The Essential Guide to Traveling in Style

The Essential Guide to Traveling in Style


When the fashion-conscious hear the words “travel in style”, an image of Louis V luggage and an entourage of Chihuahuas, or something along those lines, immediately comes to mind. However, one must not confuse style for fashion; after all was it not style icon Coco Chanel herself who said “fashion fades but style stays the same”. Being stylish is about knowing what’s hot and doing it in your own way. Looking the part and pulling it off with a flair that exudes confidence. “Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. Style is something very individual, very personal, and in our own unique way, we are all stylish.” In any case, it doesn't hurt to learn a few tricks to improve on our individual style. 

1. Look the part

Google the place you are going and wear something that will help you transition smoothly. I remember leaving Melbourne in winter and arriving in hot tropical Philippines in skinny jeans, a scarf, boots, and a winter coat. Five minutes into my trip I looked a mess holding nearly everything I wore that day in my hand and sweating like a pig. What was stylish eight hours ago was now a train wreck. Airports have now become mini fashion houses and it’s so easy to spot the stylish people from the try-hards. Dress for the place you intend to go, not for the place you are leaving. Stylish people know this. Make sure you plan your outfits ahead and for more style fun leave things out so you can buy them on your journey. You are more confident when you are comfortable; so if style means confidence then the more comfortable you look the more stylish you are.

2. Bag it like a pro – travel light

It’s a well-known travel tip that you must always travel light. A seasoned traveler can always be spotted by the number of bags they are carrying. However a stylish traveler can be identified by the choice of bags they carry. One of the best investments you can make when it comes to travel is a good duffle bag. A duffle bag is great for carrying your arsenal of accessories whilst making sure you look good and keeping you comfortable at the same time. A stylish laptop bag or handbag can also suffice as long as you are able to zip it all up without making it look bulky and untidy. Your carry-on luggage is most important because it’s what’s on you the whole time and it’s what everybody sees. You may want to consider the latest polycarbonate carry-on luggage by RIMOWA, and what’s best is that it comes in several colours to make your holiday more colourful to begin with.

The Essential Guide to Traveling in Style

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3. Accessories you can strip off

Accessories are the bonus points of the stylish travel game. You can carry whatever you want but make sure clutter is reduced. If it is too big to move around with; bag it. A good pair of sunglasses or a hat (if that’s your thing) never fails. Carry your essential makeup kit for emergency touch ups. Noise cancelling headphones are not essential but are a great way to zone out, not to mention they are now massive fashion statements in their own right. One awesome and stylish accessory that is often overlooked is a good book. Yes I said book, not tablet or smartphone. A stylish magazine or good book says a lot about a person and can often act as their own personal billboard.

4. Survive the flight

This could be seen as a continuation of the accessories conversation, the difference being this only applies to the flight itself. With many different airlines and promotions popping up, it is sometimes difficult to fully know what you’re paying for so it is always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore in your trusty duffle bag carry lip balm, hand moisturizer or wet wipes, and an inflatable neck pillow. Don’t forget the surviving hydrating essential – face masks! Be careful not to go overboard with the flight survival gear as you will have to carry it out with you afterwards. You don’t want to nullify the travel light and comfortable tips all because of a flight.

5. Don’t get the shoes blues

If you have planned your trip well you will know what shoes to bring ahead of time. Pack shoes by the time of day, occasion, or activities. These are a few suggestions; shoes for the morning or the house, flats for walking or a casual trip to a museum in the afternoon, sandals or flips flops for the beach, wellingtons for rainy weather, boots for a city shopping spree, and black shoes to go out in, because black goes with everything. Remember shoes are heavy so make sure to only pack at most four pairs. 

6. Be a good citizen

It is definitely stylish to be likable when you travel. A lot of people don’t like travellers and so the last thing they need is a person to “mean tweet” about it when they land or be grumpy to the locals. Be friendly with both locals and fellow tourists alike to get the best out of your travelling experience. Make sure you look after your personal hygiene and carry mints or bubble gum to ensure your conversation is welcomed.


Tom Ford says, “Every woman has her own sense of style and knows herself well. My goal is to help women become the best version of themselves.”

In essence, being the best version of yourself is always the key to being a stylish but smart traveller. There are a million and one travel guides in the world and it has been my goal with this guide to ensure that you understand first and foremost that style is individual and you should express yourself the best way you know how.

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Contributor: Kevryn Lim

Kev holds a Masters in Professional Communications and travel blogs for Vanilla Luxury. To satisfy her wanderlust, she spends her free time exploring new places around the world. Follow her adventures on Instagram @kevylicious