Helping Mums Look Gorgeous Again. Samina Malik on her Hot Mama Makeover

It’s time to get out of your jammies ladies, Samina Malik is here to help

Been awhile since you really dressed up? Between diapers, school and enrichment classes it’s no wonder most mums barely get to spend time on themselves! Samina Malik is helping mothers in Singapore rediscover themselves – to bring out the beautiful women they were and still are!

“My focus is to make all women believe in their beauty, something I personally struggled with, until I discovered the power of makeup and positive self-esteem. Feeling confident and beautiful in our own skin is a powerful gift we women should give to one another. This is the backbone and vision behind the the Hot Mama Makeover: I want to help mums look fresh, updated and regain their confidence. “Says Samina, the brainchild behind the Hot Mama Makeover, we have often heard of on social media groups.

Time, work, and family life can sometimes distract mums from paying a little well deserved attention to themselves. Soon they realize they are left with a dated look using dated products that do not work anymore. Samina can be your own personal makeup guru and help change all that with the Hot Mama makeover which includes:


1.   A New Makeup Kit

Hands up if you have a drawer full of makeup from the pre-kids’ era or rushed bouts of shopping at duty free? Some of these are old, probably expired or simply the wrong colour, texture and ingredients for your skin tone. Samina will take you through makeup alleys, picking products that work well - just for you.


2.   Makeup lessons

Rethink your makeup routine and learn how to define your best features. Samina will help you understand makeup and its basics along with the right techniques to get it to work for you. Easy, and subtle ways to make you look great; you will almost wish you had this information when you were 20!


3.   Styling tips

Samina’s styling tips will teach you how to transform into a natural looking beauty as well as rediscover your features with fresh customized looks using products and techniques that you will love. Learn how to style 4 different looks from natural, glam, smokey to a very bold, turning heads look!


4.   Samina Malik as a Makeup Guru

Often described as a Fairy Godmother of sorts (just read the reviews on her site!), Samina is truly that easy going, approachable stylist one needs.  She is also the one and only original ‘Personal Makeup Shopper’ and ‘Personal Makeup Tutor’ in Singapore.  Her services were developed based on personal recommendations after helping hundreds of women avoid the typical beauty purchase mistakes across the otherwise scary dungeons of makeup stores. This also means that she is unbiased and works across various brands so you can achieve your favourite look with all the essential tools available in the market.

To sign up for a Hot Mama Makeover or to simply get in touch with Samina, click here.

Natasha Tulsi

16 Feb 2017, 10:00 AM

Wordsmith and marketer by day, Natasha is your go-to girl on all things beauty, travel and family. This mommy to two loves her cheese, a fab read and crooning to Ping Fong (don't we all?). Natasha also heads Communications at Expatgiving and helps volunteers find their dream non-profit role! Reach her at email or via her Instagram @sonattymama