans, these were his pointers:

1. The cutting or fit of the jeans

The fit of the jeans is incredibly important because it determines how good they make you look. Will this particular cut make me look taller? Does it fit my boots? These are the main questions you will have to ask yourself before you make a purchase. Most go for slim cut however, for designer jeans, it is more complex. There exists what is known as the hem size which is the opening of the jeans that determines how slim the pair of jeans are. A 15cm hem size is one of the smallest and considered as a skinny jeans. Average Singaporeans should go for hem size 19cm. A regular cut hem size is 21cm.

Another aspect to bear in mind is the length of the jeans. When choosing a pair of slim jeans, it will look stunning when the length of the jeans reaches your feet. This will create what is known as stacks. They give a refined look to your jeans.

2. The rarity or regular exclusivity of it

Certain pairs of jeans are very exclusive and they get snagged up almost immediately by jeans collectors. There is a cult following for designer jeans all over the world and there are very few websites and local boutique stores that are able to get hold of supply for the jeans. Even if they are able to do so, there are only a few pairs available. Not to mention, the flagship stores in certain countries are not able to get a hold of certain designs.

The runway pieces for example are released for the week where the runway show is held and only 1000 pieces will be available worldwide. These pieces are extremely rare and collectors are always on the lookout for them.

3. The treatment of the jeans, (eg. waxed, destroyed, washed etc)

Raw is the most popular because it allows a pair of jeans to have its own unique fade. Individuals can also choose to treat their own pair of jeans to individualize them. Another popular treatment is the washed denim which comes with its own fade. For waxed jeans, they are considered the most expensive and can only be dry cleaned. So select the treatment of your designer jeans based on your preferred style.

4. The hype around that particular brand

One reason why certain brands are hyped up is because of the designers behind them. For instance, the designer Hedi Silmane, who used to be with Dior, made the brand so popular that the jeans he designed still fetch a high price till this day. Another example of an exceptional designer is Balmain, who recently did a collaboration with H&M which saw a long line of customers queuing 3 days before the release.

Contributor: Keith Ong 

Keith is a contributor for Vanilla Luxury that loves adventure and covers a variety of topics that interests him. 

*Image credit: Calvin Klein Jeans