Femininity vs Masculinity


This has always been an interesting topic that my girlfriends and myself have over dinner. As social media marketing is a huge part of what we do, I am on Facebook every couple of hours and as I scroll through my newsfeed daily, there is never a day where there’s not an article about men and women.

I get the concept of femininity and masculinity and agree that they’re useful frameworks for relating to men and women. As human beings, we are made up of both feminine and masculine qualities but our ratios just differ hence to benchmark a man or a woman against the idealistic checklist is simply unrealistic.

Stereotypical feminine qualities set by society are about giving, being unselfish, kind, compassionate and patient.

Masculine qualities are associated with strength, ability to be decisive, to take risks when appropriate, and to get things done.

Women are becoming more empowered and are wearing several hats in today’s society. Some of their positions in their professional lives require them to step up and lead, negotiate, create structures in order to be competent in their careers. They then do not have a choice to solely rely on their feminine qualities but to embrace masculine qualities in order to get their job done successfully.

The same standards are applied to men. Men are supposed to be masculine yet compassionate at the same time or they automatically become “not good enough” versus the pre-conceived standards set by society.

The solution to this all is to balance your feminine and masculine qualities; you will need to first understand the difference between them. With the understanding, you will need to become more aware of your thoughts. Spending some time reflecting on what feminine and masculine qualities you lack and then taking actions to strengthen them is another way to create balance.

Feminine and masculine qualities play a critical role in how we think, act and behave hence we need both aspects merged together harmoniously in order to be successful in today’s world as these are all good qualities regardless of how society labels them. 

* This is the personal opinion of the columnist.

Editor-in-chief: Gursheel Dhillon

G is a staff writer for VanillaLuxury.sg covering all topics of her interest. She's extremely opinionated and does not like conforming to society. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @GursheelDhillon.