Editor's Note - December 2015

Editor's Note - December 2015


Three months ago I looked around my team at Vanilla Luxury headquarters and had an epiphany: over the past year of working in affordable luxury marketing I have been blessed to pull together an amazing team.

This is a posse that know their stuff – from the little known gorgeous local label to the must-go launch event on the island and as we talked, lived and breathed curated, bespoke and luxury brands I realized we had here a team that could bring to you quality, timely content that reflected what was happening on the ground.

A year of champagnes popped and parties had – Vanilla Luxury turns 1.

And we celebrate with the launch of our online magazine. It would have been real easy to get a gorgeous looking model as the face of the cover but this issue is exceptionally special to me, I wanted to put the very team that supported me on the cover.  

Being a very hands on person, every single brand, and page, content has been personally vetted by me. This is not an attempt to out-page the next magazine, this is an effort to deliver on carefully selected, much loved, thoroughly tested brands and experiences. I am not interested to compete on being a magazine with the most amount of content, but more interested in curating the content. We are not focused just on a product but bringing the story of the brand to life. 

I am definitely not in any rush to pile every single brand on to the platform. This portal and magazine is not a collection of the most expensive, rather, it is a carefully curated selection of the city’s best.

Another key aspect of this magazine is that it first started as an online portal. Backed by a marketing agency, we intend to provide a platform for brands to be able to introduce themselves to customers. Click on “Listings” you will be connected directly to the brands.

Someone asked me, where do you see the magazine in 3 years, and my answer was let’s first do justice to all the brands that need representation in Singapore before we cover other key markets in Asia.

If we have not said hello to you yet, do feel free to introduce yourselves to us at hello@vanillaluxury.sg. If you would like to contribute to the magazine, please email me directly at g@vanillaluxury.sg

Welcome to VanillaLuxury.sg and happy holidays –smiles-

Lotsa love’

Gursheel Dhillon, 
Editor – in – Chief