Feng Shui Guru’s 2018 Zodiac Travel Predictions

Unleash your wanderlust with these travel tips and advice based on the Year of the Dog

Man’s best friend is taking centre stage this year, and Hong Kong-based Feng Shui and Chinese astrology consultant Master Kelvin Poon dishes out travel predictions for every zodiac during the Year of the Dog.

“Auspicious stars shine upon Southeast Asia in 2018. Travellers should consider visiting countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for their holidays to not only unwind and relax, but also to gain some good fortune!” said Master Poon.


You will encounter the unlucky Hui Qi star this year. Try booking nicer hotels (four-star and above) to avoid the negative energy.

Recommended travel periods: April, August, December

Recommended travel destinations: South Korea

Travel tips to improve your luck: Consider checking into a hotel room with a gym or pool.

Located in the heart of Gangnam Financial District, Park Hyatt Seoul offers diverse facilities such as an infinity pool, spa and fitness center.


You will have above-average luck this year. Consider boosting your luck further by heading north from June through August to places like Beijing, Harbin and even Russia to catch the World Cup!

Recommended travel periods: June, July, August

Recommended travel destinations: Beijing, Harbin, Russia

Travel tips to improve your luck: Try booking a hotel that provides personal butler services

Beijing's famous Four Seasons hotel offers full-service spa packages and luxury car services that can be easily arranged for you.


As you will have a good chance of getting a promotion this year, plan your celebration in advance by picking a resort destination. Southeast Asia is a favourable region, so consider booking a spa resort in Thailand or Da Nang.

Recommended travel periods: June

Recommended travel destinations: Thailand, Da Nang

Travel tips to improve your luck: Try booking a room on a higher floor .Indulge in five-star treatment at Hilton Hua Hin Resort beachfront pool or spa.


Your Zodiac is in union with Tai Sui (Presiding God of the Year), meaning you will likely meet a benefactor this year who will give you a hand when you encounter a challenge. However, you will also have a minor unlucky star working against your wealth. To ensure a balance, go ahead and splurge a little more to reward yourself by picking a better hotel. Who knows – you might even get a selfie opportunity with a celebrity!

Recommended travel periods: March, October

Recommended travel destinations: Central Europe, Dubai

Travel tips to improve your luck: Stay close to Michelin-star restaurants

As a renowned luxury destination, Dubai is home to the world-famous Atlantis The Palm, where guests can feast at Michelin-starred chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Nobu Dubai outlet.


Your wealth will be impacted as your Zodiac clashes with Tai Sui (Presiding God of the Year), Embrace this destiny by going on a European shopping spree. After all, it’s better to spend money on something you love rather than lose money over something you don’t. Paris and Italy are good options.

Recommended travel periods: April, October

Recommended travel destinations: Europe (Italy, Paris, France)

Travel tips to improve your luck: Select hotels close to the city center for plenty of shopping opportunities!

Located in the heart of Paris, Hotel Viator Paris serves as a great starting point to discover the city and enjoy shopping anywhere, anytime!


Hong Luan (Lucky Star) shines upon your Zodiac this year. As you will also have a great year with your partner, why not consider going somewhere romantic? The Maldives is a great choice.

Recommended travel periods: May

Recommended travel destinations: Maldives

Travel tips to improve your luck: Participate in more water activities, or simply relax at a spa.

Situated near a quiet and serene Maldivian Island, Medhufushi Island Resort is surrounded by the ocean and even has its own private beach, spa and water sport activities.


Thanks to the Lucky Star, you have the best luck in wealth this year. Be sure to splurge on yourself because great opportunities await you this year.

Recommended travel periods: February, October

Recommended travel destinations: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Travel tips to improve your luck: Choose a hotel with elegant and beautiful rooms

Embrace nature at Alamanda Palm Cove and enjoy the charming scenery of the surrounding Great Barrier Reef.


Goat You will have the protection of a lucky star to turn any calamities into blessings this year. Consider trying out extreme sports or more adventurous activities on your holidays!

Recommended travel periods: November, December

Recommended travel destinations: Switzerland, Canada

Travel tips to improve your luck: Check-in to a hotel located near a ski area. 

Hotel Cathrin is located close to the ski slopes and also offers ski storage facilities for adrenaline Junkies.


As you will be more prone to emotional fluctuations this year, seek out crowded places to cheer yourself up.

Recommended travel periods: April, December

Recommended travel destinations: Phuket, Bali

Travel tips to improve your luck: Enjoy more sunshine and beaches

With many beaches nearby, you will certainly be able to add more sunshine and colour to your life with Banyan Tree Phuket!


As you have mediocre luck this year, boost your luck by heading East to places such as Tokyo and Taiwan.

Recommended travel periods: February, March, April

Recommended travel destinations: Tokyo, Taiwan

Travel tips to improve your luck: Consider checking into a hotel chain. Located in the heart of the city, Westin Tokyo is close to many art galleries.


As your Zodiac offends Tai Sui (Presiding God of the Year), it is recommended that you spend all your holidays abroad. For those who have limited day-offs, consider taking short-haul trips to nearby locations such as Taiwan, Sanya and Vietnam.

Recommended travel periods: April, September, October

Recommended travel destinations: Taiwan, Sanya, Vietnam

Travel tips to improve your luck: Stay at a hotel with a gym or pool

Located within close proximity to the beach, the Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort also houses a fitness center, making the hotel an ideal getaway to relax and unwind.


2018 marks the year of romance for you. Whether you’re looking to woo or be wooed, choosing a hotel with good scenery will certainly help. You also can’t go wrong with a hip hotel or restaurant.

Recommended travel periods: February, March, July, November

Recommended travel destinations: United States, Canada

Travel tips to improve your luck: Consider booking a hotel with exquisite sea views and premium restaurants There’s nothing more romantic than a hotel with elegant and inviting sea views. Confess your feelings amidst the romantic atmosphere of the Sea View Hotel, Bal Harbour, and increase your chances of success at love!