2018 Party Hairstyles: Inspirations and Tips

8 fun celebrity-inspired hairstyles you can easily recreate this festive season


It’s party season - the happiest time of the year! In my opinion, the best compliment anyone can get is, “Wow, you look great!” When you arrive at a party, you want people to notice you, not just your hair, outfit or shoes. To take the stress off our dear readers, I have put together some ideas to sparkle up some simple festive hairstyles and a list of red carpet-inspired hairstyles. Read on to find your favourite and get ready to rock those parties!

1. Glittery Low Ponytail

Smooth out hair before tying the ponytail. Next, mix sparkles with some water-based hair gel and start painting streaks or whatever design you fancy; simple yet effective!

2. Sparkles Extensions

These shiny streamers can be glued on with a hot glue gun or tied on to hair strands like hair extension. Wow!

3. Statement Hair Accessory

How about a statement hair accessory to glam up your short hair just like Rihanna? Add some texture and movement with a tiny bit of hair wax and finish with some light hairspray. For long hair like Nicole Richie, soft tousled waves are the key to that effortless look.

4. Side-Swept

Sleek and side-swept. Just take a look this classic look adorned by Marion Cotillard that can never go wrong. Some light pomade will give you the shine and smoothness you need to perfect this style.

5. Soft Tousled Waves

Jennifer Lawrence looks gorgeous in soft tousled waves which are a glam yet effortless style. Prep your hair with some soft mousse before curling with the tong to ensure they last through the party.

6. French Roll

Adorn the french roll for an elegant and statement style like Kate Hudson. The key to this look is to not have the rolls too even on both sides.

7. Slick-Back

Look just like Evan Rachel Wood and Kim Kardashian with the slick-back, which is one of my favourite looks. Clean and sophisticated, this hairstyle works for medium to long hair. A soft gel works like a charm to keep those flyaways in place.

8. Soft Flowy Waves

Soft flowy waves either open like Blake Lively or side swept like Jessica Chastain are another gorgeous classic.

Important Tips:

  • A good haircut is half the battle won.
  • Keep your hair healthy. No one can really resist a head of smooth and shining hair.
  • Lastly, let your hair down, be yourself, be comfortable and enjoy!

Katherine’s Favourite Products:

  • For prepping, use Bed Head Totally Baked which gives lasting volume and waves. It is in-between a setting lotion and mousse.
  • For styling, use the OSiS+ Session Label Molding Paste which is soft and matt, as well as easy to spread and wash off.
  • For styling, use the nice-smelling WELLA Professionals Anti-oxidant Smoothening Oil which gives absolute shine.
  • For hair fixing, the L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray is a classic. It is easy to brush out and leaves hair feeling light and soft.

Katherine Tan

18 Dec 2018, 10:00 AM

With almost 20 years of experience behind the chair, Katherine is a hidden gem with a loyal clientele from the media industry. Her passion for hairstyling & communication made her the first hairstylist/writer in Singapore. Katherine’s mission is to share her expertise and best finds from the hair industry through the lense of a hairstylist. She is also the Founder of Salon Now - a platform dedicated to engage, educate and elevate hairstylists in Singapore and all around the globe.