Countdowns Around The World

Countdowns Around The World


With 2016 fast approaching, here's a look at some of the best places in the world to enjoy the best New Year countdown party:

1. New York

Countdowns Around The World

Nowhere does it better than New York, which arguably has the world's most famous New Year countdown celebrations! Here, you can find hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world huddling together in Times Square counting down to the New Year, along with many millions more following the events from their homes across the world. The festivities begin at 6pm with the lighting and rising of the NYE Ball, followed by several dazzling musical performances by world-famous superstars such as Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Justin Bieber and Hot Chelle Rae.

Even after the countdown at midnight, the New Year parties in New York continue rocking with open bars, music, and dancing till well after 2am, meaning you'll be able to enjoy a whole night of fun!

2. London

Countdowns Around The World

London's Countdown and spectacular New Year's Eve Fireworks are also amongst the very best in the world! Hundreds of thousands of people flock annually to the London Eye to join in the celebrations, and the festivities are watched by many more at home across the United Kingdom and the globe. On New Year's Eve itself, the London celebrations will kick off with a parade featuring marching bands and concerts. The countdown itself is accompanied by the famous time-honoured chimes of the Big Ben, with a countdown timer projected onto the Shell Centre building. As the clock strikes midnight, countless fireworks are launched off the London Eye, which provide a dazzling lightshow lasting nearly 10 minutes.

The 2013-2014 London New Year's Eve fireworks display even introduced smells that corresponded to the colour of the fireworks! Nearly 100,000 people in key viewing areas by the Thames received packs featuring LED wristbands and several kinds of fruit-flavoured sweets that relate to the tastes and smells of the multi-sensory display. Indeed, with its spirit of creativity and innovation, this year's London Countdown is guaranteed to surprise and impress yet again!

3. Sydney

Countdowns Around The World

With its stunning fireworks display and awesome countdown activities, Sydney's Countdown ranks as one of the top countdown parties around the world! Sydney Harbour, the iconic Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Harbour Bridge provide a dramatic setting for Sydney's New Year fireworks, which are consistently regarded as one of the very best in the world. In fact, Sydney's New Year fireworks are the most popular in the world - 2.3 million watched it on TV in Australia in 2013 and more than a billion tuned in worldwide!

Central to the fireworks displays each year is the lighting display on the Harbour Bridge known as the "bridge effect". Made of rope light attached to a panel and truss system, the display showcases symbols and images that are related to the current year's theme. The Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks display also features a "waterfall" effect annually, whereby a continual stream of fireworks fall from the base of the bridge down to touch the water. No wonder the Sydney Countdown has always been such a crowd-pleaser!

4. Disney World Orlando

Countdowns Around The World

For the best New Year's Eve Countdown with the kids, look no further than Disney World Orlando! Few places deliver a better Countdown for the kids than as Disney World does. The theme park opens early on New Year's Eye for Disney Resort guests in preparation for the day-long celebrations, which comprise of live entertainment throughout the day and through to evening, along with a dazzling fireworks display at midnight. Parks and activities continue until 1am, with video games, dance parties, confetti drops, and Champagne toasts for adults, and performances for everyone to enjoy!

5. Rio de Janeiro

Countdowns Around The World

Nothing comes close to the annual New Year's Eve celebrations at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro! The midnight fireworks display at Rio is a mega-spectacle fired from barges out at sea to create a majestic and overwhelming effect, and lasts a whopping 15-minutes. With the grand and dazzling display magnified by the mirror-like sea surface, it is no wonder that the Rio New Year fireworks are regarded as some of the very best in the world.

The Rio countdown celebrations itself also boasts an awesome party, with kiosks lining the beach offering all-you-can-drink tickets (along with some of the best seats in the house), caipirinha up for grabs in the streets, and at least two million people packed on the beaches to party together with! The music line-up for the Rio Countdown is always a well-guarded secret until closer to the day, but you can expect a big Brazilian star, Carnival samba school and an international DJ to rock the stage!

Contributor: Kevryn Lim

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